76. the one with belper food fair

now listen, right, it’s very important to bear in mind that
1. i don’t like leaving the house
2. i don’t like crowds of people
3. i really don’t like leaving the house to be amongst crowds of people
4. i especially don’t like leaving the house and being amongst crowds of people when there’s too much hot.

but i do like belper, and i do like food. and i especially like local stuff.
so yesterday i braved all of the things to attend the annual belper food fair :)

belper memorial garden 1

i’ve only ever been in the memorial gardens in november(s), so it was nice to eat my breakfast here on a glorious summer day in july. there were musicians on a stage nearby, so we sat on the grass, under a tree, and ate our (lincolnshire) ostrich burgers.

belper’s quite a small town – we’ve only got 1.5 supermarkets and one(ish) main high street – so it was pretty cool to see it packed with market stalls and people (gawd, so many people :/ ) all the way down the hill.
belper food fair king street 2

being an awesome blogger, i’d remembered to take my camera and use it.
being terrible at CROWDS OF PEOPLE, i was continually pissed off that they kept getting in the way of photos i might like to take (if i was an awesome blogger).

down a side street, (also with TOO MANY PEOPLE) was a classic cars display. i’m not interested in cars at all. but i liked this :)
delorean 3

(although marty mcfly and his grandma got in the way of all my shots)

there were very many wonderful stalls that i didn’t take photos of, but i elbowed everyone out of the way to take this – mrs bishop’s doggy deli – so i could show anakin when we got home.
mrs bishops doggy deli 4

fresh basil is one of my favourite shops in belper… but i couldn’t even get near it yesterday
fresh basil 5

as well as amazing cheeses, fancy olives, interesting chutneys and naughty meats, we bought lots of cakes… and did i mention how hot it was?… i kept everything safe in my handbag until we got home *thumbz*

after we’d spent all our pocket money, we walked home – it really was a most glorious and enjoyable day, and reminded me why i SO love living in a town that has no tesco and is not full of The Same.
home 6

for lunch, we had handbag cake and blueberry cheesecake – it was all a little squished but delicious n’ertheless
handbag cake 8

i didn’t mean to drink Husband’s beer, i only wanted a little taste because it was brewed on a farm just up the road a bit. but it was reeeeeeeally good. 3 bottles was not enough.shottle farm brewery 7

i googled them – shottle farm brewery – and after reading the “our story” bit on their website, that beer tasted eeeeeven better. need more. srs.

here is a picture of anakin forgiving us for leaving her at home / anticipating her fancy afternoon tea  (in her excitement, she walked backwards all the way from the kitchen)
anakin cake 9

i am practically walking backwards after such a brilliant week!


11 thoughts on “76. the one with belper food fair

  1. Was wondering if you’d be going to this, we went at the weekend – it was great (if completely BAKING hot!) Since people start to walk at a snail’s pace in hot temperatures, I was tempted to start yelling out-loud “Could you people walk much slower!?”

    • did you not see me flipping over prams and shoving mobilty scooters out of the way?

      it was really good though, right? aren’t we lucky to have such great stuff on our doorstep :)
      even if the doorstep was just too. effing. hot.

  2. Always makes me smile – I miss Derbyshire and all it’s wonderful villages, especially Wirksworth with its wonderful Frenchy style vintage shop that has to be my most favourite vintage shop ever. Still, can’t complain, Edinburgh isn’t so bad… :)))

    • yeah, i bet it’s not too awful having to live in the little village of edinburgh!

      i need to explore more derbyshire – i think i’ve only been to wirksworth twice, and on both occasions it was because we were lost.

  3. I am ashamed… You have posted Three Blog things in One Week. I haven’t posted three blog things in one month a not for ages…:(

    On the good side though, your three blog things have been a brilliant read! I’m sooooo pleased that you’ve been having a fab time. You were even brave and went outside if the house – and into crowds. I don’t much like crowds either. I think Mister LizzieMade believes I’m a bit weird cos I hate crowds… Too much People is scary… I prefer A Few People really. But like you, I can be tempted by food, or books, or art and craft stuff. Or maybe a very good Show (like Bill Bailey who we saw in May!)

    Carry on having a great time Mrs FionaT! :)

    • it’s only because i’ve been doing something different – next week it’s back to sewing & failing at DIY projects…

      …although i’m VERY tempted to just carry on working at being a Normal Person instead.

      • Normal is sooo overrated. I prefer the people that make fab stuff & have adventures with plastering ceilings & wonky walls. And zombies. I like people that make zombies.
        Normal is too boring.

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