55. the one with the death stench

when we downsized to cute little cottage, one of the puzzles was
where to fit ALL OF THE THINGS??!!

there was a little cupboard under the stairs that we thought we’d use for the computer,
so once we’d unpacked and set up all of the important stuff, there wasn’t much room to, like, move or stand, but it was fine temporarily.


of course it wasn’t really fine at all.

it had a cold concrete floor, painted in an attractive maroon lead paint.
the walls were so wet, that after the plaster started crumbling off (everytime i accidently brushed against the wall – difficult to avoid in a shoebox – my pyjamas clothes got covered in a thick white paste), we could see that the brickwork was disintegrating.
no electrics, so we were on wifi and one overloaded extension cable.
and no heating of course, so it was arctic. and it stank.

unsurprisingly, computer went r.i.p.
and there was NO WAY i was putting a brand new one in that shithole.


we started off by stripping out wet plasterboard, chipping off damp plaster and gluing the walls back together again.
unless you’ve done this in your spare time too, you won’t understand the frustration & inconvenience of ongoing dust everywhere, the breathing woes, the grit in your dinner, tripping over tools
and all of the other things that you had to remove from here before you even started and there’s nowhere to put them except in a big pile in the centre of the lounge and then you can’t even clean in there so that there’s somewhere to sit down at the end of the day… *rant-reminisce*

plus THE STINK! 300 years ago did NOT smell good.

the floor

after the walls, we tackled the floor.
first drilling and smashing up the concrete, and then digging up the crap we discovered beneath (mostly builders rubble – Beneath had been a tiny cellar at some point in time – but also glass and bones), all of which had to be bagged and removed.
on this weekend ^ our neighbour hated us, and we got banned from the local dump.

oh yeah, we also hung a suspended wooden floor with an airgap under and plenty of insulation. electricity, modem wires, and central heating also occurred.

typically, the weekend we’d intended to plaster, coincided with the snowpocalypse of november 2010. there was 3 ft of snow outside and temperatures had plunged to -16, so we abandoned that idea.


oh mixing plaster is just the best!
early 2011 then, we eventually had smooth dry walls and alcoves for future-storage.

i got the walls painted, treated myself to a print from (my new friend) caroline rose art as a reward. and called on daddy to build me a desk (and a load of other woodworky things. “since you’re here anyway”)

painting walls

Husband and i had laid a new pine floor, which i planned to colour in & varnish so it’d tie-in with all the olden wood… colouring in the floor

…the first thing i did was kick over the brand new tin of woodstain
but you can hardly tell :)

and that brings us up to date with how the room looks now…
computer cupboard

still too small for cat-swinging, but clean, dry, warm, functional & tidy.
(please use eyes-photoshop to disappear all of those offensive hanging wires)

EXCEPT! some bastard rat moved in(to the walls) over christmas.
i could barely hear my supernaturals over the sound of his persistant chewing in the evenings, and my late night facebook sessions were disturbed by his crazy games as he raced under the floor and scrambled up and over the under-the-desk cupboard (built into the stairwell).

i can’t tell you how bad it smells. seriously.
and there’s no way in to retrieve a corpse, not without a sledehammer.

plus THE STINK! 300 years later does NOT smell good either.



54. the one with some kind of giveaway – now closed (& WINNERS)

2012 was punctuated by crap for me, but so much good stuff also occurred and i sewed so very many things (to make the voices in my head shut up)


to say thankyou (like a bribe) for sticking with me, for supporting me and for buying stuff from me, i wanted to have a little giveaway when i hit 400 sales in my folksy shop, or when i hit 2000 likes on facebook.


but because i’m a bit rubbish (look, i had 7 seasons of supernatural to watch. it’s all about priorities) i’m just getting round to it now.
better late than never, eh?!!


my new year resolutions for 2013 were simple:
1. get my s*** together and sort my life out.
2. stop using the floor for fabric scraps & snipped threads. use the bin.

it’s only the 7th of january and so far i have failed in both.


what was your new year resolution, and – most importantly – have you failed yet?

the prize is that i’ll make the winner something nice. whatever they want**
(**DISCLAIMER: to keep it in the realms of reasonable, either a sketchbook or a gadget case or a purse.  and to keep it within the realms of possible, an existing design – zombies? flowers? zombie flowers? squint at the tiny images above, or have a look through my sold items on folksy for ideas)


the winner will probably be chosen at random by anakin.
competition closes on friday the 11th of january at 12 noon.
i’ll post the winners name here, and be in touch shortly afterwards so we can discuss your prize.
if entering my giveaway from outside the UK you agree to pay postage.

thanks and good luck!

***edit  friday 11-01-13
congratulations BIGFATBIFFA (i know who you are) and AMY AMES AMY – i had to pick 2 winners after a great response like that. thankyou everyone x
winner 1

i’ll be in touch later today so we can figure out your prizes!winner 2