74. the one with dad’s birthday present

subtitle: the one with the crow road

crow road cottage

back in the olden days of black and white, when my dad was a wee boy, he used to spend time at this little cottage on the crow road in glasgow.
it was owned & run by his aunt and uncles – they had lock up garages for rent, and petrol pumps for the customers.

crow road cottage 2

when we were kids (oh, and still), dad *always* told us about the time auntie eva sent him out to serve sean connery…
there’s other stories too, part of family lore, but i promised dad i wouldn’t say on the internet due to possible libel reasons :)

sadly, their little cottage was demolished in the late 70’s to make way for Progess, but it – and its peoples – are still remembered fondly and talked about often.

for dad’s birthday present, i had the idea of commissioning kirsty elson designs to re-create the crow road cottage as one of her gorgeous little driftwood cottages… and she agreed :)

kirsty elson designssuper f***ing cute, right??!kirsty elson commissionthat was back in MARCH, so i’ve had a really hard time keeping my mouth shut about it until july!

mum & sal knew about it (obviously. because i’m not THAT good at secrets) so there was much conspiratorial lol-collaboration via the internet on some “finishing touches”

mum: “i’ve bought a ‘to scale’ model of an olden car. i’m not sure which scale though so it might be too small”
me: “i’ve made some miniature saltire bunting to drape…”
mum: “but did they even have bunting in the 50’s?”
me:  >:(

sal: “i’ve got the rowan tree for in front of the cottage. and i’ve made some driftwood petrol pumps… but i think they might be too big?”
me: “hmm… i fear your pumps’ll be towering over my teeny tiny sean connery”

miniature sean connery

last saturday was dad’s birthday, so Husband, anakin and i made the trip up north for a little family get together and deliver his special gifts…

“happy birthday dad!”

crow road

dad: “did i ever tell you about the time…”

crow road cottage 3no. 507, crow road.



9 thoughts on “74. the one with dad’s birthday present

  1. Ooooooohhhh! You marvellously organised, wonderfully thoughtful daughter!! What an excellent present! And what with his love of wood, how apt too! Loving the collection of extras too! Is it the same scale as Hornby?! You could go crazy with nostalgic milk churns and everything! Recreate the whole road!!

    • i did go as far as looking for “to scale” trees – but they only came in packs of 100. i didn’t think mum would thank me for the extra dustings :)

  2. Love it. Especially how you all got carried away with yourselves and collected all the little extras. He must have loved it. You win the Super-thoughtful Daughter Award ;)

  3. well… i hope he liked it! dad?

    he didn’t really say.
    you know what he did say though…
    one time, right, sean connery and this other guy were

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