29. the one with my summer holidays (part three)

part three: holidays is too much! :/

i meant to blog the other day but i couldn’t type due to all of the shaking from my friday morning panic attack. really, i’m such a t***.
let’s back up…

wednesday was a scheduled Day Off – it was Husband’s birthday, the sun was out at last, and it was all lazy morning with lovely gifts and cards, such as this one from his super talented sister-in-law Little Black Heart,

and even i’d been awesome enough to make his favourite mocha cupcakes AND they were edible

(^ manly presentation haha)

we did some going out stuff and had a pub lunch… and i must’ve had some kind of relaxation-delirium schizophrenia mentalness thing, because i accepted an invitation to take a stall at a craft fair next saturday.

now listen, seriously, right,
1a. (as discussed previously) i am some kind of reclusive, anti-social, agoraphobic person. also, 1b. don’t like new things or new experiences.
2. craft fair. first ever craft fair. outside. with people.
3. next saturday. not some vague FutureSaturday in 2013 or something. NEXT saturday.
4. due to continuing DIY commitments i have no stock.

so, in summary, i have suddenly volunteered to do a thing i don’t like to do, haven’t done before, and am woefully unprepared for, NEXT SATURDAY.

oh yes, and 5. i am sporting all manner of sewing-hand injuries, ailments and/or swellings, due to
6. the DIY tasks i am IN THE MIDDLE OF.

*i am almost getting hysterical thinking about it all again*

luckily my extremely amazing and very organised friend, caroline rose art, quickly agreed to share the stall with me (ie 98% of it i hope), and hold my hand and do the maths and… somethingsomething… < whatever else might be involved with these craft fair things >

dosed up on rescue remedy, i stopped trembling, and was able to continue painting the new ceiling,

(Reassuring Raven screenprint by Champignons)

and since time wasn’t, like, of the essence or anything, i painting the landing and stairwell too. (wtf??!)

by yesterday everything had become finished. once i’d cleaned & tidied & organised stuff – including my brain – i was able to start sewing.
and now that i’ve made something, my panic attackular symptoms have subsided


i wish my swollen fingers would also subside, because it’s really difficult using teeny tiny embroidery scissors when your index finger is like a sausage >:(


28. the one with my summer holidays (part 2)

part two: the one where i actually finish my sewing room!
for real! :DDDD

remember a few months ago i was working in this multi-purpose room of chaos? with my no electric lights and no storage whatsoever, and my cast-off dining room furniture and JUST THE ONE PLUG SOCKET?

and then we made it a whole lot worse?

well, over the weekend (in my time off from plastering duties), i was working on Actually Finishing Stuff!

yeah, the absolute very last final top coat of paint wasn’t yet dry on the magical storage cupboard doors, before my ocd was organising fabric and wool stash for me, and my brain was *daydreaming* about FutureMe ramming those shelves full of colour co-ordinated FQs…

meanwhile, one of the other painting projects CurrentMe was juggling (i do hate cleaning paintbrushes so i try to do everything all at once), was my new overlocker table.
i needed a small-ish table that’d fit beween radiator and door clearance, and i wanted it to be quite narrow so that it didn’t encroach on my precious floor space. also, it needed to be made from pine so i could paint it, and stain & varnish the top to match everything else.
i don’t imagine i would ever have found the perfect table in a shop… but luckily the guy who made my magical storage cupboard does tables too :)


while i was waiting for other things to dry, i thought i’d do a quick makeover on this crappy old chair that cost me £2.50 in 1996.

(i can’t bear to part with it because when Husband & i bought our first house, and were super poor, this charity shop treasure was the only furniture we owned.)

so today, fiiiiiiiiiiiinally, i have the clean, minimalist sewing room (that’s still also the spare room and the laundry room) that i’ve been dreaming of since… um… october 2007.

of course, i love it so very much exactly as it is right now, that i’ll probably never sew anything ever again :)

27. the one with my summer holidays (part one)

part one: the one with the precipitation woes.

it’s Husband birthday this week so he’s taken time off work, and since we’re not going away this year, i guess this counts as our summer holidays?
we have a load of DIY jobs to plough through which is almost the same as lying on a beach somewhere, so i don’t feel, like, cheated or anything.

hey, speaking of summer, do you remember the snowpocalypse of november 2010?
when we had way much snow and crazy minus degrees celsius for days on end?

see that little window up there ^
this one:

well, when everything eventually began to thaw, the sneaky water caused a teeny tiny ceiling collapse, and we’ve been *brainskim*(ignoring) it ever since.

so this weekend, while i got on with my tasks on the middle floor – tidying up, finishing off, final coats of white paint jobs (wtf was i thinking??!! —>) – Husband’s project was chipping out ruined plaster and uncovering ancient soot.

^ these are my worst kind of jobs, so i’m glad i was hardly involved.

one of my other least favourite jobs is mixing plaster.
but it’s just what us women have to do, right? luckily, actually applying the plaster is Man Work.
here is Husband, relaxing on his summer holidays:

oh, i hate plastering, but i do love the smell of shiny fresh plaster as it dries.

outside, the torrential showerpocalypse of summer 2012 continued…
too much for the old cast iron to cope with, the downpipe decided to separate from the guttering. (it’s 3 floors up, we’ll be *brainskimming* this one for ages yet)

which resulted in Much Wet cascading directly down the face of our building, between the stonework, behind the mortar, and in behind the doorframe…

…before running down the internal wall and pooling inside the front door.

oh i do hate the smell of old damp plaster as it dries.

26. the one where i’m the best of the week

actual title: the one with all the effing rain! >:(

a couple of weeks ago, eldery collie-child fell down the stairs a bit.
the vet said she has arthritic-ky legs now and had clearly pulled something in her back, so she was in a pathetic, immobile way for a few days until the anti-inflammatories kicked in. to keep her safe from steep & twisty stairs, we started keeping her shut downstairs at night. (which she hates, obviously. because she wants to be with her guys.)

sad collie

so, even though she was barely able to walk for a few days there, even though we had to help hoist her up from Lie Down into Stand position, even though she was all pitiful, hunchy-back crippled… she was still able to Dig. and every time she’d been Digging, she ended up with a “poorly tummy” :/   <— yes, i mean diarrhoea. i was trying to be delicate.

being a clever collie, she rarely has accidents in the house – an insistent 3am *yap* will suffice.
being a clever collie, 3 weeks on, back to normal but still shut downstairs at night, she’s started a 3am *yap* JUST BECAUSE. i get the excited GOOD MORNING greeting, and then she sits nicely, wagging her silly tail and pointing at her bonio tin.

while i go back up to bed and just lie there waiting for effing dawn to occur and listen to the effing birds. >:(
i need my sleep.

i think the last few days (weeks) (months) (year) have all taken it out of me – i feel all kinds of drained & exhausted.
and this miserable rainforest weather – torrential rain, air pressure & humidity – is not helping. *self-pitying woes*

“blah!” >:(

however! when i awoke at ELEVEN AM (!) today, after yet another broken night of yapping collie and Too Hot,
my eyes had this treat:

one of my zombie foxes was in the folksy newsletter today! (helpfully, i have added red arrows so you do not miss it) :)

and yet further eye-treats:

it’s hardly rained at all today!
not inside OR outside of the house! :D