53. seven christmas sins

tomorrow is 2013.
i thought i’d try and be awesome today, since i’ve spent most of december on the couch. so i got dressed in actual dayclothes and shoes, and joined Husband and anakin for a lovely walk in the rain down at the river gardens.
a walk in the park

all of my idleness & christmas excesses got me to thinking… about the seven deadly sins, and how, if they were my december To Do List, i could *tick* every one.

m*****effing pinterest !&*!!!1

^ oh, this is just the tip of a very large chocolate iceberg

as well as eating all of the things, i wanted to read all of the things and watch all of the things. so i did.

being prideful about my obsession skillz (see: greed, lust & sloth) is probably not something i should admit to,
so i’m going with this instead:

mum made dad a Man Pinny for christmas – for when he’s out in his workshop tinkering with carpentry stuff – and asked me to embroider something for the pocket.
with my head full up of sigils & banners from game of thrones reading, i came up with this coat of arms real quick *pride*

(dad’s folksy shop: jft carpentry <– imagine! if you buy something, chances are he made it whilst wearing a fiona t. embroidered pinny!)

dean winchester – duh!

google: “related searches: dean winchester shirtless”
me: “thankyou.”


envy’s a tricky one.
i envy people who are driven by ambition and money? i wish i was a real go-getter?
for me, wearing a bra is the difference between daywear and nightwear, so i envy those people who just get up every day and do all of the things without even thinking it’s a big fucking deal?
i envy the people who haven’t contracted scurvy during the quality street season.

something like that, maybe?

still, it felt pretty good getting out of the house for some fresh air. i might put that on my To Do List for 2013.

wet dog

anakin enjoyed it too.


4 thoughts on “53. seven christmas sins

  1. Bahahahahahah oh this is why I need to remember to blog more, so I see your posts in my feed, remember to read them and then giggle quietly to myself at the pc :D
    Your OCD skills with chocolate organising make me most envious :D But what does the latin on the logo mean? Also, best dogface ever.

    • yes, yes you do! especially now you’re using wordpress too.
      the latin should mean – look, i’m not fluent so i might’ve fucked it up – but it should mean “measure twice, cut once” :)
      happy new year x

      • wordpress is VERY confusing for my tiny brain, but I do like how easy it is to use when you are not actually trying to blog with it… if that makes sense :P happy new year to you too!

      • my even-tinier brain figured it out so you will too.
        the trick is, to wait until you have a really important deadline or task to complete, then you’ll find the time to figure it all out.

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