82. the one with the elves

in 5 days time i’m hanging up my sewing hands for the year, packing up mah precious stuffs, and putting on my hardhat. it’s time to tend to my tumble down house & get on with the building works.

but before i start moaning blogging about DIY hardships again, i thought i’d post about my last sewing project of 2013 – festive christmas elves :)

(***this is not any kind of “how to” – please do not copy and PLEASE do not pin any of my photos onto effing pinterest. thanking you.)

when i was a kid… at christmas, we had these slightly cool / slightly creepy christmas elf decorations of mom’s that came out every year. (i think they were from germany from when she was a kid… mom? and pictures?)
anyway, my half-remembered mind-picture of them was my sort-of inspiration for these…

christmas elves

i knew before i started them, that they’d be my last project of the year, so it was a conscious decision to build them really, reeeeeally slowly and add all the teeny tiny details that make them so fun (for me to make).
instead of worrying that at 23746368576587 hours they weren’t really economically viable.

product development.
(although, tbf, i was also finishing off other projects during this time) = supernatural, season 5
design development
(it’s hard to believe how much polyester fluff fits inside such a tiny creature!)

cutting & sticking.
(i spent EPISODES hours cutting out miniature eyeballs,buttons & little pink cheeks. i didn’t end up using the green buttons but i can’t bring myself to throw them away)
cutting & sticking

knitting & stitching.
once i’d made up the hat pattern, they were kind of addictive to knit – they looked so pretty in a heap :) i tend to hoard wool, so i had plenty to choose from – i think the teal ones were my favourite, a super luxurious merino / cashmere blend.
i made far more than i’d need = grimm, season 2
elf hats

i screwed up loads of these at this stage – i blame senile collie dog (lack of sleep. for me.) and the winchesters (the end of season 5 is hectic).
elf face

there’s quite the sad little pile of unfinished rejects that didn’t make the ocd-cut

elf buttons

by this point i was back in the zone. and *suddenly* part way through supernatural season 6
elf limbs

sometimes i have to do hand sewing at the window where there’s better light. i hate having my back to the tv. i had to suspend supernaturals while i did this bit.
sewing up eyeballs

this is the worst part (if they don’t turn out right)
this is the best part (if they do turn out right)
elf birth 01elf birth 02elf birth 03elf birth 04

teeny tiny backpacks for elves to carry gifts of chocolate = house, md season 1
elf satchels

finished! elves have occurred!
chocolate elves

i’d hoped to watch supernatural seasons 7 & 8 too… i wonder if i should make a few more elves before ripping out the fireplace?


20 thoughts on “82. the one with the elves

  1. Aww… they are Way Cool! I love their backpacks too…and the teeny buttons on their little jerkin-jacket thingies… And their little cheeks and eyes and… Oh what-the-heck, they are just PERFICK!
    Love ’em!

    PS. Why are you ripping out the fireplace at the beginning of winter? It’s gonna snow. Lots. You NEED that fireplace (really, you do…).

    • i loooooved making these! just the right amount of fiddle :)

      ps I KNOW!!!! i had to condemn the woodburner 4 winters ago – we’re making a start on the living room renovations, and a new fire is no.1 priority
      (and sorting out the indoor rainfall is job no. 2)

  2. These are just gorgeous!! I am still confused as to how the chocolates made it thro’ supernatural, season 5, grimm, season 2, The Winchesters (? Don’t know this one!), senile collies (had one of those!), supernatural season 6 & House MD, season 1?

  3. Awesomeness… Love the backpacks… someone brought me supernatural season 8 so i have to re-watch them all… Currently with the Winchesters on season 3 :) And waiting for Grimm season 2 to magically appear (Keep hinting at husband loudly) But then we’re onto Eureka as i’ve also been brought the 5th and final season, so back to the beginning with that. Ooooh back to the elves… they are marvelously strange.

    • i have to (obsessively) do that too, amanda – start from the beginning again when i get the newest dvd of a thing. finally treating myself to spn season 8 with the elf proceeds – a fitting tribute i think!

      *imdb-ing eureka*

  4. Loving the elves! I think you should definitely make some more (and send them my way). My current obsession whilst needle felting is Elementary Season 2, Castle Season 6 and The Big Bang Theory (whichever)… I’m thinking I might have to try yours if (when!) I run out of things to watch on the internet…

    Seriously, you need to make more elves. They are adorable! x

  5. Who knew that elves have to wear pointy hats because they have pointy heads??!! Well…. you did. Of course they do/have. Especially love their backpacks (genius idea) and teeny tiny buttons.

  6. They are brilliant – thanks for the tutorial, I’m off to copy them for my next craft fair, after I’ve pinned a link – ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, I know it’s not really funny because some muppet would and I know exactly how teeth grindingly annoying that is. They really are fab though. I just linked from my blog back to yours – hope it’s OK, it’s in reference to your introducing me to Camila Prada – if you’d rather I don’t I’ll happily remove the link (I should have asked you first – sorry). I also realised I’d never sent you a photo of the sewing machine bulb remover – will get on that this week. Bethx

    • haha! just the other day i came across us both pinned on the very same inspiration/ things to copy/ for the craft fair board. for true!
      i always internal conflict: “i should tell beth” / “i don’t want to ruin her day(s) (again)”

      thanks for the link, and apologies to your bank balance for the camila prada thing… :p

  7. What a double delight! Not only do i have another big blog to work through (The Linen Cat) but someush ceramics (Camila Prada) to drool over and wish for…….how’s the dodgy DIY fingers? Are they mended yet? xx

    • i can’t believe i haven’t put up a link to beth’s blog before – doh! – one of my favourites because she makes everything look so effortless & lovely.
      also, she & i have matching sewing machines! <– put that in your stalkering notebook!

      *packing away my sewing fingers now-now*
      *back on diy just-now*
      coming soon: moaning about stuff :D

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