47. the one with the tv thing

subtitle: the one where i don’t play halo4 all weekend

i think that little asterisk ^ is just for me.

back in august, when Husband present-ed me with a new xbox* for my birthday, i didn’t dare get it out of the box. not until we had a new tv thing that would offer it some protection.
(*i suspect the previous one passed away due to suffocation by soot and building dust)

(how my brain works: “if you want to play, you will first need to construct new furniture”.)
(which is slightly better going than when the last pc passed away from dust. “if you want a new computer, you will first need to construct a room”)

but the perfect design of tv thing – that i’ve had inside my brain – doesn’t exist.
i was going to ask dad to build it… but that requires drawing To Scale plans with exact measurements… and *mathsmaths* …

but now it is november. and i have halo4.
so! time to shit or get off the tv thing pot.

the closest thing to in my brain, was available from a well known swedish furniture store and i’ve been examining it every time we go in there. it was almost what i wanted. but not quite. but almost. but not.
plus i don’t reckon much to the quality of their products these day… but oh i really want to play halo.

so instead of lazing about in my jarm all weekend, awkward DIY occured as i compromised the f*** out of flat pack.
breakfast table painting

and extreme varnishing

and then today, “a brand new console needs a smart new cosy”.

and then tonight, “no dinner until you’ve constructed the thing, Husband”.

ahhhh. i think i’m ready to play now.
but i’ve run out of Jump In time :(

still, i managed to watch 13 hours of fringe season 4, so the weekend was not a complete sloth fail.


46. the one where i realise something…

the one where i remember i’m LIVING THE DREAM.

lately i’ve been so caught up in Busy and sewing-hunch agonies that i forgot ^.
so today i went back to sleep until TEN (10) am. and then i mooched about in my pyjamas until ONE THIRTY (1.30) pm, before having BREAKFAST.

all i’ve actually done today, is listen to 30 seconds to mars, and apply some french knot bloody footprints to a zombie penguins thing i’m working on.

Husband did the grocery shopping this afternoon, so the rest of my weekend looks like this

i’m feeling pretty happy.

45. the one with all of the treasures

i’ve been way too busy to blog lately. seriously.
which is just bloody ridiculous when you consider that my usual daily routine consists of watching ‘the gilmore girls’, or listening to emo records while i play with my toys.
most of the time i don’t even bother getting dressed (winter time-saver).

but suddenly, somehow, i’m in the weird situation of being manic busy ALL THE TIME; squeezing housewifery in before a full day of sewing and internetting. getting up earlier ‘n earlier to do emails and admin before breakfast, and staying up later’n later to edit photos & listings of things for sale in my shop. plus lately, other obligations and outings that require DAY CLOTHES. *outrageous*
really, it’s a wonder i manage to fit in 4 hours of ‘fringe’ every night.

yes, yes, whatever. other grown women probably do this stuff, and more, with ease. but i’m just. not. like that.
i’m more about doing whatever i daily please, on a whim. and if that means means losing a week (or 6 months* <— that only happened once, honest) to magical xbox time then so be it.

the wonderful thing about being sew busy (haha) is that my paypal is was full up. so after paying for the roof i thought i’d splash out, treat myself to some nice things as a reward. here, let me show you:

i bought these beautiful ink & watercolour landscape ACEOs off the amazing siansburys

one day soon they will be framed, and then i’ll hang all of my original artworks.
FutureMe will have made a decision about where to drill for picture hooks.

this gorgeous luxury scarf ‘n brooch is from rebel rose. this chick has a serious eye for colour. and quality – so sofffft <3

merino wool brooch

i can’t possibly wear these lovelies with my old brown parka though!
one day soon i will start wearing my Good Coat.
FutureMe will dress like a classy grown up woman.

one of the biggest inspirations / influences on my work, right, were the british girls comics i grew up reading in the late ’70s / early ’80s (before they ruined everything with lame romantic photo stories in the mid-80’s). all i ever wanted to be was an illustrator for one of these titles. so imagine my joy when i saw these on ebay

‘the cat’ was one of my favourites – a school girl with a secret identity working for the french resistance during world war 2 *exciting* :D
and ‘rosie at thorndale hall’ was by one of my favourite illustrators.

i actually owned this once before – i remember exactly when & where i was when i bought it. but my copy got thrown out (along with nearly 10 years of sequential bundles of the weekly bunty comic. gargh) when we left south africa in ’94.
i threw them out because i was 20-something back then and on the verge of becoming a grown up. haha