88. the one with no bathroom

i can’t decide where to bathe this evening.
too many options!

bathroom 01

or here?
bathroom 02

or here?
bathroom 03



9 thoughts on “88. the one with no bathroom

    • i do hate to be cold and unclean :/

      … but my lovely neighbour has taken pity on me – i’ll be hiding out at her house tomorrow. where there is bathing & hairwashing facilities. and a lovely selection of tea :D

    • hahaha! i don’t know what the weather is like in that there lon-don, but up here it’s all hail and sleet… so yeah, i’ll definitely have a camera to hand if anything bikini-ish occurs!

  1. Well, you can’t say your life is boring & nothing ever happens! I think you should go & buy a paddling pool (a large enough one), so you can bathe in the kitchen. It would be fun (truly!). Start a trend!
    Honestly, bathrooms are sooo Last Century. Paddling Pool Bathing is the way to go.

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