53. seven christmas sins

tomorrow is 2013.
i thought i’d try and be awesome today, since i’ve spent most of december on the couch. so i got dressed in actual dayclothes and shoes, and joined Husband and anakin for a lovely walk in the rain down at the river gardens.
a walk in the park

all of my idleness & christmas excesses got me to thinking… about the seven deadly sins, and how, if they were my december To Do List, i could *tick* every one.

m*****effing pinterest !&*!!!1

^ oh, this is just the tip of a very large chocolate iceberg

as well as eating all of the things, i wanted to read all of the things and watch all of the things. so i did.

being prideful about my obsession skillz (see: greed, lust & sloth) is probably not something i should admit to,
so i’m going with this instead:

mum made dad a Man Pinny for christmas – for when he’s out in his workshop tinkering with carpentry stuff – and asked me to embroider something for the pocket.
with my head full up of sigils & banners from game of thrones reading, i came up with this coat of arms real quick *pride*

(dad’s folksy shop: jft carpentry <– imagine! if you buy something, chances are he made it whilst wearing a fiona t. embroidered pinny!)

dean winchester – duh!

google: “related searches: dean winchester shirtless”
me: “thankyou.”


envy’s a tricky one.
i envy people who are driven by ambition and money? i wish i was a real go-getter?
for me, wearing a bra is the difference between daywear and nightwear, so i envy those people who just get up every day and do all of the things without even thinking it’s a big fucking deal?
i envy the people who haven’t contracted scurvy during the quality street season.

something like that, maybe?

still, it felt pretty good getting out of the house for some fresh air. i might put that on my To Do List for 2013.

wet dog

anakin enjoyed it too.


52. the christmas one

“and this is for you, merry christmas!”

^ see how she reads the gift tag so she’s sure it’s for her. clever collie!

(of course, by this point – christmas day – she’d already been in and helped herself. a couple of times. so on christmas eve, presents had to be re-wrapped and several trails of rum-flavoured dogsick cleaned up… festive!)

“this soft toy is nice, thankyou. but when will i be getting my thorntons rum chocolate truffles back?”
anakin presents

all too soon, christmas was over and we were back on the M1 heading home :(
homeward bound

^ “end,” it says. end   end   end   end :(

but ha! the festives didn’t end there.
because yesterday i attended (at my house) another indoors picnic with my internet crazies ladies :)

reason no. 385658748735687 of why strangers you befriend off of the internet are the best:
fb picnic

^ supernatural season 7. <3

i had spent all morning preparing a feast for my very special guests
pineapple hedgehog

and here is a photo of us enjoying it whilst having an amazing time
spesh picnic
l to r: archies beard, anakin, Husband, me, odd sox, caroline rose art, little black heart, siansburys & mister siansburys.

merry christmas, internetland!
now plz excuse me, i have to go & watch supernatural season 6.

51. the one with(out) the mayan apocalypse

last night, the eve of the apocalypse, we started on season 5 of supernatural <3

supernatural season 5
^ gratuitous photo just so we can all marvel at the winchesters’ awesomeness

we even stayed up late and watched an extra epsiode just in case it was our last opportunity to do so.
then i went on facebook for one last chat with my secret friends just in case it was my last opportunity to do so.

we ended up talking about potato printing and other underrated artistic mediums (such as pasta shapes) so when i eventually went to bed i couldn’t shut my brain off and get to sleep due to anticipation-excitement: the prospect of an apocalypse AND the potato possibilities was too much!

luckily the end of days did not occur.

unfortunately we hadn’t bothered shopping just in case. so my potato options were was limited.

undeterred, i carved many intricate details into my tiny starchy canvas, and then
potato print


potato apocalypse

the 3 pussycats of the apocalypse

^ the 3 potato cats of the apocalypse?

i’m definately jacking in free machine embroidery in favour of potatoes next year.
apocalypse potato cat

50. the one with my supernatural obsession

maybe i’ve mentioned before about my obsessive nature?

sometimes i get mildly obsessed with things and google-stalk factuals or images of whichever thing it is. until i forget and/or move onto the next obsession.
(i am an idle and forgetful stalkerer, who is short on time).

obviously i cannot tell you about them because i have to have some secrets, but as an EXAMPLE i might, for instance, be listening to 30 seconds to mars (over & over again) and be reminded how pretty jared leto is, and then have to google-look at him for a bit.
or, as an EXAMPLE i might be watching a series (‘my so called life’, for EXAMPLE) and be reminded how pretty jared leto is, and then have to google-look at him for a bit.
then i’ll go and do the washing up and listen to radio2 or something and forget all about it.

last week though! last week my obsessioning moved up a notch!

supernatural series 1 - 4

i’d desperation-bought ‘supernatural’ because we’d run out of stuff to watch in the winter evenings (we don’t watch actual tv, so after we’ve done all of the things, there is nothing better than a long dvd series to go at).
i didn’t know anything about it. i didn’t even start watching it immediately.  <– haha PastMe, you loser.

as an aside —>  recently-ish, i started a secret drawing project just for fun. and because i never really got the hang of watercolours (i haven’t touched them since pre-1999 *hate*) i thought they’d be perfect.

so BEFORE i started watching ‘supernatural’ i did this
sam winchester

and i’ve been feeling SO BAD about it ever since. wracked with actual lol-guilt.
and even though this

we’ve watched 40+ episodes in less than a week? and in the dreary hours between our televisuals – when i’m not pinterest-stalkering myself or doing lame watercolours of celebrities i don’t like – i am tumblr-stalking supernatural. like a crazy person.

winter mentals is awesome.

49. the one about pinterest

i won’t wrath and moan about pinterest too much, because
1. i think i’m all whinged out on the subject
2. my issues are mostly resolved

i didn’t think there was much i could do to stop my work being pinned on there so i’ve been watermarking all photos of my work and mostly *brainskimming* about where they end up.

due to my obsessive nature, however, i couldn’t help peeking from time to time.

most times the initial pins are “fine”, like, used in collections of nice things (flattering), and sometimes i was even credited as the designer (polite). but following the trail of repins… tags get changed and my work ends up in ‘how to’ or ‘diy’ boards amongst patterns and tutorials… and pinned again for other people to copy… *sad*

when i started blogging, i never intended to write about my sewings. but my life only consists of that and house renovations so it was inevitable. i did put a thing, but i guess nobody bothered to read it *sad*

anyway! last weekend i saw horrible, anger-making things. i tried to be polite when i asked the person to remove my work – but was met with ignorance & so rude!
i decided i would simply never blog again.

but then i was like, no. fuck that.
so i’ve been dealing with someone at pinterest throughout the week – to be fair they’ve been quite helpful – getting my stuff taken down.
it’s been time consuming and navigating this stuff was not easy for a simple brain’d person like me… but it’s been educational too, and i won’t be apathetic about pursuing it in future if it happens again.
in summary: PLEASE do not pin my work. seriously, i have a nosebleed from this.

so what i ACTUALLY wanted to blog about was my inspirations. and now that i feel free to use my own images of my own work on my own blog again, i will show you!

this is my cherry tree, against a dark wintry sky
spindly finger tree

it’s featured in a few pieces of my work now – it’s such a lovely shape to draw.
i have bird feeders hanging off the lower branches so robins, tits, finches and squirrel-birds hang out there.

winter robin

but you know what, right? that tree is just too damn big for my narrow little garden.
last summer it shade-canopied across the whole thing, and it’s not like we had loads of sunshine anyway. so in autumn, i butchered it.
but you know what, right? i’m so damn short that even on my handy work platform, i could only butcher the lowest branches.
now it looks like this
spindly finger tree carnage
^ not so picturesque :(

this week i produced another little canvas…
winter cottage

…inspired by my outside views.
there are rolling green frost covered hills behind my house. lots of cute stone cottages, with grey slate roofs, sash windows and wooden doors…

it’s a good job there is such a thing as taking artistic license
winter shire

48. the one where i’m trying to make my glass half full

it’s been a very busy and shitty (literally) past couple of weeks, but true to my naturally sunshiney nature (haha) i’m only going to focus on the good stuff that has been occurring…

fiiiiiinally got to play halo4 even though i couldn’t go at it for 16 hours straight due to my trigger finger also being my mouse finger, and i needed to save that for sewing & photo editing. also because i am old.

my awesome new custom made handbag arrived
handbags by helen messenger bag
(messenger bag by Handbags by Helen)

i then wasted spent an entire morning harvesting zips from my old denim sack, and arranging my panic kit(TM) into the very many brilliant internal pockets of my new bag.

dear menfolk, if you were ever curious about what it is that proper grown up ladies keep in their handbags, i will show-tell you:
panic kit
armed with new handbag, i was ready to venture Outside. dosed up with rescue remedy, i was ready to face Husband’s work’s christmas party. tanked up on brandy & coke, i was sociable.
so f***ing sociable. YEAH!
christmas party

at 8am all i could think about was the last time i gave up drinking forever. but luckily, right before i passed out, i’d written myself a To Do List with all of the important tasks.  i’m very organised like that.
to do list

“make floor” was of particular importance due to the arrival of NEW CARPETS on monday morning.
new carpet
actually, i don’t mean “new carpets”, just  A CARPETS!!!
our first carpet. in 6 years. to mark the celebration-completion of Upstairs in the buildering scheme of things.

elderly collie has arthritis, and has been struggling with the steep twisty stairs for a while now, so she was happy too.
arthritis collie

it was also  ironic good timing, as she’s been quite poorly this week so we were able to get down 3 flights of stairs and out into the garden for toilet emergencies relatively quickly.
frequently. throughout the night. every night.

and *reminding myself my glass is half full* being too tired to do any work meant i could lie on the couch all day knitting socks…
hand knit socks

whilst snuggled up with my precious daughter (who is now feeling much better :D ) 
poorly border collie