85. the one with the mummies

mummies “the journey”
**as always, this is not a “how to” or a tutorial so please do NOT share on m**$*%effing pinterest. thankyouplease :) fiona t mummies mar14

for a while there,  i had to take myself off into internet-seclusion due to ongoing personal kerfuffles.
i find that just sitting in front of the telly, “not working”, is usually the best time for coming up with new ideas. and with no orders or other projects going on at the moment, i was able to keep playing and tinkering with these until they were just as my brain had described them to me.

i’d doodled some veeeery rough ideas back at the beginning of the year… for valentine’s day, mother’s day and easter… never knowing if i’d find time to develop them further
initial idea mummiesterrible drawings

(i’ve sneaky-pixelled out the easter things ^ just in case i get to them, and the valentines day pandas – which i was super happy with – are long gone. i never even blogged about them because there are only about 3 hours in the day at the moment)
red valentines panda
romantical valentine’s pandas

the next stage when i’m making something new, is endless fails.
if i was sensible, i would just draw the detail onto fabric with biro while i work on shape & construction (thus saving all of the cutting, sticking & embroiderering hours).
but i’m 1. not sensible, and
2. unable to visualise things exactly until they are right there in my eyes & in my hands

mummies product development
lumpy long legged fail mummies

after that stage, it’s back to the drawing board.
many, many times.

mummies redraw
super technical final drawing

next i build a “rough copy” that i’m happy with…
first mummyfirst mummy 

*whispering* at this stage i sometimes like to confer with my art-friends.
“is this rubbish? i think it’s funny and good but what if it’s rubbish? is it a crap idea? …and should i go with multi coloured bandages or keep it traditional?”
it’s good to have a small, trusted group that – for just 18p! – will give you honest feedback & suggestions before you unleash potential insanity onto the internet :)

next, i spent a fun day ruining my best pyjamas in the pursuit of the perfect hand dyed corpse colourdyed mummies50 shades of grey-blue (or, 8. 8 shades of grey-blue)

and then just 4837457989 hours later, presto! 4 dress rehearsal mummies embroidered, sewed, stuffed ‘n wrapped!
fiona t mummies mar14_2

kerfuffle circumstances allowing, i’ll be starting work on a small batch of these this afternoon so that they’re ready in time. of course, mummies are for life – not just for mother’s day.
**edit: there are still a couple available here


16 thoughts on “85. the one with the mummies

  1. Thank you, Fiona, for giving my daily recommended dose of insanity. I needed it. Aaand isn’t it great when I find out I’m not the only one who converses with her creations?

    • leonor, i don’t want to frighten you, but sometimes i converse with YOUR creations. sloth and i often have a little catch up in the early hours…

      • Bahahahah! Beware of Sloth, he is cunning – tried to talk me into dressing him up as a postman more than once… or a fireman, I forget.

  2. That first one might be lumpy and long legged but it does look like your drawing…. Which is impressive. I am in the process of attempting a 3D style patchy house…. Doubt it will look like the drawing. Am anticipating many trials and failures. Not used to 3D-ness.

    • my brain just DOESN’T work in 3-d!
      you’ll probably be like me… make it over and over and over again until you work out which swoosh and turn of seams work, and which ones don’t (which will be all of them. until, fiiiinally one does!)

  3. They are excellent, worth all the effort including dyeing your pj’s and I cannot believe I missed the V’s day pandas as my other half HATES pandas and I’m endlessly trying to find versions to give him as gifts (especially ones I can then keep for myself afterwards, as I would have in this case, which would serve him right for getting me b*gger all AGAIN!!). I just had a nice rant about copying on my blog, I thought about you as I wrote it. Oh and interestingly, I draw on my samples with biro. There you go. Hope life eases up and you get more time for blogging as I do enjoy reading your posts (and clearly for you as well, my motives aren’t just selfish). Bethx

    • hahaha! thanks beth – i’ll be sure & email you in good time in the run up to next years romantical panda day! …or let me know when his birthday’s coming up. or christmas. or fathers day. you’re welcome.

      heading over to your blog now – you know how i love a good wrath, especially on my second favourite subject of MORONS. x

  4. Well…hmmm…yeeesss… What about zombie mummies with red pants and blue bandages? Pretty fab, huh? Esssspeshially when they are just that preeefect shade of dead-flesh zombie blue-grey, hand dyed by Fiona.
    These are cool and fabulous mummies. Just the thing for the alternative and broad minded mummy on mothers day. (sadly, mine prefers rabbitz, but maybe if I drop hints, I may get my own zombie-mummy from my boy….)
    A triumph of good over … Nah, nah… That’s all wrong… A triumph of Ebil over boringnormal, that’s what.
    (ps. I rather liked the long-legged, lumpy “fail”!)

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