77. the one with the garden (and my rickety knee)

between all of the things and the sewings, i’ve been taking advantage of the continuing glorious weather, tackling loads of outside and gardening jobs.
technically, it’s probably been a bit too hot ‘n humid for stuff like digging in the full sun, but i think my south africa gene kicked in (once my very english heat rash had disappeared)

garden stuff

my garden’s still very much a work in progress, but i’m frequently frustrated and overwhelmed by it. and, like every other aspect of my life, i’m constantly berating myself for not doing enough.
which is when i bust out the old photos – just to remind myself i AM getting somewhere.

this is summer of 2007, when we first came to look at the cottage…
garden 2007

and this is the now…
garden 2013

it’s certainly much easier to get to the end of the garden now. and the hedge does not extend half way across it.

so i’ve been tinkering & weeding, repotting and relocating plants, chopping & painting… and i finally finished repointing the stone wall outside the kitchen window.

that was another stupid job – abandoned 3 years ago when sewings began to take up most of my time. and then, when i wasn’t sewing i didn’t want to “waste” my increasingly rickety wrists on it. so for 3 years, it’s been a daily visual reminder of yet something else you did not complete.
i actually didn’t even intend to mention this, but then i came across this photo of the wall as it was (in 2008), all covered in green slime and paint. grim.
wall 2008

which has allowed my stupid brain to consider this an achievement
wall 2013

well done, wrists! you did good.

we also erected (heh) some trellis above the wall ^ to screen our neighbour’s tatty old fence with future-climbers. no photo because some temporary summer insanity compelled me to paint it blue.
it’s hideous. 3 coats of brown applied (so far) to disguise it … but i’ve had to abandon that job for now…

i also fiiiiinally got all 4 chairs sanded & painted…
2 blue chairs

but all of that kneeling and crouching and digging and walking and bending proved too much for my increasingly rickety knees…


so i’ve spent most of this week relegated to the groundfloor, swollen knee elevated & icepack’d, mind-fretting about how much anti-inflammatories is safe to take whilst on anti-depressants.
the garden is still bathed in glorious however, and swarming with birds & butterflies, so it’s not the worst place to have to sit all day.

(although, i miiiiight’ve crawl-sneaked upstairs to do a little sewing…
sneaky sewing

i’m not very good at Just Sitting)


17 thoughts on “77. the one with the garden (and my rickety knee)

  1. I am now going to go and take pictures of all of the things that need doing then, in about 10 years time I will be able to look back on my achievements. I will start with the laundry pile… x

    • progress pictures are the only way i can keep moving forward!
      otherwise i would just lie sobbing into the ever-growing laundry pile year after year. seriously.

      • You are def. not alone. It’s this perfectionist stuff… not being able to start stuff, in case we “do it wrong”, or “don’t do it right”, or never finish…though not finishing is another way of putting it off, so that we can’t say “it’s finished, but it’s a failure” (because of that microscopically small fault, in the far corner, where no-one could possibly see it without a high-powered magnifier, but We Know it is there).
        I am fighting my OCD/procrastinating/displacement exercise gene… I don’t want it. I hate never doing stuff in case I do it “wrong”. So Sloooooowly, things are happening. (very slowly, but it’s progress, of a kind…)
        Anyways…. I think you did a Super Fabulous Amazing job on that garden. It looks Wonderful! And the wall is pretty cool too.
        The sewing… well, of course it is also wonderful – even if you weren’t supposed to crawl up the stairs.

        I hope your knee is better soon. And your wrists. Pref. before all of the Warm and Lovely has gone away, so you can enjoy it (without more gardening stuff maybe?)

        “FionaT, SuperWoman” (with a cranky knee and wonky wrist…). It would make a good film.

      • you’re so very right, liz! i think that’s why it took me 10+ years to show my sewing in public. i finally realised it was never going to be “perfect” but i should have a go anyway… i’m glad i did :)

        (i still have to say out loud “you are not a machine” when i sew a wobbly eye or something)
        (and i still have to say out loud “you are not a machine” when one of my limbs gives out)

  2. I should take a photo of my garden. Or what used to be my garden before I stupidly went and got a dog. I took photos of the house when me and the children moved in last August. My ex painted the children’s rooms before I moved in but that’s all that’s been done.

    I’d no idea you were on anti depressants, must have missed that blog. I’ve been on and off for years. Nice (not nice really but you know what I mean) to know I’m not alone. x

    Garden looks amazing by the way.

    • we trained anakin to only use her “toilet” (it’s like a raised bed / gravel pit in a corner) after my parents success with their dog – no more discoloured grass or nasty accidental-steppings! highly recommend!

      me too, and i know what you mean :)
      somewhere between post no.60 and post no.61 i just got sick of being so ‘stuck’ and asked for a low dosage to get me over the hump.
      i sort of forget i’m on them – but then i do stuff like going out & about last week and realise how much better i must be feeling! :)

  3. I am so glad I am not the only one falling apart, first my hand and wrists, then my shoulders and then my back goes just weeding the garden. I too am not good and just sitting ……. hmmmm maybe that is where the issue lies :-) Your garden is looking fab! I am starting looking to plant annual flowers that bulk the garden up and require hardly any attention – makes it look like I am good at gardening when the flowers do all the hard work ;-) x

    • hmm… i think you might be onto something, zoe!
      when we make our fortunes though, we can buy ALL of the bionic parts :)

      that’s what i’m going for too – low maintenance that looks like you do actual gardening ;)
      i want to get to the point where all we have to do is cut the hedges & the grass once a week <– and, funnily enough, those are now Husband's jobs due to my ricketys

      • ohh now there is an idea – I like the idea of bionic parts. I notice reading back what I typed that even my brian brain isn’t working properly lol.

        oohh Hebe plants are great for looking fab with hardly any work, just need cutting back after a year so they don’t get too big and gangly but flower well and the bees love them.

      • oh. i just always assumed that by the time i need new parts, technology will occur. surely? it’s 2013 after all.
        i’m understanding you perfectly – my brian brain is likely in sync…

  4. Think our garden is going the opposite direction. The grass gets cut but beyond that its getting rather jungle like! Too many other things. One day.

  5. Ahhh I’m so glad I rewarded myself with this episode post assembling, cooking, eating, clearing away the (delish!) tea. Tea was yummy but not as awesome as your *before* and *currently* photos. I want some. Please?
    We moved house less than a year ago and although nothing much has been achieved in the garden yet, there is soooo much that COULD (eventually?! One day…) – enormous potential = far too daunting.
    I suppose it’s tiny, wee steps….and photos to remind yourself.
    Another gold star for your achievements ‘*’

    • Just looked at your photos again and how exactly did you get the green slime and more importantly, the paint, from that fetching rustic wall? Nitro mors? Heat gun + toothbrush?! Sandblasting??!!

    • thankyou mrs :)
      baby steps… lots of mistakes & do-overs…and lots of photos to cheerleader yourself when it seems impossible!

      that bloody wall.
      (rickety) elbow grease! it was too unstable to blast it, so i used a steel wire brush & cream cleaner… i did it in little sections and allowed myself to do some repointing as a reward every so often. and then i doused the whole thing in thomsons’s waterseal so it’ll never be that bad again!

  6. Wish I had a garden, I miss mine!! Still it’s something to aim for and look forward to although I will probably be to old by then to do anything in it! Yours looks great by the way, well done :)

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