84. oh, hello 2014. here so soon!? giveaway (NOW CLOSED)

overall, 2013 was really rather good :)

fiona t sold 2013 01

every time my glass got half empty, something would occur to fill it back up. and that “something” wasn’t always rainwater from the leaky downpipe or overflowing gutters.

fiona t sold 2013 02

usually it was a new project, a mountain of fabric, a sale, a comment, a message or email, some lovely feedback, (even surprise cards & gifts!) that all reminded me how fortunate i am to be doing what i do, and that without my awesome customers it wouldn’t be possible.

fiona t sold 2013 03

ok, well, no. i’d still be doing this without you :p
but all this stuff ^ would be hidden under the bed in the spare room and i’d just be some crazy lady who watches supernatural in her pyjamas all day whilst tinkering with a sewing machine.

so thankYOU for that moment – at Husband’s work do for eg – where people politely ask, “and what do you do, fiona?”  and i can hold my head up high and smile and say “embroidered zombies.”

one of my favourite projects at the end of the year, was this set of 3 embroidered sketchbooks, commissioned by kerry for her friends – they’re all frequent visitors on my facebook page so it involved lots of sneaky and managing to keep my big mouth SHUT.
panda booby kitty

to say thankyou for sticking with fiona t., for your support and for buying stuff, (also, like a little bribe to make you stay) here is a

the prize is that i’ll make the winner something nice. whatever they want**
(**DISCLAIMER: to keep it within the realms of reasonable & possible, it will be something very much like that ^ )

to enter: what was your highlight of 2013?
mine was our family holiday with mostly-recovered anakin dog, and getting sunburnt (!) in the north sea (!!) in late september (!!!)

the winner will probably be chosen at random by anakin.
competition closes on saturday the 11th of january at 12 noon.
i’ll post the winners name here, and be in touch shortly afterwards so we can discuss your prize.

thanks again, and good luck!

***edit: CONGRATULATIONS KAREN ADAMSON, i’ll be in touch soon to discuss your reward :)


99 thoughts on “84. oh, hello 2014. here so soon!? giveaway (NOW CLOSED)

  1. After 4 very very difficult years financially, professionally and personally my highlight was starting my art course ( as a science teacher a huge step), and finally getting a job teaching the best kids ever and getting to be ‘just a good mum and wife!’

  2. My highlight was when James (aged 5) told his dad (aged 30) he had to go on ‘time out’ and he was ‘disappointed with your behaviour and I will write a letter to Santa Claus making sure my dad is on the naughty list’ I had to go into the other room to snigger loudly as the husband sat on the bottom of the stairs. It’s the little things in life …………….

  3. After the demise of my old campervan, and 6 months of looking, I finally found Myfanwy, the lovely white VW T25 campervan, and spent all my summer weekends in random fields with random awesome friends x

  4. All of 2013 was a highlight from my daughter getting engaged, to discovering she was expecting, to giving me 8 weeks notice to arrange her wedding! to the birth of our gorgeous grand daughter!! What an amazing year it was and who could ask for anything more?! :)

  5. Bit of a toughy … But after careful consideration (well, mostly sitting here going .. Eeeeeeerrrrrrrmmmmmm)
    I think it has to be when my 6 year old son came home and told me he’d been picked as a Narrator for his school play ….. This was fab news considering he’s been in speech therapy since he started on reception class (two and a half years ago)
    Chuffed as a chuffed thing I was

  6. Through extremely bad times in a large corporate company, I turned to craft as a way to make me happy. I have been blessed and surrounded by such positive, motivated and caring people that appreciate me for me and my talent.

  7. After the loss of my grandad at the beginning of 2013 and then just 8 weeks later losing my best friend Timmy dog I thought that it was the end of the year for me and felt so let down by the universe but then after a number of years and many fertility cycles later in July I got the one big positive that made everything ok again I was pregnant and couldn’t contain my happiness. My little man is due in just 9 short weeks and my getting pregnant with him is my highlight of 2013, I can’t help but think that my grandad had something to with it :D xxx

  8. Taking part in Leitrim LiveCraft which involved learning ceramics…. I have now have a collection of Lace Pots on exhibition in LSC and The Leitrim Design House !!

  9. The highlight of my year…. There have been so many i don’t know which would be the “one” … But i have been blessed on this thing called ‘tinternet. Finding amazing people and amazing pages and owning my very own Zombie penguin horde…. So for me i think, i shall say the whole year has been a highlight. Family, friends old and new have made it one of the best years i’ve had :) I am hoping i’m lucky enough to have 2014 the same.

  10. A tough year for me so a plus point is a hard one in all honesty. Involved car crashes and break ups and tears and tantrums. Erm… a plus of 2013 was… oh I know! I found a new favourite dish at the indian takeaway. Mmmm veggie dansak. Thank you for coming into my 2013.

  11. My highlight of 2013 was going to our first festival (just for the day!) and my daughter meeting Seasick Steve (who she loves!). He signed a cigar box for her which my Hubby made into a cigar box guitar for her to play!

  12. My highlight was my belated honeymoon in New York after 6 years without a holiday and being made redundant twice in the space of 6 months it’s was a much needed break and an amazing place! XxX

  13. Ohhhh so many….playing in the snow…making a snowcat to splashing in the sea with our gorgeous year old granddaughter….spending time with family….our two cats sharing our bed without killing each other …being told my job is safe until April (I’m a lollipop lady) and then Getting a new sewing machine for my birthday (thank you hubby) a week later CHRISTMAS ….watching the fireworks on NEW YEARS EVE at our local park and wishing lots of people best wishes for 2014 :) you choose lol HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL XXXX

  14. *gasp* – I’m overwhelmed with not one joyous blog return but two! All in the space of *not very long* – hurrah!!

    I’ve had a pretty crap year really but also have – not one, but TWO overwhelmingly monumental highlights of 2013 which are that BOTH my beloved nieces are expecting babies! Today we found out that one will be of the *boy* variety and the other is currently in Peru, South America – perhaps searching for marmalade sandwiches? HNY dearie xxx

      • and may your glass constantly be over flowing (ssshh – mine is – but don’t tell anyone – they might not notice…)
        Your constant *never-give-up* attitude (or at least the one you seem to exude? not the right word but…) is a lesson for us all. Keep up the glorious work…pplleeeease?
        And blog more about *group baking sessions*. We could all do with a good laugh during the misery of January….!

      • :)
        i think my attitude is more… like… belligerent & stubborn?
        there is a lot of hefty swears at the universe going on behind the scenes. like similar to the lyrics in that one song by rage against the machine.

        and YES to more baking! i need to get the gang together and convince them to shelve their stupid january diet plans!

  15. A FionaT Giveaway! That must be a good contender for my highlight of 2014…
    But for 2013? Hummmm…. Well it must be having a lovely family Christmas in our newly completed extended dining/living room. The project started with contacting the architect in January and was supposed to be completed by the end of July… but because of several problems, it was only completed two weeks before Christmas. We’re still doing little stuff (like hanging curtains & blinds, buying a rug etc), but it’s great to have such a lovely space to live in, after months & months of living upstairs, with a kitchen that looked like a junkyard…. Just wonderful to be finished at last! I invite you all to drop in for a cuppa and a choccie biscuit! :-)

  16. Hello lovely lady , and here is to a fab 2014 for you :-) The favourite moment for me of 2013 was our family holiday full of seaside fun, crochet and eating ice cream (oohh and cheap Cava).

  17. It has been a pretty rubbish 2013 for us, I shan’t bore with the details because I’m busy looking for the bright side and I don’t need to look far! By far and away THE best thing this year was getting our beautiful gorgeous funny crazy Rigby puppy! He has cheered me up on many a down day, but my favourite was when the fence had been blown down, we went out for ‘busy’ and grumpy next door neighbour was out, and Rig told him off while I stood there in my jimjams! Thanks Rig! :0) happy 2014 fiona t, Anakin dog and hubby!

  18. Having the best summer here in North Wales, spent loads of time with the family doing lots of sunny walks in the mountains.

  19. My highlight if im honest is rather dull but it was the final understanding (due to several factors) that I am actually rather good at my job :) ooh and receiving some rather lovely tudor zombies ;)

  20. My best bit of 2013 was becoming a grandmuma for the first time. Beautiful Benjamin Bugg was born on 27 June. Life will never be the same again. Xx

  21. The highlight of 2013 for me was receiving a shiny brand new silver plated cornet from my little brother, a total surprise gift. I joined a local brass band this year, following a 20(ish) year ‘break’ from playing & I love it.

  22. I envy you – who else gets to use ‘making of embroidered zombies’ as a job description?!

    I have quite a few highlights, but the very best of them all was going professional and starting Felt Buddies. Without it, I’d never have met you lovely makers and have fun every day coming up with new escuses to felt and procrastinate said felting. Perfect life :)

    Hopefully you will make 2014 a year with more and more zombies – quite happy for that :D xx

  23. My highlight of 2013 was taking my children (2 and 3) to finally meet my dad. ( I live in Ireland he lives in England) it was the best 2 days ever, made even more so as it coincided with my 30th birthday.
    My highlight of 2014 will be to win your giveaway :)

  24. Highlight of 2013?
    The ‘secret note’ my 4yo wrote in her Christmas card to me :0)
    (In perfect block capitals, because she’s decided she doesn’t like ‘little letters!)

  25. Mine was realising that my volunteering at the local hospital got me recognised & I got a job on the labour ward at my local maternity hospital another step closer to my dream career of becoming a midwife! 😄

  26. My favourite part of 2013 was possibly spending a long holiday with my 2 birthday girls and my little lad and OH, and having my birthday too (my girls have the same birthday and mines a week later) and spending my birthday money on fabrics and one of your super zombie bookmarks.

  27. My highlight would be my husbands 30th/sons 3rd birthday weekend. I managed to get 28 members of the family to butlins for a weekend to celebrate!
    I never thought I’d actually be able to organise it (I’m the shy awkward member of the family!)

    Crafty wise my highlight was your facebook flash sale! It meant I discovered you and got my hands on your work all at the same time! (And it came that nicely wrapped I put it under the tree as a present to myself!) ×

  28. My highlight was my parents forgiving me for what happened the year before. My dogs live with my parents & I hadn’t seen them for a year as I was forbidden to visit or call, to see them again was amazing. The “Baby” Blaze was so pleased to see me again she wouldn’t let me out her sight not even to pee!!!

    This has made a horrible year so much better. I was sacked from my job in April due to ill health :( & have been unable to get a new job.

    2014 will be better. I’m moving into my new flat in 9 days, my parents & I are getting on well, my dogs are the best & my boyfriend has stood by me despite everything.

    I hope everyone has an excellent 2014 & I can’t wait to see what zombies appear during it!

  29. To be honest I am not entirely sure what my highlight has been , I have met many lovely people on line, bought some fabulous handmade items, discovered amazing artists (all of which off course you are part of) I have grown as an individual and small business and have learned a lot about myself. It may not have been the easiest year of my life but I have had many smiles xx

  30. My highlight of 2013 was becoming a mummy for the first time :) my gorgeous little girl was born 30th march, can’t believe she’s gonna be 1 in 3 months!

  31. The highlight of my year was our holiday to Crete. It’s been a hard couple of years financially, so to be able to take the kids somewhere new & exciting was fabulous :)

  32. The highlight of my year was when after half a year of healthproblems, I finally got the medicine that helped! Now I am slowly building up my old life. You can’t imagined how much I appreciatie that and how happy I am!! xx

  33. Oh 2013 has had lots of little highlights. One good thing that happened was getting a permanent job. It’s not a big deal really, I moved from being a temp at one side of the office to being a permanent employee at the other side. But on the other hand it means I can realistically apply for a mortgage, which means I can decorate and fill a home full of beautiful handmade objects, I could probably organise a better studio and have a home I’m not afraid to bring my family and friends back to.

    Wow. That got a bit emotional. Haha!

    *fingers crossed*


  34. I’m not really sure, probably something to do with getting my monsters business up and running after a decade of putting it off. Maybe when Xmas Bob was featured on Mr X Stitch – I think I scared my cats with my squealing!

  35. My highlight has been learning and making new crafts and being able to sell a few at fairs, and also showing and selling one of my photographs in an exhibition :)

  36. I got married to my wonderful husband(after a difficult time planning the wedding) turned 30 on honeymoon in korea & saw my korean friend for the first time in 9years. Then I completed my first year in my new job & my niece was born. Pretty awesome year really.

  37. One of my highlights for this year has to be discovering folksy and etsy and spending all my hard earned cash on fabulous hand made items made by yourself and many other talented people 😊.
    Hopefully 2014 will be the year I join up myself and try my hand at selling my own creations. Could be fun! 😉.

  38. 2013 was a pretty good year, my spare time business/page Birdie & Bee turned 1 and has grown in its likers and product offerings and quite frankly i’ve never been busier or happier, i’ve found lots of fabulously creative pages (yours included) that help lift my spirits on a daily basis, made some new and wonderful friendships, celebrated my daughter’s 2nd and my son’s 5th birthdays but i think my highlight has to be four fabulously hot, sunny and magical days spent at The End of The Road Festival at the end of August with the family, getting away from it all and relaxing and listening to great music in the magical Larmer Tree Gardens. There’s been no ‘big bangs’ in 2013, no heart stopping, time stopping ‘wow’ moments, as such but it’s the little things, the family moments and the feeling of achieving something by myself that i’ll take from the year just gone..xxx

  39. Best thing was getting my 2 rescue cats! One is a 10yo of nervous disposition, the other was a little hand-reared 8 week-old kitten! It made me feel our family was complete! Worst was the little kitten (now 7 months) disappearing on Christmas day :( Still not got him back! Anakin’s never gonna pick a cat story tho! Well unless he can chase it ;)

  40. My highlight was most defiantly marrying my husband in July.
    It was a stupidly hot day so after our wedding breakfast which was just round the corner from our house we walked to the local shop still all wedding dressed and suited up much to the staff members shock and buying a magnum each to take home and eat in our sofa :-)
    It was bloomin ace. Most definitely the best bit of the day!! Xxx

  41. My highlight 2013?
    Having people at work acknowledge my zombie apocolypse guidelines (ahh the nhs) and less exciting- starting roller derby.

  42. My highlight of 2013 was the arrival of my second daughter. I didn’t think a second baby could be so different from the first but she is. She was a little character from day 1 and has subsequently become her big sister’s best friend. Xx
    P.s. We love your creations.

  43. Hi Fiona! My highlight was purchasing our first house, something we thought would never be possible. I’m so glad my daughter now has a yard to romp around in! :) Love your zombies, but you already knew that, didn’t you!

  44. I can’t remember if I’ve entered or just stalked so I’m going to comment just in case! 2 major highlights for me this year – 7 weeks of travel through beautiful Western Australia and New Zealand which was just amazing. Returning to the arrival of my new gorgeous nephew who is a giggler and so cute you just want to squeeze him! x

  45. Hmmm mine must have been going to Ireland in October. It was the first time back since getting married there 4 years ago. We spent our anniversary having a meal in our wedding hotel with our 2 year old daughter sharing it with us. Perfect!

  46. I had a blooming awful year, worthy of an x-factor winner’s sob story. But somewhere in the middle of it all my baby daughter was born and that was my highlight. I love your work and in the distant future when my daughter sleeps through and life is normal I aspire to do cool stuff like you do.

  47. My number one best moment was marrying my Joe in April 2013. After months of stress, maticulous planning and one ridiculously tight budget we said our I Do’s infront of all the amazing people in our life. Everyone said how beautiful the day was and I don’t think anything could possibly top that :) x

  48. Firstly, new years day 2013 started with body boarding with my 12 year old son Xav it was the first time I have been in the sea past my knees in the UK, next would be making buckskin processing deer skin using the brains and liver of the deer for my MLitt/PhD research & thirdly, celebrating 28 years of being with my lovely hubby at a Pirate weekend firing cannons!! Roll on 2014!!!

  49. My highlight of 2013 should have been our wonderful family trip to Walt Disney World in Florida (which we’d saved for almost 5 years for) but in fact the real highlight was my husband losing his job mainly as it meant he had the courage to retrain for the career of his dreams and for me to decide to work towards leaving the rat race and starting my portfolio to start my own business. Hopefully 2013 will be the real start of the rest of our lives and ironically not be a zombie-on-a-hamster wheel any more! :o)

    • we had one of those devastating redundancy moments a few years back – i haven’t forgotten that awful, hopeless feeling… but it makes “the what happened next” even more sweet :)
      happy new things in 2014 to you!

  50. Fabulous giveaway! There were a few highlights but I think the best was passing my level 1 city and guilds creative textiles course with distinctions! That was amazing!

  51. My highlight of the year was seeing my four year old son for the first time after being in hospital for six weeks. I had throat cancer and had my laryx removed, but I survived and got to see my boy again. So happy xxxxx

  52. Our daughter absolutely loving a trip to the National Portrait Gallery after years of being nagged every time we went to an exhibition :)

  53. Highlights and best days last year were during the summer spending the weekends on the beach with the children making sandcastles paddling and walking on the beach finding lots of treasure of the shell stick and pebble variety.

  54. 2013 was a long time ago! I can’t remember! But… um…. I learnt to crochet, that was pretty rad?! Only problem is now I’ve gained a small knitting addiction instead :p
    Happy New Year n all yes yes

  55. My highlight (besides purchasing more FionaT goodies – particularly my zombie girl notebook in the sale (a girl can never have too many!) was running my first half marathon (having only taken up running aged 40!) and raising £700 for my local cancer hospice :)
    I’d love one of my highlights of 2014 to be seeing some of your fab creations on bags this year …… :) xx

  56. My highlight was the amazing family holiday we had up in Northumberland in August. Despite the rain, we had fabulous time, and the memories and photos will be treasured :)

  57. My little girl was bullied quite badly at school in the first half of 2013. She went from being innocently happy to being miserable, terribly angry, and crying everynight. She went back to school in September after the school holidays a completely different child, she grew up, ignored the bully “laughing” at her silly comments. She gained confidence, she started to smile and giggle again, she now has more friends than ever before and I have my little girl back! Getting her back…..That was our highlight of 2013!

  58. Hello!!
    My highlight for 2013 was my transformation from unemployed to self employed ;) I’m now one of the proud owners of a humble little hostel right over the water in Ericeira, Portugal. I have the best job in the world! :D

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