75. the one where C. comes to visit

on sunday, we returned from our glorious weekend away just in time to watch andy murray winning the wimbledons. the drive back had become increasingly “glorious” –  derbyshire is much closer to the equator than lincolnshire – so i was pretty much dying of hot when we got home.
but despite the wimbledons and the Too Glorious and the temptation of this,
glorious july
i had 2(ish) months of neglected housewifering to attend to real quick… because my friend C. was coming to stay! :D

the last time she visited, this occurred so we were both determined to Do Better this time. we’d planned leisurely local shoppings, girlie stuff, meals out, no passing out or alcohol-induced blackouts, romcoms, and much catch-up chat whilst sitting in the garden enjoying the glorious.
and then we actually followed through and did all of the things on our list!!!

there is usually some sort of public transport fuck up when C. visits, and this trip was no exception.
signal failure

^ signal failure in nottingham / trains delayed for hours *grump*

we had a lovely week though, doing all of the things.
i meant to document it, with smug photos of belper being glorious, of our independent shops, the variety of good places to eat… but i forgot.

the day that was slightly cloudy? that day we walked to ‘the devonshire’ on bridge street for a late lunch at their awesome carvery.
and the day that was Husband’s birthday, we drove out to…

(well, we went some other place first, but there were too many people there for my liking, and they weren’t sitting in the right place – i wanted to sit under an umbrella next to the river. also the menu was laminated and had pictures :/
“sorry you guys, i just don’t think i’m going to be able to eat here”)

… the day that was Husband’s birthday, we drove out to ‘the hanging gate’ in shottle. it was super glorious again, and we were all super relaxed (plus super starving) so we had a big lunch, and then sat out in the gardens for coffees and puddings.

hanging gate

hey, look! i remembered to take my camera!
but i was too stuffed / idle to go beyond the shade to take photos of the pretties and the countryside bathed in glorious.

for all of the other meals (including breakfasts), we mostly ate deli stuff from ‘fresh basil’. normally C. and i only have whisky (including breakfasts) so we were quite extreeeemely proud of ourselves. *proud*

all too soon though, it was yesterday already, and i had to put her on a coach to heathrow
derby coach station
in time for her flight back to south africa.

or not.heathrow shut




5 thoughts on “75. the one where C. comes to visit

  1. Do transport disasters happen *always*, to your friend,”C”, or only when she’s visiting Fiona?
    Ps was that C’s plane? I hope not…

    Your garden looks fab & amazing now, after all the Hard Work you both did. But the shady-garden-tables-under-the-trees-at-the-pub look veerrry nice & inviting. I’d have sat out there for pudding too.
    How fab that you had a lovely time. And staying sober means you knew you were having fun And (super bonus!), you will remember it!

    • we’re from durban, not ethiopia!

      the public transport thing… it’s hard to say… but it’s always compounded by the fact she doesn’t have a mobile when she’s in england, and i forget i have one… so it’s all very difficult. especially plus whisky

      • Um, yerrr, I see the “Ethiopan” bit now (iPod is v small, small writing is even more small on iPod…), sorry!

        I forget I’ve got a mobile too. Sometimes I wish they were never invented (though they come in handy for tracing “lost” husbands,,,)

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