54. the one with some kind of giveaway – now closed (& WINNERS)

2012 was punctuated by crap for me, but so much good stuff also occurred and i sewed so very many things (to make the voices in my head shut up)


to say thankyou (like a bribe) for sticking with me, for supporting me and for buying stuff from me, i wanted to have a little giveaway when i hit 400 sales in my folksy shop, or when i hit 2000 likes on facebook.


but because i’m a bit rubbish (look, i had 7 seasons of supernatural to watch. it’s all about priorities) i’m just getting round to it now.
better late than never, eh?!!


my new year resolutions for 2013 were simple:
1. get my s*** together and sort my life out.
2. stop using the floor for fabric scraps & snipped threads. use the bin.

it’s only the 7th of january and so far i have failed in both.


what was your new year resolution, and – most importantly – have you failed yet?

the prize is that i’ll make the winner something nice. whatever they want**
(**DISCLAIMER: to keep it in the realms of reasonable, either a sketchbook or a gadget case or a purse.  and to keep it within the realms of possible, an existing design – zombies? flowers? zombie flowers? squint at the tiny images above, or have a look through my sold items on folksy for ideas)


the winner will probably be chosen at random by anakin.
competition closes on friday the 11th of january at 12 noon.
i’ll post the winners name here, and be in touch shortly afterwards so we can discuss your prize.
if entering my giveaway from outside the UK you agree to pay postage.

thanks and good luck!

***edit  friday 11-01-13
congratulations BIGFATBIFFA (i know who you are) and AMY AMES AMY – i had to pick 2 winners after a great response like that. thankyou everyone x
winner 1

i’ll be in touch later today so we can figure out your prizes!winner 2


128 thoughts on “54. the one with some kind of giveaway – now closed (& WINNERS)

  1. I didn’t make any resolutions, I haven’t made any for years! If I had though, rest assured I would have broken them all by now ;)

  2. Hi! Thank you for making me smile, my 2012 was also punctuated with more crap than was completely necessary! One of my resolutions was to stop getting crapped on, so far so good! The other was to put the ironing board away when I wasn’t using it (most of the time!) So far so good :O) Keep your chin up lovey, and I shall do the same!
    I think this may come up in hubbys name, Paul, but I am in fact Helen!

  3. My new years resolution was to become more organised – I m still trying to decide whether I have failed yet as although I have lost my diary and therefore face the mammoth task of trying to work out exactly what I had scheduled in for 2013 I have purchased a zombie rabbit to hold the paintbrush I keep losing and I haven’t lost it since – therefore success/failure is all relative, somewhat similar to the half full/half empty glass theory, at least thats what i choose to believe – the husband however would said I had a ‘big fat fail’ on the resolution already as he spent an hour scratting around behind my desk the other day for the diary ha ha ;)

  4. oOOH I made TWO! one was to use my sewing machine more – still terrified – failed!
    the other was to blog more… semi failed – I am just doing it now :P
    There was another – ‘be more organised/less flakey/get stuff done one’ but thats an inevitable fail so doesnt count – right? I did buy a diary though! So far I have put people’s names in the address section (I have forgotten their addresses!) and written BLOG in big letters in today’s date?!
    I would very much like to win a fancy thing though :D please. pretty please. (anakin – there’s doggie treats in it for you!) :P

  5. My new years resolution was to be more organised and keep my house tidier. So far I have failed on both counts. Then I decided it should be to spend less time on Facebook. Ooops – failed again but on the upside I found out about your giveaway and here I am. I am desperate for one of your fab notebooks! Hope 2013 is a fantastic one for you x

  6. My new years resolution were to
    Spend time with my husband, just the two of us! Without three demanding, rowing kids in tow all the time :-)
    To lose weight
    And to actually start writing ideas in my sketch book rather than them going from my head to design……sometimes they get list in my head for a whike so I’m hoping things don’t get list as much :-)
    So far im not doing to badly at all :-) but let’s face it we’re not that far in lol

  7. Not really resolutions as I always break them – had a tough 12 months too but came to realise all for a reason and have thoroughly enjoyed being a mum and wife ( now I have more time) and embarking on my first real art course ( I’m a science teacher!) and loving it. I did pinch/adapt this and share on my facebook as it said everything I wanted to say

    My resolutions for 2013


    to read
    to smell the flowers
    to paint my dreams
    to have coffee with a friend
    to learn another new craft
    to write a letter
    to bake a surprise cake
    to go somewhere special
    to REALLY be with the person I love
    or even to do nowt when it is appropriate !!!

    I promise to do them all xxxxx

    Oh and to dance like no one is watching (I’m a salsa teacher too!)

    Hope everyone has a fabulous 2013 and I am only going to buy hand made goodies for xmas and birthday presents this year !


  8. Love your work!

    I try not to make resolutions as they are sooooooo easy to break! I have just told myself that I need to complain less and be more thankful!

    Vicky x

  9. This year I am resolving to stop being a big fat biffa.
    I just had leftover quality street for lunch.
    I ate all the coconut ones and orange creams.
    Everyone knows coconuts and oranges are good for you right?

  10. Hi Fiona, I love your resolution, it resonates with me!

    I intend to make a better go at being organised this year. I want to waste less time and do more useful stuff. I think I have broken it, but I’ll keep trying.

    I also want to attend more markets and blog more regularly, I guess that ones on going.

    Boz :-)

  11. My New Years resolution is to only give presents I’ve made myself. I’m buying a sewing machine next week (was going to be this week but has an accident last week and am unable to go out) so, all my friends and family be prepared for unusual presents this year, lol. By the way, I love your things and will be buying more presides for myself from you, happy 2013 xxx

  12. My resolution was to stop worrying about things that i can’t change, and to be less uptight! so far it’s going ok! I am also putting all the good things that happen into my jar so i don’t forget them and remember just the poo things!

  13. I don’t tend to make New Year’s Resolutions because I never seem to be organised enough in January to actually keep them. And as the one I’d make would be “go for a walk every day to get fitter” – and the weather is actually really crap…. well, you see….
    Soooo I think I have a kind of “Resolution” which is to work at being more patient and more cheerful. I look after my mum, who is elderly and disabled. She had a stroke in the summer and has got quite forgetful. Sometimes she is confused if I talk too fast, or she forgets why we did something or other…. It’s hard not to get cross. I need to be more patient – it will make her happier and also me.
    And it would help to be cheerful about life – who knows, I might even fool myself into believing there is no reason to be fed up!
    But I have def. broken these resolutions already. Being perfect is a bit hard. No, really it is!

    Perhaps I should resolve to eat more chocolate instead – that would keep me cheerful!

    • being perfect is very hard – you definitely need to double up on chocolate rewards. and plan to consider possibly maybe going for a walk in 2014

      • I’m doing alright on the eating more chocolate. So that’s the good news….
        Haven’t attained perfection just yet though. Still trying. After all there are still 11 months of 2013 left, so you never know.
        And 2014 sounds like a good time to go for a walk.

  14. I should have both of your resolutions but I don’t like making them because its just setting myself up for inevitable failure. I contemplated the “to blog more” one and thought immediate fail. “to sew more” would be nice but think I would fail there too… sob….
    So the only one I have announced in public this year is…. to empty all the boxes that are still full from moving house (two years ago) – don’t want them still full in 10/20 years. I haven’t emptied one yet since new year so does that mean I have failed?? I think not… I think I have until the end of the year to empty them all…. phew!

    • i’m sure my mum would want me to tell you not to feel guilty about that. my parents still have unemptied boxes from when we moved house, and we left south africa in 1994. so 2 years is nothing! ;)

  15. My New Years resolution is to start back crafting and doing things that I enjoy. I have not got started yet, so I don’t know if I’ve broke the resolution or not! I love your art! It makes me happy just looking at it!

  16. mine isn’t really a resolution more an aim… i want there to be less at the end of 2013 – less of me (weight loss) and less “stuff” around i.e declutter! i have started with facebook friends and unread emails. it does feel fab!

    and i love your work, it is gorgeous x

  17. My New Year’s Resolution is to run a half marathon. I only took up running four months ago and as I’m in my fortieth year – God help me!
    Would love to win something to add to my collection!
    Happy New Year to you and I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous goodies! :)

    • respect!
      i am successfully completing almost two sit-ups per day (the one where i get out of bed, and the one where i hoist myself out of the bath) – us 40-somethings are amazing :D

  18. My resolution was to make time to make things for my kiddiewinkle’s throughout the year, I’m was so busy with orders this Xmas I didn’t get Bullseye the horse made for my 5 yr olds Xmas prezzie (terrible mother alert!!!)
    Fingers crossed that I actually stick to this resolution

  19. No resolutions for me. If I make one I never seem to follow through with it. I would like to get out and walk more, but that will probably never happen, hehe

  20. Mine was to get up before 11am every day including weekends and Fridays unless I am a) ill or b) ruinously hungover in which case I can write myself a permission slip.

    I failed within 24 hours.

  21. I want to learn to crochet, that was my New year’s resolution. I haven’t succeeded or failed yet, although I’m close to giving up everytime I read a pattern!
    Would also like to be tidier, thinner and more organised. Failing miserably!

      • everytime i go on youtube, my fingers auto-type SUPERNATURAL DEAN WINCHESTER. until he is on there tutorial-ing the sport of crochet i will just enjoy other peoples hooky creations!

  22. My vague attempt at a New Years resolution is to try to do a doodle-a-day. So far I have failed miserably because of a nasty viral illness I’ve had since 9th Dec. My resolution to stop biting my nails wasn’t necessary this year, as I finally broke the habit last year (yay!) My cousin’s in hospital with suspected TB (he’s been unconscious for 2 weeks) so this would be a nice win!! fionat..hope 2013 is a happy & healthy one. :-)

  23. Oh my goodness, I have so many things I NEED to do, but would I call them Resolutions? Probably not as then they’re doomed to failure, right? Just like you I NEED to get my s*** together and sort my life out, although you seem to manage to run a very successful business without it, so maybe I can too? Okay, sorry, back to the point, I NEED to get up every morning, instead of afternoon, whether I have anything specific to do that day or not, I NEED to get fitter and therefore thinner, and I NEED to own a fionaT item, preferably something with a cute bird on! Have I failed? Not yet, but I’m working on it!! X x x

  24. I have quite a few New Year’s resolutions but the one I thought was most achievable was to not eat chocolate after midnight(gremlin like reasons) but surprise surprise two days in and the last of the Christmas stash was being demolished in the twilight hours.What can you do:D I’m so excited about your giveaway and am so glad that I’m not the only one who walks through a sea of threads and fabric scraps! Your work looks fantastic in the collages btw,xxx

  25. I’ve been given a new lease of life this New Year thanks to finding out that I had dodgy B12 levels. 6 jabs later I feel like a new woman, so I resolve to not take this second chance for granted and to make the most of having energy again!

  26. Hey Fiona, I love your designs! Brilliant post and lovely to hear someone be honest about not keeping their resolutions so early in the year – I’d broken mine by about midday on the 1st Jan (to try not to shout at my kids as much!!) I’m going to try and carry on with it though as I think it’ll make for a more pleasant time for all of us,… but I can see me breaking it daily!! Hope you find a big bin :-) Simmi x

  27. My resolution was to get the Christmas tree by the 6th. Yeah I made that….I feel so much better. I have finally decided to make fun resolution as I always blow the other ones with in a week. :)

  28. is it the new year? what year is it? is it 2009?
    If it is then my resolution is to make a friend, just one would be nice … wouldn’t it?
    we could do stuff together, like stalking … that would be nice

  29. Who is this sad and lonely stalker person?
    Doesn’t she know I’m your special stalker?
    My new year resolution is to find her, chop her head off and keep it in a plastic bag in my fridge while I continue to stalk my precioussss ALONE.

  30. oh you have NO IDEA how much i can relate to that ^
    so far this year i’ve imagine-had a gas leak, paralysis, rat poisoning, tiger balm blindness, yew tree poisoning, plague, pestilence of the face, nut allergy & scurvy…

  31. Resolution no. 1 – To finish sewing my daughter’s 3oth birthday present this year. (yup – she was 30 in August 2011) I was doing reeally well – got the sewing machine out, scattered bits of fabric allover the floor, plus some threads for good measure……..Then I just had to ‘check’ fb and then I found your giveaway and now it’s definitely going to be your fault if this becomes her 4oth birthday present instead.
    Resolution no.2 – stop blaming other people when I don’t just get ON with it and get stuff DONE?

    And if I won something penguiny I wouldn’t have to even pretend I was going to get anything made for my other daughter (who adores all things penguiny) before her birthday in February.
    I posted her xmas parcel today, full of stuff I made and finshed and even sewed in the ends- she’s really quite lucky isn’t she??
    Lady Jane

  32. This year is the first time I’ve decided not to make any resolutions as although I actually stuck to two last year (a first!), I’m expecting my second baby in two weeks (ish) and the usual cut down drinking etc just isn’t going to cut it this time as I’ve been deprived for some time now!! Baby brain also means I can’t really think of any interesting resolutions to make!

  33. Try not to shout at my kids (failed) buy less rubbish (going ok so far due to being stuck to sofa) and de-clutter house (still waiting for this to happen…)

  34. I made a new year’s resolution last year to not make any more new year’s resolutions because I have NEVER kept any EVER!!! The other option would have been a resolution to eat more chocolate, waste more time… But I am pleased to say I have kept my last year’s resolution and not made any resolutions. I actually wanted you to make me a lifesize fabric flock (?) of zombie penguins but I just read the disclaimer:( xx

  35. I don’t make New Year Resolutions because I like to change my life every day. However, we always write a wish list of what we would like to happen during the year (some serious, some fun and some in the realms of fantastical) and the squawking from the kitchen this morning meant the husband had just noticed I’d written in very small letters “get a girl puppy”.

  36. My resolution is to move abroad and to please myself instead of everyone else for a change. Make my crazy brain happy. Am working on both :)

  37. My resolutions were a) be more organised and tidy, and b) no more take away food.
    January 6th we had Chinese and I’ve lost my 2013 diary in this house somewhere!
    Do I give up or start again next month? :(

  38. My resolution is to reacquaint myself with my guitar and cornet this year, and to a decent standard on at least one of my previously played instruments!

  39. My resolution was to be a better and more patient mummy. It lasted about fifteen seconds in to new years day when the two year old (max) would not stop shouting at the just turned five year old(Freya) regarding a NERF gun battle, the almost seven year old (ruby) and the nine and a bit year old (George) then proceeded to hit each other with said NERF guns which then ended up OUT OF BOUNDS! For the following week. So as ever my resolutions went out with the wrapping paper! X

  40. My new years resolution is to get married to the love of my life before I turn 30! We’ve just managed to squeeze the date in 3 days before my 30th birthday (because it made the venue cheaper to do it in 3months). We were due to get married last year but my future mother-in-law threw a mahoosive hissy fit over our intended venue and withdrew her financial support. We are now doing it on our terms and to our taste and I couldn’t be more excited!

    I will also be making more and buying more handmade. Your diaries always go down very well as presents but no-one has thought that I might like one too :( Happy new year lovely Fiona.x

    • (future)congratulations!
      and well done for standing your ground. Husband & i actually put it off for 10 years because neither of us wanted a “show”, but once it occurred to us we could do it on our own terms (no guests & in trainers) we signed up immediately.
      i hope yours is everything you want too! x

  41. Hi Fiona I made 2 resolutions, the first to loose weight and the second to stop procrastinating and start a blog of my very own. So far so good. Can’t wait to see some of your 2013 work x

  42. I had two….carry on surviving the Zombie apocalypse (if it had happened) :) …… and secondly, learn to crochet…. ok so they aren’t mutually compatible but I have just done the latter courtesy of my lovely mum! :)

  43. Ok so i was in a flu induced “coma” so missed new years. probably would have made the usual resolution…”stop eating junk food” while munching on an king size yorkie..they ARE for girls……

  44. Happy New Year Fiona – hope 2013 is better for you! I don’t usually bother with New Year’s resolutions because I have no self-control! I am trying to leave work closer to ‘on time’ though – first day back yesterday = success, today = failure!! Funniest one I’ve heard came from a colleague tho, she wants to be able to do the splits!!!

  45. I made three. I wanted to be more positive this year, so I have started a positivity jar. I wanted to go on holiday for the first time in five years….just booked one today and I wanted to buy only handmade things this year as much as reasonably possible. That’s what brought me to your page. You make beautiful things and I look forward to owning one <3

  46. Glad to kick 2012 out of the ball park for quite a few reasons too. I love your work coz it makes me smile, as it’s def not Cath Kidsonesque a little dark, done with a tonne of humour. I’ve bought tags & cards off you – but, love all your art pieces – I couldn’t use them I’d have to frame them.

  47. I made a NY resolution last year that has now crept into this year, that was to lose some of my baby weight, so far i’ve lost 2 stone! Now to keep it going as on Christmas Day my most gorgeous best friend and father to my 2 beautiful children asked me to marry him… just about perfect!

  48. My new year resolution was to not make a new year resolution. So I guess that’s a fail?! Would do a frazzled face if I could …

  49. My new years resolution 2013 is to not make new years resolutions and hey so far so good, my new years resolutions don’t normally make it this far :)

  50. My new year’s resolution is to focus on the positive. So each night I write two notes of good things that happen that day, then on 31st December 2013, I’ll tip the jar out and them all. 8 days in and not missed a day :) x

  51. I dont really have a resolution but my aims for this year are a few:
    Once camping season begins, make the most of it
    Learn to crotchet
    Learn to use my new sewing machine free hand
    Do my physiotherapy exercises and as such stop having a dodgy hip at age only 25 :D

    You do fantastic work! I have a zombie notebook that I bought for my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend, we are in the process of filling it with memories like a scrap book …. we felt the term “NEEENJA!!” was fairly symptomatic of our relationship and therefore romantic :)

  52. My new years resolution was to rehome my workroom so that I can kick myself up the bum & set about getting a successful business up & running… it’s blooming hard though sorting through mountains of boxs of c**p to bin/recycle to make room for new beginnings… still sorting 9days later & at least another few to go… ;-) My other leftover resolution from last year is to “Embrace Imperfection” which should cover everything if things don’t quite go to plan ;-) !!

  53. My husband set my new years resolution : get my sewing machine out of the fire place( I’m sure this is a perfectly normal place to store it, no?) and have confidence to make things and sell them(attempt to sell ) , so far I have failed, instead I admire other crafters work with complete awe , I have however bought pretty buttons, ribbon and fabric, so that has to be counted as a mini success, yes??? Can’t make pretty things with out pretty supplies after all.

  54. Since my 2012 was not so crap, I have resolved to make my 2013 resolution much like my 2012. So, Resolution for 2013, learn more stuff (last year sewing, crocheting, and knitting; this year more sewing, cable knitting, and crewel embroidery). That is all.

  55. Hello :) I don’t make resolutions anymore, i stopped years ago as i never used to stick to them or i’d forget what they were :) xx

  56. I’m so very pleased that you’ve passed your goals for likes/sales – you are an inspiration. I just stumbled upon this:
    Might be worth reading? It looked a bit complicated and technical for me – but that’s not hard.
    My New Years Resolution was to continue to make presents for all my friends birthdays. Sometimes, when the calendar surprises you with an unexpected and completely out of the blue birthday, it’s easier to go out and buy something than put a bit of thought in and be resourceful and sew a gift. This is what happened today :-( Friends birthday today = buy a very nice cake tin gift, not the handmade, lovingly sewn, pieced together, slightly wonky owl doorstop. Oh dear. I’ve failed again.
    Happy New Year

    • failing is definitely the new winning! reading through all these comments confirms it :)

      (as far as i know, i can’t do meta tags on here unfortunately. i will just continue with laborious take down notices, getting abuse & working on my pinterest-ulcer. or stop blogging. but thankyou! x )

  57. Mine is to write down all the lovely things that happen throughout the year and pop them in a jar. I have a jar on my sideboard ready and it has one little piece of paper written on so far. The idea is to record all those lol moments, compliments, achievements, special days out etc etc. The list is endless really. A perfect way to look back at the year and hopefully laugh again.

    • I love that idea marie!! It’s so easy to ( and I am very guilty of) remembering or focusing on only the negative. I am going to use this (hope that’s ok).

  58. My resolution was to take some time out and do good stuff, just for me. I have been ill since new year and hence have easily managed to take some time out but no good stuff for me yet. Soon though. Very soon. And then I am going to swim with dolphins and climb Everest. And nothing bad is going to happen AT ALL.

  59. I don’t really make resolutions, unsure why just never have. Or maybe i just make them all year round but I do plan to be more positive/ optimistic generally( stealing Marie’s idea). I also want to be more motivated with the things I want to develop/do outside of work such as learning to use a sewing machine, and finishing reading book series’ that I start! Actually getting fresh air would be good too! x

  60. oohh how fab, a lovely give away and a new blog to follow :-)

    I have a few new years resolutions:

    Work on my photography more – not failed yet but not really started either

    Make sure I have more ‘me’ time – for instance do things like put on moisturiser after a bath without feeling guilty that I am spending time on me :-) – am trying very hard not to feel bad about having me time.

    Keep a jar of all the great things and happy little moments that take place in 2013 and open it on NYE 2014 – bought a new jar to start this this week :-)

    Do more random acts of kindness – love doing these :-) – done a couple already and am pondering on more ideas :-)

    Drink more water and less wine – oohh that could be a hard one …. well I have been drinking more water …. probably not less wine though :-)

    Thanks for giving us the chance to win one of your lovely makes x

    • do you ever do that thing when you buy “good” moisturiser, but don’t want to “waste it” by using it?
      i’ve got some super fancy, really expensive non-wrinkle eye stuff from pre-2006 that i’ve never used. it’s so old i daren’t use it near my eyes – but i’m not going to throw it away at that price!

      • I try tests on my arms sometimes just for fun, to see if they really do work. My top tip is only put the cream on one of your arms and compare the results after a few weeks to see if they really do work. I only use a bit each time. I often get nice creams as gifts but tend to just test them…maybe, I’m curious to see how wrinkly I can get before I actually put it on my face. So my first, one and only resolution to try on half my face and compare that for a laugh. (I’ll take photos hahahahaha).

      • HAHAHA! i love this idea!
        we could start a new thing – where people go out looking half normal/aged & half photoshopped!!

  61. My New Years resolution is to do something for charity….. So me & my pup are climbing Ben Nevis for Huskies in Need….. So this will also include getting fit and shifting some flab!! Lol

  62. 1. Must spend less time reading all comments on peoples blogs and spend the extra time ‘making’ stuff.
    2. Love the idea of having a ‘good things’ jar – which I wouldn’t have found out about without reading comments on peoples blog.
    3. Break resolution no.1
    4. Try and completely cover the floor in bits of thread, yarn and fabric – I think I can do this one :)

    Happy resolution achieving.
    Shaz x

  63. My resolution is to follow the program with the weight loss guru and break my years of bad habits! Going strong so far and the weight is coming down.

  64. Hello :D

    My new years resolutions are

    Grumble less and achieve more

    Be proactive in helping others more

    And learn to roll with the punches better and control my anxiety thus being calmer around loved ones.

    I always try and keep to my new years resolutions and pick things that are achievable and that aren’t totally selfish. From being little I was told not to give up things but to take things on and look at the start of the new year in a super positive light.


  65. I didn’t make any (not that there aren’t things i should change – i just couldn’t be bothered!) so i preclude myself from your giveaway, but did just want to say my lovely, lovely zombie sheep purse survived some pretty harsh treatment on my recent Thailand trip and is still looking as good as new (how does that happen with cream fabric – must be FionaT magic!)

    • i do believe that sheeps purse started off sickly green due to a green hill vs washing mishap (by me) so it’s totally your magic if it’s become cream again! well done!

  66. Wow loving your stuff. I’ve made a couple of resolutions – first to try and keep my house tidier ain word here is try!) Second would be to do more crafty bits (I like to make crochet animals). Oh and maybe look into trying to sell my creations online.

  67. I don’t really make resolutions any more cos I’ve never managed to keep up with them for longer than a couple of weeks. However I have exciting plans which I hope work out for this year, including opening my own business. So working on stuff like that is as close to a resolution as I get. I hope this year goes better for you, and I don’t blame you for taking your time to getting to the giveaway, Supernatural is a serious thing and demands your attention ;) haha.

  68. I didn’t make a resolution, that way I can’t fail. This is a year of positivity for me so I didn’t need the pressure.

  69. I made a few resolutions this year, one was the cliched lose weight one. Well I still have lots of crimbo choccies AND I demolished a ma-hoo-sive pizza last night. So probably that one. Oh dear :)

  70. I don’t usually make resolutions but as I nearly lost my life last year due to Ill health, I have made one this year. It is to learn to take care of myself, to listen to my body, not be so hard on myself, rest when I am tired, eat when I am hungry…just keep telling myself I deserve to be nurtured as well as everyone else..instead of hating myself.

  71. Hello! Happy New Year! My resolution this year is simple, just to relax more. I’m half way through my 3rd pregnancy so will need a bit bit of ‘me time’ before No 3 joins us in May! I love your birdies with curly tails, and I have an old Kindle with keyboard which is hard to find a case for, so I’d absolutely love one of these from you!

    Jane :D

  72. Opps I didn’t make any resolutions either, I was all ‘flue-d up’ and icky at the time! But probably not a bad thing as I only brake them quicker than I care to admit. I guess a sort of resolution that only stayed within the realms of my head was to tidy my studio but I’ve barely been in there……………….got a puppy before christmas so I’m working from the kitchen – much nicer…………..nearer the kettle and puppy cuddles!! Studio……….what studio!!?

  73. some fantastic resolutions kept and broken here, I tend not to make ‘new year’ resolutions as I ALWAYS break them…I find it easier to declare half-way through the year that the new habit I’ve accidently and successfully picked up (I’m hoping this year it will be remembering to complete my online shopping basket at tesco WITHIN the two hours and therefore not losing it all and having to start again!) was my new year resolution and remarking to all who will listen “haven’t i done well? I must reward myself with one of Fiona T’s notebooks…..”
    Keep up the good work miss T, no matter what cr*p has been thrown at you, you are still here, still wonderfully talented and as this thread of comments shows..still loved! xx

  74. i am like the lady above I cant cope with committing to too bigger resolutuions but this year i am dedicating my resolutions to my family as i lost my mum in November and this made my life look so different. I am promising myself each day to stop and look at my family (2 girls and Husband) and enjoy the moment. Instead of let life run away and get to hectic.
    I hope you can smell more flowers this year than cr*p Fiona xx

  75. After over 50 years of making and breaking resolutions I have decided enough is enough and to accept what is what. I will always try to be a better person, love more, laugh more, travel more, see family more, see friends more but I will try to do these every moment of every day not just for the first few weeks of the year and then get upset because things haven’t turned out the way I would have wanted. I hope you have the best year after your c…..py one last year….appreciate what is around and enjoy your lovely work xx

    • hahaha! my age 19 photos are practically from the days of black & white roll film cameras. i will have to get my crayons out if i’m to fake glorious digital technicolour!

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