housewife, DIY-er, gardener, embroiderer, knitter, xbox-er, and keen (fail)baker.
anti social, agoraphobic, obsessive, with the winter-crazies.
pyjama sloth vs manic busywork.

please do not use any images without my prior consent.
all my artworks are copyright fiona t. and/or Little Black Heart and may not be reproduced in any form.
copyright is reserved on all images and original artwork by fiona thomson.
please contact me if you wish to use and images for publication elsewhere.
copying for commercial use is subject to license and a fee.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hiya Fiona
    I only came across your pages yesterday and I must say they are amazing! I came across them as separate pages and I was confused as it seemed to be that both pages were from the same person because of they style of the illustrations vs the style of the dolls and I was thinking I’m not sure if one has copied the other etc but now I see that you are one and the same and I love them both!
    Amazing work, you are an inspiration to fellow artists and crafters like myself xx

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