72. the one with the fancy zombies – giveaway now CLOSED

after a busy couple of weeks, i took a few days “off” to work on something new i’ve been wanting to get to for ages.
since march, in fact. when my sister, little black heart, had given me a new drawing to embroider.
i’d also been hoarding some beautiful hand dyed silks that caroline rose art had given me a couple of years ago, that i’d been saving for “something special”.

it may’ve taken me years months to get started on this, but once i did, i let my obsessive nature take over and spent all weekend sewing *bliss*

zombie lady purple
(embroidered canvas available here )

it’s been lovely working with silk for a change – it’s given the zombies dresses a gorgeous sheen – and i love the subtle variations in colour of caroline’s hand dyed fabric.

zombie lady pink

( 5 x 5″ canvas SOLD here )

the colour palette of the fabrics is quite muted, so for a change i used grey cotton to embroider the detail – i think it’s given them a lovely corpse-like pallor :)

zombie lady blue purple
(similar 5″ embroidered hoop available here)

and i enjoyed having a tinker with various sizes, formats & colour combinations

fancy zombies

another happy-making thing that occurred last week, was on facebook

so to say thankyou to my loyal customers and facebook likerers, i made this fancy zombie in a hoop just for you.
well, for one of you.

zombie lady blue

*** GIVEAWAY ***
now, i’ve just been so busy lately, i’ve been neglecting my tom hardy tumblr-stalkering obsession. to be in with a chance of winning this lovely zombie lady, just tell me, who is your secret celebrity crush?
don’t be embarrassed, it’ll just be between us – no one else will know, honest.

the winner will probably be chosen at random by my canine daughter, anakin.
competition closes on sunday the 23rd of june at 12 noon.
and i’ll announce the winner right here next monday morning.

thanks and good luck!


139 thoughts on “72. the one with the fancy zombies – giveaway now CLOSED

  1. My celebrity crush has grown a hundred fold since seeing him at the 02 on Friday! (it took all my restraint not to throw some underwear type garment at him haha!) It’s the relatively unknown and pretty geeky looking, Josh Groban!

  2. It’s a HUGE toss up between my long term love Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins and Ryan Gosling, every AP mana’s dream baby daddy (well, mine anyway ;))

  3. Mines David Beckham…….don’t tell, cos really, the Beckhams are just chavs with money……..but at least they’ve learnt how to be a bit more classy these days xxx He is adorable & lush though isn’t he :-) ♥♥♥

  4. Ohhh so hard to choose one, but I think today I’ll go for Rob Lowe (my husband keeps telling me that RL is too short for me, but I don’t care!!) :-) Beautiful zombies – would ADORE to win one for my studio wall!!

  5. I want to say someone who would spare my blushes, like Liv Tyler, Dita von Teese, Richard Gere, Robert Downy Jr, Ethan Hawk or Dave Grohl but these are not secret lol.. So I have to whisper very quietly and own up to being a tad soft for Michael Mackintyre :o Don’t even know why! Must like funny men?

  6. Oh, it’s Hugh Jackman, no wait, Daniel Craig, noooooo, Tom Hardy…… oh, but then their is Alan Rickman, and he is just grown up sexy…. oh, but what about Steve Backshall off CBBC’s deadly 60 …….. oh, but sometimes it is Johnny Depp…. but then he has been in my bedroom once, so that is that fantasy over…………… (if only I had been in there at the same time!) ohhhh, I am a celebrity crush slut! lol x

  7. Oh gosh, my secret crush……….. I think it has to be Ryan Adams (and it’s all thanks to my OH) I even got myself a Mickey Mouse t-shirt like his. Oh I sound like my teenage daughter :-/

  8. My not so secret crush when I was a teenager was Tom Cruise… he’d still be welcome to slide his slippers under my bed now that I’m an adult – I just keep it quiet cause all my friends make fun of me when i tell them!

  9. First off, waw! Great piece!

    My celebrety Crush has to be Nathan Fillion, he’s just the perfect package of handsome and charming. Yep Capt Mall has it all !

  10. My celebrity crush is ………………. 💗Alexander Skarsgard💗 in his Eric Northman guise, yummy. Better than a bar of 🍫& a large 🍸on a Friday night. Got to love the bad boys!

  11. I’m not gunna lie I have a few.. My all time favourite would be Kristian Matsson (AKA. The tallest man on earth) once you hear him sing especially “The Wild Hunt” and the rest of the album. I could dream of exploring Sweeden with him finding deer and amazing landscapes whilst he sings to me. Also Robb Stark from Game of Thrones. YUM. We can’t miss out Joseph Gordon Levitt..

    Fingers Crossed.

    You work is fantastic.

  12. Oh secret crush, well… the one that i don’t openly admit to is Tommy Lee Jones. He’s just a bit well, dirty! ;-)

  13. I like Mick Mars (13, 13), the guitar player from Mötley Crüe. He isn’t that big of a celebrity because he prefers to take a step back and not be in the spotlights. Eventho’ his muscle diseases is holding him back, he keeps doing what he likes and rocks the place down. But the reason why I like him so much is that he fits so good on my drawing papers! His hair hanging down in front of his eyes and his hat are super sexy in pastels, oil paint,… He keeps me drawing even when I don’t feel like doing arts-craftsy. ^^ (and he looks a bit like a zombie too!)

  14. My celebrity crush isn’t so much a celeb as mutton chops angry adamantian skeletal wolverine (both Hugh jackman (my real crush) and comic book). I could look at him all day. To be honest, there’s more of a comic book hero crushes than is healthy

  15. My crushes tend to be on characters (Eric from True Blood, pre-soul Spike from Buffy, David Tennant’s Dr Who) – I don’t always fancy the actors when they play other parts. Unless they are Johnny Depp, obviously.

  16. My celebrity crush is Alan Rickman and my girl crush is definitely Audrey Tatou I am also a little bit in love with you for making these beautiful zombie girls. X

  17. My secret (weird) celebrity crush has always been Kevin Spacey. It must be his intensity or something. Ha ha ha. I found your blog through little black heart. Love your Zombies! xx

  18. My secret celebrity crush is…………Alan Rickman……swoon……..on 23rd June I may become a grandma for the first time………whoooooooooo.

  19. I love Josh Gates of Monster Hunter/Destination Truth. I just find him sooo funny :) I’m loving the zombies xx

  20. Err… are you Sure you won’t tell anyone? Cos Mr LizzieMade might be sad y’know… Okay then, if you promise…
    I do quite like Alan Rickman – he’s kind of cool (though I don’t like Prof. Snape you understand).
    And I just seem to have a “thing” for that dark, rugged Scotsman, Neil Oliver. Don’t know if it is the ruggedness, or the voice, or what… but I think he’s really quite nice.
    Is it okay to also like Stephen Fry? I would like him for my bestest mate – only I don’t think he’d agree. Still… I like him, he’s clever and stuff.
    And if we’re talking Fictional People, I have a sort of nerdy-soft-spot for Leonard Hofstadter – he’s kind of sweet. No idea what Johnny Galecki is like in real life though.
    Just don’t tell anyone – it’s our secret, right?
    And I promise not to tell about your secret sneaky crushes either… he he he…

  21. not sure if you count tv personalities but my secrect crushes are proffesor Brian cox and Steve Backshall, my children tease me every time they come on TV i like them as they are very interesting , well that’s my excuse lol

  22. I have two celebrety crushes.. a public one, and a SECRET one. The public one is Robert Downey Jr. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to be swept into bed by Iron Man!

    My secret one, that I’m only telling you because you PROMISED its between just me and you and no one else would find out, is Benedict Cumberbatch. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    You’d better not tell anyone though!

  23. Ok. Odd question, and I’m thinking whether I should lie (because you’d never know anyways, would you? Can you read my brain? *Zzzt*)
    I guess I have a few more or less public crushes, but one is a bit on the down low (pun intended).

    Let me say I’m not gay. Or bisexual. I’m just weird, ok? My secret crush is… Monica Belushi. That woman is soooo gorgeous! She makes me doubt my sexuality but, on the positive side, she doesn’t make my man doubt his one bit.

    So there it is, I have bared my soul to you for a Zombie. I deserve it now, don’t I? Yes, yes I do :p

  24. But there are so many to choose from, it’s like they want us to fancy them or something!! There are a few, but top of the list currently is Benedict Cumberbatch…. Or Eddie Redmayne…. :-D

  25. I don’t have celebrity crushes anymore, not because I’m above it but because ALL my teenage crushes turned out to be gay!! Every single one of them… Morrissey, Rupert Everett, Kirk Brandon… the list goes on so i just don’t do that anymore :( But I want that beeeaauuuutifooool girl wearing silk dyed by the fair hands of Caroline Rose!!!!

  26. I have to say, Robert Downey Jr. does it for me. So does John Cusack. But then Hugh Jackman ain’t half bad…. But then there’s Clive Owen….. OH NO!!! My head is going to explode!!! I can’t decide!!!

  27. Keanu reeves (since bill and ted) although my brother read my smash hits autograph book (the bit where it asked who youd like to be stuck in a lift with)and made it public(well he told my other bruv and made me cry) so its not so secret….party on dudes!!!

    • haha! i’ve been in love with keanu since before the internet.
      when i was 17, i had to cut pictures out of magazines. i still have them in a folder upstairs. don’t tell ANYONE!

  28. Shhhhh don’t tell but mine just has to be with the most amount of swooning in the whole wide world Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles from Supernatural!!!

    I neeed a lie down now as they are so delicious and I normally limit myself to thinking of one at once as they are so yummy!!!

    • oh! i had a supernatural obsession that raged out of control at christmas!
      i’ll probably forget all about tom hardy when season 8 is released :)

  29. My answer will be thorough :-p
    Dead ones: Tyrone Power (preferably dressed as Zorro), Orson Welles, endlessly talking in my ear.
    Alive but old: Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo (one of them or both!!)
    Alive and younger: Andy Garcia, Clive Owen, and above all, major crash right now: Michael Fassbender (and blondes are not even my type!!),

  30. has to be Damien Lewis (at the mo………) he is defo not guilty on Homeland!!! oh and James Mcavoy …….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………..day dreaming now………….. oh and Andrew Lincoln (yes I know he’s not very kind to Zombies!!)

  31. My secret celebrity crush (although it’s not very secret) is Robbie Williams and I’m off to see him tonight! YAY!!!!! He is just so cheeky – his smile just does it for me :)
    Would love to win your Zombie Lady as she’s gorgeous like all your other work! (that FB keeps hiding from me! But I’ve got FB sussed now and ticked for “notifications” hurray!!!!)
    :) xxxx

  32. at last, i have thought of a genuine crush! :D
    she is awesome. i wouldn’t go so far as to bother googling anything as i hate to find stuff out but i’ll watch any film with her in it, just because she is in it! ( for eg i recently suffered through “speed 2” and “crash” just for her. the wily temptress.)

  33. Is it bad that mines a girl??? ;) ;) shhhh….meryl streep, its bad isn’t it?? not for pervy reasons just because I admire her :) and thinks she beautiful! Oh gosh I sound weird ;)

  34. Well ok i do not have secret crushes… no really, i let everyone know… but today it’s the gorgeousness of Rob Thomas and his beautiful voice. Later it could be Hugh Jackman (my husband does a rocking wolverine look, sadly not as tall as Mr Jackman though :| ) Athough you can’t beat a bit of Jason Mamoa in his role of Ronan on SGA. Then there’s Jared Padalecki. oh or Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Kiera Knightly and i don’t mind a little bit of David Duchovney *swoon* all this gorgeousness in the world… Why do we have wars! The world is beautiful. We do however need more of your’s and Sal’s gorgeous Zombies… :D Penzance hasn’t eaten Nooob just yet, they are re-enacting scenes from cliffhanger on my lamp.

  35. I think Billy the exterminator because he get rid of critters , (there seem to be a few too many this year). The bunnies ate through the garden fence yesterday. Ate my green beans left the lettuce. I tell you Fiona the zombies are just around the corner. lol

  36. Well, now my not-so-secret-as-in-everyone-knows-and fails-to-understand-his-beauty crush is Christian Bale but the secret one that no-one knows about is Rhod Gilbert. He can make me ‘laugh’ any day of the week!!! ;-)

  37. Mmmmm, there are so many so had to ask hubby to be to help me narrow it down, after he said ‘me’ half a dozen times and me getting angry because I want to win the lovely embroidery we narrowed it down to the amazing Dave Grohl, oh yes, sooo handsome and a great drummer!!

  38. mmmm just reading through all the answers there is a fine array of yum up there. But mine is and always will be (well, until the next one comes along) Mr Matt Smith, him off of Doctor who. He is delicious and I want him for my own. I love the Batch too and I wouldn’t say no to Downey-Jr, or Ricky Rickman but for now it will be Smithy. Ok. Can I have my hoop now please?

  39. My secret celeb crush??? Oh god!! Do I have to??. Lol! Ok, it’s Patrick Stewart!! It’s his voice! He makes me melt!!!! I can’t help myself!! Lmao! So, for probably having the most embarrassing one…..seeing as he’s old enough to be my young grandfather(!!!!), I think I deserve a girly zombie to hide my blushing behind!!! Lol!! ;). Xx

    • i’m not laughing! promise!
      would it make you feel better if i told you i’d a thing for harrison ford for 30-ish years? (not any more. not since i realised he’s the same age as my dad)

  40. Oooooo Alexander Skarsgard (Eric from True Blood) is just yum on a pole any film he graces with his presence and I am there faster than fast thing on a fast day :-)

  41. Oooh how could I choose just one?! I can’t so here’s my top 3…Yes, Johnny Depp has been a crush of mine for many a year but since we broke up a few years ago he’s now second to the French actor from Spiral (on BBC4) called Gregory Fitoussi (He was also on Mr Selfridge) and my secret crush is a crazy chef lady called Nadia G from “Bitchin’ Kitchen!” …hmm, I see a theme of “accents” occuring! I wonder which accent the zombie lady would have! I’d LOVE to win her :)

  42. Mine is Norman reedus of walking dead zombie fest fame. I would probably still date him if he turned in to a walker….I’d just avoid a dinner date :-)

    • I have to admit i have many crushes that I wouldn’t kick out of bed like, Michael j fox, Ewan Magreggor, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp, but all a bit safe and not very secret
      (I know I need a big bed) 😝.
      The only crush I’ve had that I have never shared before is from when I watched the movie ‘labyrinth’ when i was a kid and I saw David Bowie for the first time. I was mesmerised and thought he was amazing!. Still to this day when I watch that film I’m reminded how strangely my heart skipped a beat at seeing him for the first time. (I know you probably all think I’m mad with his crazy hair, full makeup and odd costume 😝)
      But I know that this has also influenced my own art work a lot through the years. I love all things myth and magic and supernatural and produce my own creatures for fun. of course I had to have ago and make the blue worm from the labyrinth “come inside and meet the missus” 😜

  43. I know I’m not allowed to win so its just as well I’ll be hunting for the dire wolf in Robin
    Hoods Bay when you make the draw. Sorry to disappoint girls, it’s Baldryk Humberwatch
    for me too!

  44. Brian Blessed – there I’ve said it, its out there now. OMG does that make me some sad individual who clearly is seeking some bearded father figure, OMG my husband also has a beard, should I be analysing this quite so much???? *now rocking back and forth in the corner singing a song in my head

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