81. the one with the zombie snowmen – giveaway (closed) + winner

i don’t normally make anything christmassy for my shop – this is mostly DENIAL that the year is almost over – but i fancied doing something really traditional this year…
embroidered zombie snowmen

zombie snowmen.

i’d been tinkering with a few ideas (i hope i have time to develop some of the others… by christmas 2016 maybe?) but i went with snowmen. in truth, mainly because i wanted to knit some cosy miniature hats and scarves for them :)

i don’t draw much anymore, so my sketchbooking is really basic, and i’m always thinking ahead to what i can realistically do & within a certain time frame. (i’d like to work with real carrots & weave my own fabric from unicorn fur for eg, but things need to be affordable at the end. and not be made out of rotten vegetables i suppose.)

sketchbook snowmen

as soon as i’ve sketched a vague idea, i like to just jump straight in and make the thing,
simplifying or adding detail, making notes and adjustments as it develops.

cutting & sticking

… the problem with being impatient like this starting without a proper, fully tweaked pattern, is that if it doesn’t work first time all that labour intensive applique & embroidery time is wasted. sometimes i’m lucky… sometimes not.

free machine snowman

free motion heart

this is the unpredictable part of handmade that i both love and hate – even when i think i have it “just right”, i never know what’ll apear when i turn ’em.

“you’re like a beautiful freak emerging from a calico chrysalis”
zombie turning

these are all destined for the bin. product development:fail snowmans

no blog post would be complete without a picture of the anakin dog – here she is keeping her nose out. the fruit bowl is the safest place for work that occurs outside of my sewing room.

after knitting 78346535674378563478 teeny tiny hats and scarves, each one was carefully handwashed (i do wonder what the neighbours think about my washing line) so they don’t smell of apples.

zombie hats & scarves

and then the best bit: dressing my little zombie snowmen up in their winter outfits :)

3 zombie snowmen

very limited stock available here (they’re £28 + £3 p&p for a set of 3), but for now…

*** GIVEAWAY ***
so, it would appear that i never grew out of playing dress-up with my dolls.
i also still love colouring in and cartwheels.
what childhood thing do you still love to do? or wish you could still play or do?
don’t be embarrassed, it’ll just be between us – no one else will know, honest.

the winner will probably be chosen at random by a senile border collie.
competition closes on friday, 18th october at 12 noon.
and i’ll announce the winner right here, as soon as possible after the draw.

thanks and good luck!

***EDIT friday, 18th october:


103 thoughts on “81. the one with the zombie snowmen – giveaway (closed) + winner

  1. I love them, Please don’t throw them in the bin, it makes me sad for them like they are the raggy dolls…did you have that in SA? Its a cartoon from my distant youth lol
    I like to still jump in puddles, i don’t care if people stare at me, flump them, I’ve even been known to poke my tongue out at starey people. I do lots of childish things though to be honest…I love gluing and sticking things with no regard for actual design as well lol I watch my kids do that now!

    • Please please pick me, I am originally from Maine, USA where there is tons of snow, and recently have moved to North Carolina where there is zero snow so I miss snow men so desperately, he would look awesome in my snowman collection. Ellen (giraffelady) :-)

  2. I’d love to be able to play hopscotch without fear of knocking myself out… instead I console myself with pavement chalking whilst drawing the hopscotch grids for the kids :)

    Loving the zombie snowmen :)

  3. I was one of those sad little children that used to love to ‘arrange’ her dolls/polly pockets or babies into their lovely clothes and make them look like they are in a little home, but then leave them and just stare because I liked order….. (worrying) or I could say drawing as I used to spend 95% of my time colouring in (if I went out the lines I HAD to start a new page) and now.. well I am ‘My Little Sweet-pea’ so still colouring ;) and if my children want to play lego or dolls houses with me…its all about making it look pretty .. HElP ;)

  4. I still LOVE going to the Proper Seaside and rockpooling and sandcastle building. It’s not a day out at the seaside unless you’ve built a sandcastle. Nowadays it has the added bonus of making neighbouring children jealous of my gigantic, professional-looking fortress made with the addition of years of sand-engineering knowledge.

  5. I wish I could still rollerskate, as I used to w at the time I was about 10 years old. With a big overweight and joints that are sore even by looking at them I can still enjoy the feeling of rollerskating in my mind..

    Love Yvonne

  6. I used to love playing with mud pies. I still do but these days I live near the sea so make them from sand. I also love plodging (paddling) in the sea, collecting shells and drift wood and arranging them on my shelf. I don’t think any of us ever grow up. I have just been blessed with my first gorgeous grandchild so I can do it all over again now.

  7. Dancing in the rain, making snow Angels, playing snap, colouring in books (mum still buys my sister and I a colouring in book and pens at christmas..I’m 42) collecting conkers and fir cones, walks with my family, making a sandcastle, laying in a field and looking at the clouds seeing animals…I can go on and on and on…..Fantastic giveaway, love your page, your creations and christmas :D Lorraine Britton xxxxxx

  8. I’m sad I do loads I did as a kid … I chew on my thumb when I’m stressed still! Wellies and puddles is also a must. And making snowmen. And snowball fights.

    And I am mucho immature enough that I’ll start water fights IN the house.

    I hate myself after cos then I have to clean up!

  9. Tea parties with my teddy bears! And now I get to do it all over again with my four year old daughter! ;)
    Love the zombie snowmen they’d look fab on my tree this year! :)

  10. I was very crafty as a child, and thankfully that carried over to adulthood! I still love the simple pleasures of cracking open a fresh box of crayons and that first pop of color on a crisp white sheet of paper :)

  11. I still love making daisy chains, snow angels & going on the swings, I now pretend I’m teaching my children all of these things when really I’m doing them just for me.x

  12. I collect penguins (as you know lol) in all shapes and forms including children’s toys. People at work think I’m very strange as I arrange my Playmobil Penguin feeding sets to reflect different scenarios.

    I also still watch cartoons and do not understand people who claim to have “grown out of them”.

    As people above have said how can anyone give up colouring in? I even have colouring pens at work in case I get stressed (I also refer to hi-lighting important documents as colouring in when people ask me what I’ve been doing)

    And finally – All of my soft toys have personalities, I don’t “play” with them as I did as a child – but will frequently talk to my boyfriend about them as if they were alive.

    I am not ashamed of any of the above and I am quite happy to still at like a 10 year old 50% of the time despite the fact that I’m 30 next year :)

    • :D
      i wish i COULD still play with toys like when i was a child – i can’t even remember what they did or where i made them go…

      but at least i get to refer to my actual job as “colouring in” – it doesn’t get more grown up than that.

  13. NOOOOO Not the Bin!
    I hope the bin gremlins save them and give them to me!

    Okay, so *ahem* my name’s Niccy, and I’m a kidaholic. No, wait – that makes me sound like I consume children. I don’t, just to clarify. I love kids, but I couldn’t eat a whole one :D (<–favourite dad quote)
    What I meant was… I LOOOOVE being a kid.
    I'm 26. I'm still a kid, aight?!
    The best things about being a i̶m̶m̶a̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶a̶d̶u̶l̶t̶ grown up with a young heart are:
    * Jumping in puddles. I have a 4 year old… we call them "welly walks"… truth is it's "mummy gets to jump in puddles and make it look like I'm a fun mummy, and not just an immature idiot" :)
    * Dressing up – and torkin' like a poyrit – a-harrr!
    * Colouring inside the linnnes
    * Believing in Santa, Elves, Fairies (the birthday fairy, tooth fairy, laundry fairy, fairy liquid)
    * looking for leprechauns at the end of rainbows
    *Watching brilliant films – Hotel Transylvania, Coraline, Wreck it Ralph….
    * eating chocolate for breakfast when nobody's looking.

    I am NEVER growing up :) ♥

  14. As a child I loved playing with my tiny tears doll & treated her just like a real little person. I truly loved her. Imagine my delight that my Grandaughter (who is 19 months old) already has the same kind of love for her doll Rosie. Rosie is an old doll that her mum loved & is a little too heavy for Isabelle really but we have all been drawn in by her love & end up carrying her for Isabelle! So you see I get to do it all again & it’s such fun.
    Your snowmen are brilliant …although a life sized one would scare me a little on a dark night ;)

  15. I love your snowmen and no way should they be put in the bin!
    I used to do gymnastics as a child and despite being almost 55 still love to amaze the kids and stand on my head (the only thing I can safely do now!! )
    Kicking leaves, blowing bubbles and colouring in (why do so many of us love this?) are some of my favourite childhood memories and still do them at every opportunity.
    Love your work xx

  16. I used to love roller blading around the house and garden having water balloon fights with my brother, can’t believe my Dad actually allowed it, I wish I was so carefree with my children but the thought of them in the house with roller blades on seriously makes me cringe! :) x

  17. You should have kept those cute little hats apple smelling, that would have been lovely :-) I still love doing lots of things I did as a child, running through crunchy autumn leaves, jumping in puddles, paddling in the river, creating childs things (just been sewing up some felt doughnuts for my little one – well it had to be done :-)). Luckily I still get to do these things in the guise of being a good mother …..ssshhhh ;-) I would love a zombie snowman in all his woolen scary glory :-)

  18. Lego! I still do Lego! This means I still make lopsided houses and square planes as I’ve never progressed mentally passed the age of 5 when it comes to Lego…

  19. Lovely to see the picky of Anakin, I’m so glad she is better :0)

    Well, I would love to be still able to show my youngest son (12) that I could actually cartwheel and Arab spring, back in the day! I’m 40 next year and it sure ain’t happening anymore lol! I still love to walk thru puddles in my wellies and now that I have my lovely labradoodle pup I have an excuse for it without looking so much like the loon I am! I also love blowing bubbles, but surely nobody grows out of that, right??! :0)

    I love love love your snowmenziz!

    • have you combined your love of bubbles with pup’s love of catching things yet?
      anakin used to go nuts for BUBBLES (when she still had springs in her steps) x

      • Funny you should say that, we did today, he loved it! He did give a resounding burp after, too much air in they bubbles lol!

  20. I still blow bubbles, I especially love the ones that do loads of bubbles at once or giant bubbles. It confuses the neighbours. One day I will buy myself a bubble machine.

  21. Colouring in, doing handstands against the wall (if I didn’t have a frozen shoulder) and hopscotch, but top of the list even now is ringing doorbells and running away…… ;) xx Fab blog as ever and I just love those snowmen’s xx

  22. I gagged there – thinking you were showing us a cut finger. then I realised it was a zombie eyeball. And all is well again.

    I still love jumping out and going BOO! to my loved ones and trying to make them literally mess themselves. I’ve come close. So close. (That’s love though – right?)

    Love colouring and can be found still sat colouring long after the kids have got bored and wandered off.

    Throwing paint. Sometimes hitting a canvas. Sometimes not.

    Running through autumn leaves and chucking them about going “eeeuurgh worms, SPIDERS!” at the kids. That might feed again into my first one :D

    Jumping in puddles, licking the cake bowl and spatula… Let’s face it staying a big kid is fun isn’t it :D

  23. Snowmen with apple smelling hats I would love. I still love sandcastles and snowman and sledding. The only difference is I will not climb up on the house roof to get faster speed down the hill. Since the start point use to be the roof line, of course there is an amazing view from the top of the roof………….that’s how we got caught when up there. ;( Dad saw us from two roads over all sitting on the top of the roof. It also explained to our mother why we keep ripping out our snowsuits, who knew that sliding down a tin roof with out a toboggan would rip a snowsuit. :)

  24. I love them!

    I still love to jump hopscotch when I see some little girls have drawn one on the sidewalk chalk, I do it, every time, not matter who is around…

    I truly didn’t think this was weird of me until about a week ago when I was walking my dog and did one, and heard a teenager start laughing across the street. I turned around, waved and smiled, because I guess if I saw a waddling 7 month pregnant woman hoping down the street on one foot (very clumsily I might add) I’d probably have laughed too :)

  25. This made me chuckle as my childhood things embarrass my partner a little I think! I love to run down hills, in fact I have to, it’s impossible to just walk down them! I also love to run into piles of dry leaves and kick them but I guess no one ever grows out of doing that :)

  26. I wake up every Christmas morning wondering if there will finally be a pony waiting at the end of my bed.
    There never is.

  27. They are fab!
    Funny enough although I’m 31 I still get really exited when it starts to snow. I get all wrap up in all my winter woollies and get out into the garden with the dog and build a snow teddy. One year I got my best friend involved who is equally as childish ;o).
    My boyfriend just rolls his eyes and leaves me too it, I think he has come to terms with the fact that I am a big kid now 😝.

  28. I love Christmas so much I start my countdown in January! My husband says I’ll never grow up! I get so excited about it I start flapping. I also like to fall asleep on the floor with my bum in the air :)

  29. Lots! I still eat hula hoops of my fingers like rings, and kick crispy leaves. it has to be done! I can’t wait to have kids so i can make forts to have indoor picnics in on rainy days like my mum did with us :-) One thing i never did have (probably because i wasn’t very girly) but wish i did was a pair of fairy wings! if i have a daughter we will have to have matching sets i think. Also, i love christmas. every part of it!

  30. Hmmm, well I do get to play with lots of boys stuff anyway so I can’t count the Lego/brio train/knex….. Absolutely no girls toys though so I miss dressing up dolls (it’s not quite the same dressing Action Man)…… Ooooooooo and drawing outfits for those paper doll things (don’t get them for boys)…… I do still lick the bowl when baking…… But I miss roly-polying down grassy banks…. Next time I see a grassy bank I’m going to change that ;)

  31. Oooh I think I shall have to adopt a zombie snowman to keep my zombie penguin & cat company.

    As for childhood pastimes, when I’m really stressed & tired I stroke my hair curling across my index finger and (oh the shame of it suck my thumb without realising it,,,I’m 42 😔)

    I loved playing with my cuddly toys & dollies when I was young & I still play with my cuddly toys. I own & bred German Shorthaired Pointers,,,my babies & the best girls in the world (sorry Anakin) 😃 and I’ve a growing collection of German Shorthaired Pointer cuddly toys.

    My boyfriend ,,,yes I know MY boyfriend,,,he’s a real live boy and not in my warped little mind 😁 whoop whoop he’s mine all mine *rubbing her hands together chuckling like a villain in Scooby Do!!
    Well we carry on with them in bed,,, 😱NO not like that nothing rude 😱 he makes the biggest one nod & turns it’s head, holding conversations with it. I can’t look at the big dog now without thinking about the thoughts flying through its head & that it’s saying ” God,,, what is she doing stroking her hair & sneaking her thumb into her mouth!!”

    I’m glad Anakin is continuing to improve. I’m sure she makes gorgeous zombies, my Lottie slaves all day in the kitchen cooking our meals for no reward,,,,either that or she is running after me catching anything that drops!


  32. Having children means I can do all the kid things I loved to do like making Snowmen & making things like sock toys!! And who doesn’t love filling up buckets with shells & stones and bringing them home much to the disgust of my hubby!!!! Love your zombie snowmen!!

  33. Fiona, keep those er… product development snowmen! They might crawl out of the bin and snuggle with you in bed one night if you don’t show them any respect…

    This year I won’t have anything christmas-sy for sale either, simply because I’m terrible at getting organised (and I do things at the very last minute, which is to say I might start selling said items on the 23rd of December).

    Oh, and imagine my end of year: it’s Christmas, then New Year’s and them my birthday! Ew. Do you know how long it took me to teach family and friends that giving me ONE present and naming it “Christmas *and* b-day all in one greatness” is NOT acceptable? Humph.

    As for the giveaway: yay, me wants in! Mum’s tree would look amazing with some zombies (and my cats trying to reach them all the time to say hello). The thing I miss doing as a child… miniatures. I have a thing for doll houses and would just love to have one again! Also, vintage Game Boy games (yep, still have my 80s GB) and making carpets with Grandma. What an odd mix, that…

    Sorry if I wrote too much! xxx

  34. I love eating the occasional golden syrup sandwich. My Mum had written in my baby book that when I was one, they were my favourite food! Who gives a one year old treacle sandwiches for goodness sake?! No wonder I have a sweet tooth.

    Your snowmen are wonderful. I’m always amazed at the amount of tiny detail you add. x

  35. I wish I could say I spent my childhood frolicking in the countryside “little house” style but,

    5% of my time was spent fighting my brothers

    95% of my time was spent in front of a screen (tv or puter..or puter plugged into tv..I sent a question to gamesmaster..and it was aired…squee) actually that’s pretty much what kids these days do too..well at least when I did go out I could go myself without the fear of being kidnapped and stuff…

    what I would still like to do now?…probably be a bit more carefree since all my fav toons have already been resurrected (care bears and my little pony on tiny pop wahayyyy)

    p.s pls don’t throw the rejects in with the doggy poo…that’s not humane…someone will report u …

  36. I have three lovely daughters aged 12 5 and 4 so I get to re-live lots of my childhood games at the moment. Today we played pirates under the kitchen table and then painted tea parties in the bathroom using bubble mixture to make soup. As you do. x

  37. I used to love “bomping” down the stairs inside a sleeping bag with my little brother & big sister..my pelvic floor muscles definitely wouldn’t cope now!!! ;-)

  38. Ooh I love these so much! Computers weren’t around back in the day, not that I’m super old or anything, so we had to occupy ourselves in other ways. Mine was handstands up against the dining room wall (any wall really) I used to do this a lot when I was younger at home, got caught a lot too and shouted at (Shoe marks on the wallpaper). I reckon I could only do it now is someone grabbed legs! Nice thought! Please do not throw the rejects into the bin. They would fit perfectly into my household! Fingers and handstanding legs crossed! Sue x

  39. Eeey! These little guys are gorgeous! :) I love their little hats and scarfs!

    My mum still likes to remind me that I’m not a ‘grown up’ yet … despite being a pregnant 26 year old! I adore bubbles. I sometimes go to the pound shop and buy them in bulk, sometimes I’ll give a few out if I’m not feeling selfish ;) I love chasing them about and popping them, and when I do the washing up, I always squeeze the washing up bottle afterwords and a little cloud of tiny bubbles comes out
    *simple things* :)
    I still adore cartoons on a Sunday mornings, chocolatey cereal and brightly coloured, miss-matching long socks too :)

    Who wants to do the ‘grown up’ thing anyway eh?

  40. Unfortunately living in Cornwall I don’t see much snow at all, I fact the last time was 2010 :( I love playing in the snow and making snowmen. One thing I was thinking about the other day funnily enough was a pair of wooden stilts a load of us Brownies were given at the end of a weekend camp. I loved them, and didn’t take long to learn how to walk on them. :D

      • We used old custard or hot chocolate tins, but no-one put cement in them… We put a long loop of string, then jammed on the lid to hold the string in place, then turned the tons upside down and “walked” on them. It was one of the few outdoor things I was much good at…

      • yes! it must’ve been a brownies thing – that’s where i got to play on them … and then wait 32874638764876 years until empty coffee tins occurred for my very own.
        (i think they lived in the garage with the spiders after i had used them once )

  41. I still love spinning around especially with a full skirt on! & splashing thro puddles with willies on! & have even been known to stomp my foot on occasion! I’m an all-around kid … my list of grown-up things I do is probably shorter than the childish things … & I’m 402 now !!!

  42. I have two children (my youngest is 5) so it means I still get to do most of the things I loved as a child :) watching cartoons and Disney films, colouring in, building with Lego and going on the swings in the park are some of my favourites :) x

  43. Well, I’m always so pleased when I check my blog reader and see a post from Fiona’s Brain…
    And I’m also pleased when I see a giveaway post.
    Also when I see Fiona had a New Idea for Something Fab and Super…
    SO. A New Blog post With A New Idea AND a Giveaway of Something Fab and Super….
    Can you get that I’m slightly pleased?

    And yeah, I haven’t grown out of my kid habits either. I like to read children’s literature (some of the best books ever written are “childrens'” books!); I like “colouring in” (do you remember Caroline Rose Art’s colouring in books? And didn’t Little Black Heart suggest she might do some sort of colouring book (oh that would be at the top of my list for Father Christmas (or Dave) to buy me!)…
    And I never grew out of Making Things – but that’s a good thing, of course.
    Oh and I like trampolines and jumping in puddles and skipping ropes.
    Will that do? Do I get the prize now please?
    I will have to send Bribes to the Anakin Dog.

  44. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Christmas, not as much. This Christmas, the 1st in my own home with my 2 spooky kiddos, should be filled with zombie snowmen. I suppose that’s my Christmas wish…”Peace on Earth and Zombie snowmen for all.”

  45. mines boring – puddles, licking the mixing bowl, skipping, playing board games, sorting all the hundreds of Lego people we have so they all have the right head/legs/hair/accessories etc on…….
    but – zombie snowmen?
    beyond awesome

  46. I’m seriously in love with these!!!
    And I could answer that question in many ways, here’s a little selection :
    I ruin magazines by drawing on photos of men turning them to women (and vice versa), I play with Playmobiles (pretending to entertain my nieces), and I use baby oil (does that count?)

    Thank you for the chance and love to all

  47. When we were kids, my mum gave us some old double fitted sheets, and we used to make houses with them, grab a couple of dining room chairs etc…. And at one point we took them to the park and draped them over the top of the slides lol and wizzed down the slide lol I would love for my husband to come home from work and he says what’s for tea, and say, I have made this, and we are eating in the house I have made out of old bed sheets hahahahaha

  48. I love the zombie snowmen – they are awesome! I still love to colour in and I have to admit that I buy children’s books to read – and not just teenage fiction but picture books to because I love them!! I say they are for my job (teaching) but really they are for me!

  49. i always (and still do at 29) believe that my cuddly bears come alive at night and have a party. as i child i never cuddled my favourite one at night, i simply put him next to me tucked up under my duvet so he climb out of bed and wouldnt miss out on the fun :)

    always been into crafts and sewing, which i still do as “jimjam designs” think my first cross stitch was done at 3/4 which i still have!!

    used to love playing with lego but was always designing and building houses, crushed me when my mum always made me break them up and put them away :(

    Loving the snowmen!! xx

  50. I was discussing with my eldest “What childhood thing do I like to do…” and straight away he said “SLEDGING!” .. it’s true… I DO ! even though I end up hurting myself as I am the clumiest person in the world I CANNOT RESIST…. roll on snow’y days. And I PROMISE not to break the sledge this time :)

  51. I used to dress up ALL the time (still do on a night out)! I was so desperate to look like ‘a grown-up’ that I would give myself boobs with water balloons, and sit them underneath all the vintage outfits my mum would buy at junk shops and car boots to fill my ever-expanding dressing up box! There is even a fabulous picture of me in the garden, with gold long gloves on, a black dress, my mum’s red heels and a huge sunhat to finish it off, while sitting on a sun lounger (holding up my fake boobies by crossing my arms!) oh those were the days haha!

  52. I love playing shops!! I have trained my minion, (otherwise known as my five year old child) and so I still get to indulge in playing with the toy til and handling lots of cash which is real life I will never have. What’s really great is that the toys are much more sophisticated now and I love the barcode scanner and the toy card machine, all the fun of the fair ;)

  53. Two words, Toy Story. I’ve seen it way too many times, find myself looking it up online every now again (fine, every other day) and I’m so unbelievably excited for Toy Story of Terror to show on Sky it’s unbelievable. Last Christmas I got a Buzz and Jessie toy and over this year I’ve added more toys to the collection. Either no one’s noticed or they’ve kept very quiet to make me feel less insane.
    But I also love to colour too! :)

  54. Please don’t tell anyone but every morning I watch Scooby Doo with my 9yo on Boomerang. Incidentally, your zombie snowmen would make perfect Scooby Doo villains. They would probably win too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids! Keeping everything crossed that these fab little monsters will be hanging on my tree this year. x

  55. I miss all my childhood toys and the carefree-ness! I especially remember playing with cars and race tracks (including a loop the loop!) at my grandparents’ house with my cousins! Looking forward to rediscovering some childhood favourite books and toys with my nephew and nieces! PS Love the zombie snowman – its the only Christmas related thing I am currently acknowledging!

  56. Things I used to do and wish I still could: rolling down grassy hills (the ones at Maiden Castle in Dorset were really great) and summer holidays at my grandparents in the countryside when we would build dams in the stream down the road, go to the farm to see the cows being milked, cycle all over the place and pop up unexpectedly in farmyards and cornfields, go to the summer fete in the church grounds with its hay bale crawl maze and fancy dress competitions, pick blackberries in the Chicken Man’s fields, be scared by the geese at the end of Mrs Croker’s garden (we could’ve ignored them but it was more fun to go and be scared by them), climb the Downs to sit on the White Horse, and always always always have Last Day Lunch at the transport café with the truckers, with crinkly chips and the pinball machine.

    Things I still do – blow bubbles (I pretend its for the cats, but I have to put a lot of effort in before they get even slightly involved ;-); buy children’s books which I pretend are for when friends children/my niece visit, but actually I’m building a collection of all the books I loved as a kid; love Children’s TV programmes (the Clangers are coming back – yay) and current ones like Ooglies (can’t recommend it enough, has seen me through some darkest times – oogah, oogah).

    What I always did and do – aeroplane arms when I’m happy :-)

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