56. the one where i sew my finger

subtitle: the one where i learn the difference between


and down

i’ve been (saying i’m) going to take a little break from sewing for ages –┬ájust to give my fingers, wrists, hands, shoulders, neck & eyes a good rest. the first 3 months of the year are usually pretty quiet selling-wise, so i’d planned on it being then.

but then january
fiona t jan 2013

and february
fiona t feb 2013

yesterday afternoon, i was LITERALLY working on the VERY LAST THING!!! when *suddenly*

fb first aid 01

fb first aid 02

luckily,fb first aid 03facebook is great in a first aid emergencyfb first aid 04

fb first aid 05


fb first aid 06

readers of a sensitive disposition should look away now

gruesome sewing injury