52. the christmas one

“and this is for you, merry christmas!”

^ see how she reads the gift tag so she’s sure it’s for her. clever collie!

(of course, by this point – christmas day – she’d already been in and helped herself. a couple of times. so on christmas eve, presents had to be re-wrapped and several trails of rum-flavoured dogsick cleaned up… festive!)

“this soft toy is nice, thankyou. but when will i be getting my thorntons rum chocolate truffles back?”
anakin presents

all too soon, christmas was over and we were back on the M1 heading home :(
homeward bound

^ “end,” it says. end   end   end   end :(

but ha! the festives didn’t end there.
because yesterday i attended (at my house) another indoors picnic with my internet crazies ladies :)

reason no. 385658748735687 of why strangers you befriend off of the internet are the best:
fb picnic

^ supernatural season 7. <3

i had spent all morning preparing a feast for my very special guests
pineapple hedgehog

and here is a photo of us enjoying it whilst having an amazing time
spesh picnic
l to r: archies beard, anakin, Husband, me, odd sox, caroline rose art, little black heart, siansburys & mister siansburys.

merry christmas, internetland!
now plz excuse me, i have to go & watch supernatural season 6.


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