79. the one where august occurred – part 2

part 2 – my birthday week! yay! (*contains more moaning)

while the all-consuming anakin thing was ongoing, august continued to race by. suddenly it was my birthday.

ani was much better by then, but loudly unhappy about being shut downstairs alone. i’m not a good sleeper at the best of times, so by then i was achieving 3 hour bursts of zzz & hadn’t left the house in weeks. i was also severely good humour deprived.
for my birthday treat mum & dad were coming to visit – the plan being to break the monotony of my pyjama dog carer days weeks… but

SURPRISE! birthday flu!

luckily, despite my fever, i had the good sense to warn my (en route) parents of contagion danger.
or i would have, if i could’ve gotten my stupid phone to work.

stupidberry 2

stupidberry 3

*** 1. ^ i thought emailing facebook screenshots to mom’s ipad was sensible.
i had a fever, remember – not just stupidity.
2. not just stupidity. honest.

is it weird to say i had a lovely birthday?

i was thoroughly spoilt by family, real life friends, internet friends … internet friends who’ve become real life friends … customers who’ve become internet friends who’ve … just so much spoiled. and all week long :)

the paradox of me, perfectly illustrated by the medium of birthday gifts.

and something from a cool little shop in belper that always has lots of odd things i covet…
metal mini

anakin approves.  (**for them’s that’s asking… metal sheep is from here sundial style )

Husband had ordered me some beautiful ceramic pieces from one of my new favourites, camila prada. but he knew they weren’t going to arrive in time, so one of his work colleagues made this to tide me over… *snorrrrrrrrrk*
crai prada

…until the good stuff arrived <333
camila prada

one of the best bits about Birthday Week, was finally leaving the house. even if i was dosed up, mildly infectious and had a box of tissues in my handbag. we went to a local pub for a lovely lunch (with fruit juice. meh) followed by – my favourite – tiramasu. i couldn’t taste ever so well, but the textures were lovely!

nipped in to buttons & bows for a fabric fix on the way home and…
(well, as of now, i have a few pieces in there. i’m pretty much done with stocking real life shops, but this is different – no faff,  just a few things made with fabrics bought from her shop, and it’s so very, very local :) )
robin sketchbook

meanwhile, dad and Husband had walked on ahead to see how anakin’d fared during her first Home Alone.
all was well! the dog that could not walk had leapt onto the couch, rooted around under the cushions, become entangled in my knitting, leapt off the couch, run around the room a bit… i wish they’d taken a photo of the devastation.
ah well, the big shredded hole in my new scarf will always remind me of Birthday 2013 :)


she does seem to like my NOT FOR DOGS knitted stuff.


10 thoughts on “79. the one where august occurred – part 2

  1. Ok I can see why you need a break this fall. So glad anika is doing so much better. I hope that you get lots of rest this fall, and both of you are out about before long. As well you will be able to get back to your chocolates.

    I have kissed the summer good bye as well with some scraps, boo boos and Kleenex too. So I’m ever hopefully as I get on a plane this week (yes I know you won’t do that) and head to The Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah I will find lots of laughs, sewing, and lots of fabric and other goodies in my swag bag.

    Take care, I hope you are getting great Fall weather.

    • we’ve been hurled into autumn too – it’s pretty cold & torrential out there… but having a hot bath and being in fresh pyjamas by “lunch”time is not the worst :)

      enjoy your sewing summit! (the sooner they invention a giant hamster tube -like thing to replace flying the better, eh?)

  2. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride hey? Maybe autumn is good… It’s going to be cold and yucky soon so genuine reasons to stay indoors in your pyjamas. And is that sheep called Shaun??

    • P., i am going to ENJOY the dark and cold and yuck this year. i’m going to enjoy it from under a duvet on the sofa, sketchbook to hand, watching bad films or reading good books. <— please remind me i said this next time i'm boo-hooing about sewing exhaustion and crap lightbulbs

      after falling in love with claire from off of 'little burrows designs' -ses real live pet sheep, i have named him metal mini :)

  3. It was good to read about The Birthday… Not so sure about The Flu though :(
    You did well for pressies this time round – glad you got better quick enough to enjoy a nice meal out & some shopping therapy.
    Also pleased that The Dogchild Anakin is so much better – even if it means she wrecked your scarf (does she always go for your things when she’s lonely? Tell her you’ll exchange her for a cat, they’re much less unhappy about staying home alone!)

    • hey! anakin says she didn’t WRECK my scarf… she just fancied doing a bit of knitting while she finally had the house to herself.

      she was always a spoilt, bossy dog who’s far too clever for her own good. now that she’s feeling better she’s really milking it;
      “i have this itch i can’t quite get to… / i think i’d like your toast / could you put that cushion under my chin / i’m just going to poop here by the back door because it looks a bit wet out …”

      • Well, other than the poop bit (thank god!), that description sounds very like my mum… I find it’s best to humour the elderly and slightly infirm … Up to a point anyway!
        You should give Anikin knitting lessons, them she can make herself a nice dog scarf for winter.

      • sorry liz, you just made me have a really inappropriate HONK-lol at the thought of you following your mum around with a torch & a little black bag…


  4. Fiona,

    I’m so pleased you and Ani are both feeling better.
    My two dogs Baby Blaze & Naughty Lottie are lying beside me in bed telling me off for laughing at your antics.
    You really are a ray of sunshine on a stormy autumnal night. ☀

    Jacqui 💐💐

    • hahaha!
      hi jacqui (& baby blaze & naughty lottie)
      ani now feels particularly hard done by because she’s not allowed on my bed. the hand embroidered quilt and pile of cushions on ‘her’ couch are simply not good enough, she says.

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