51. the one with(out) the mayan apocalypse

last night, the eve of the apocalypse, we started on season 5 of supernatural <3

supernatural season 5
^ gratuitous photo just so we can all marvel at the winchesters’ awesomeness

we even stayed up late and watched an extra epsiode just in case it was our last opportunity to do so.
then i went on facebook for one last chat with my secret friends just in case it was my last opportunity to do so.

we ended up talking about potato printing and other underrated artistic mediums (such as pasta shapes) so when i eventually went to bed i couldn’t shut my brain off and get to sleep due to anticipation-excitement: the prospect of an apocalypse AND the potato possibilities was too much!

luckily the end of days did not occur.

unfortunately we hadn’t bothered shopping just in case. so my potato options were was limited.

undeterred, i carved many intricate details into my tiny starchy canvas, and then
potato print


potato apocalypse

the 3 pussycats of the apocalypse

^ the 3 potato cats of the apocalypse?

i’m definately jacking in free machine embroidery in favour of potatoes next year.
apocalypse potato cat


11 thoughts on “51. the one with(out) the mayan apocalypse

  1. ‘kay…. when I have stopped laughing… (ow, ow, my sides hurt, ow….)

    Great potato print cats. Just awesome. My extra clever printmaker friends couldn’t have done better and that’s a fact. I better challenge them to a “print potato-print cats” contest now, but I bet theirs won’t be any better than yours. No way. Love them!
    You could print with fabric paints, onto some calico / cotton and make embroiderified versions for us to “oooh” and “aaah” over – and probably spend all our Chrimbly pocket pennies on…
    Cool! X

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