73. the one with the fancy zombie – giveaway winner

first, right, can i just say thankyou SO much to everyone who entered – you’re all such good sports to reveal your dirty secrets here on the interwebs :)

i didn’t do this in any scientific way – such as counting or graphs – but it appears that the most popular celebrity crushees are barnyard cucumberpatch off of sherlock, and hans gruber off of harry potter.

hans gruber

^ dreamy <3

you lot are weird. but i’m very happy about that :)

for the draw, i wrote out everyone’s names and put them in a fancy bowl

(i ran out of same-coloured paper, but don’t worry – helper dog is both colour blind and unable to read.)


she eventually picked a winner (and by that i mean; she eventually got a bit of paper stuck to her nose. she’s really not very good at this anymore.)



the winner of the fancy pants zombie lady is…  JELLYBEANJEWELLERY

she chose jensen ackles as her no.1 crush.
(anyone who’s been reading my blog since december 13th will know jensen – as dean winchester off of supernatural – is in my top 5 obsessions. but that is PURELY COINCIDENTAL!)

well done – i’ll contact you by email soon :)
and thanks again to everyone else for such a great response, and for all the LOLs here & over on facebook!


yes thankyou too, anakin.


15 thoughts on “73. the one with the fancy zombie – giveaway winner

  1. I have decided to change my name… to Jellybean Jewellery. The Deed Poll will be backdated to Yesterday.
    Thank you.
    Now do I get the Zombie Lady?

    PS. Anakin ROCKS! She is cool. Please tell her I sent a hug.

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