80. the one at the beach

i wasn’t sure we’d manage a holiday due to anakin’s continuing broken.
plus, the car is also continuing broken, so it was all a bit touch and go… but we made it!

me at the beach

we *aaaalways* have a good soundtrack for our roadtrips – it’s part of The Thing – but this time we couldn’t listen to anything apart from what is that funny noise? or is that a bit of car falling off? and for some terrible, terrible reason the only song my brain was letting me know all the words to, was ‘true’ by spandau ballet (wtf??! I MEAN WTF??!!!).
so i sang that for 4 hours (!)
and took photos of famous landmarks.
and huh huh huh hu-uh huh
i know this much is true.

angel of the north

huh huh huh hu-uh huh i know this. much is. true.
it was a long & painful drive for Husband and anakin :)

for most of the week, the weather was good. too good to do anything other than Beach.
beach, beach, pub, beach.
anakin at the beach

“hey, anakin! where are the guys? i’m not sure we’ll find them in this crowd…”

family at the beach

“oh wait, there they all are.”

the anakin dog was remarkable. she’s very tired, stiff & wibbly now that we’re home, but she wasn’t going to let a silly thing like stroke or arthritis ruin her holiday – she managed plenty of digging, splashing about in rockpools, clambering over rocks (sort of), running (a little bit) and walking (miles!)



i spent an awful lot of time letting my obsessive nature run wild helping my sister collect perfect rocks for her work, and building little stonehenges.


one evening i went down at sunset to watch high tide occurring, and found this
lol henge
“some c*** has ruined me stone’enge!”
“i think some wrathful god has smited your stonehenge with an asteroid, dude”

Husband: “OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW my b*******!”
me: “mine are fine. i’m diving in”

“i can’t believe i got sunburnt yesterday, and today i’m wearing my winter coat”

happy collie
“are you happy, anakin? did you have a good holiday?”

collie driving
man in the next car: “i saw that program about border collies last night. i knew they were intelligent dogs… but i had no idea they could drive!”


20 thoughts on “80. the one at the beach

  1. Glad to see that you had a great trip, and that all body parts and car parts made it back home. Beautiful pictures, not sure if I would have been brave enough to get in the cold water.

  2. Stunning recreation of Stonehenge – and how dare some ruthless git ruin it?! How rude!!
    But honestly – you actually went in freezing northern sea water?! You are clearly crazier than I previously thought….
    Looks like you had a relaxing break though. My kind of holiday. Glad to have you safely back in the arms of your virtual friends though. I did miss you! x

    • mmm, she thought she was HILARIOUS…
      (i got my own back by adding broken glass and poison berries to her bag o’ rocks)

      i’m glad to be back inside the internet too – thankyou for waiting here for me :)

  3. Your hadrians wall is a bit more impressive than the very short fallen down thing we saw. Anakin looks like she had an excellent time despite brokenness. Next time I am at the beach I think I might have to build a Stonehenge too.

    • really, the north sea is not all that different to the indian ocean.
      except for the clear water, and the lacking in sharks. and it’s awfully shallow. with no waves.

  4. Coooool post! So pleased you had such a great break and that the Anakin dog enjoyed it too. Sea-water bathing used to be recommended to relieve arthritis symptoms – I see that Anakin is a well-read dog and knows the benefits it can give. (and she can drive too! Is there no end to this dog’s talents?)
    Hope that both the dog and the car are coping, now that you’re all home again (the car did so well, to get you there And home again).
    Great photos – I’m especially impressed by The Angel of the North as we couldn’t get a photo when we drove by… But the Beach photos are awesome. How dare that meteor ruin your little henge – and he wrote a cheeky message too; the nerve!

    Hope you all feel rested, relaxed, refreshed and any other good Rrrr-words that I’ve forgotten. Does that mean your sewing machine is going to be busy again soon? ;))) <- sheepish grin…

    • so very absolutely full up of the good R-words, thanks lizzie :D
      and if bossy dog lets me, i’ll be back at my machine tomorrow…

      “they” ought to’ve put the real angel of the north right in the middle of the A1 instead of behind all those trees, don’t you think?? x

      • Yes, absolutely… when we could see it, we were too far away for photos. When we were close enough there were too many bl***y trees!!

        I think Bossy Dog needs a job too. Perhaps you could get her cutting up bits of fabric for zombie garments – the chewed-up-ness that would ensue would give a great air of authenticity to your work….

  5. HEY! also, right
    thankyou everyone who’s left lovely, kind comments, or taken the time to send secret private messages about the anakin dog while she’s been poorly. (and to L.P. for sharing your (dogs) experience with the vestibulars)
    i’ve really appreciated them xxx

  6. Sounds like you had a ball. Anakin looks so happy. I’m so pleased she made it on holiday & had so much fun. It really is a case of Wish I had been there xx

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