69. the one with the lol-wall

there is a reason i am a freestyle embroiderererrerr and not a freestyle brick layer.

dad, please look away now
(i know, okay? everything.)

lol wall 02

i do actually know enough about brick laying to know that, apart from the fact my wall contains
1. bricks, and
2. mortar
everything else is wrong.

i feel like i should explain myself, but i’m not going to.
let’s just enjoy it for what it is.

lol wall 01 

my favourite part is this hump on the right ^


16 thoughts on “69. the one with the lol-wall

  1. Errr well I’m no Wall Expert, but it looks found to me. Maybe not perfect, but Good Enough. Which is fine you know – even if you have the perfectionist streak like I do, which hates “enough” and wants total perfection beyond everything done before…
    It’s a very nice wall Fiona. The big lush green plants are good too…

    • I’m “found” should read “fine”, but my iPod thinks its cleverer than me. Nothing can shake its total confidence in this assessment. It was born stupid, but it doesn’t know…

      • Arrrrrgh! See? “I’m”… Not “Um” like I told it to write.
        I suppose it can’t help it.
        Perhaps it needs help from Anakin.

        Appleogees for taking over the comments. I’ll shut up now.

  2. As any bricklayer would know a chorus of ” Oink oink” would be quite in order. But as your Mom I have to say ” good on ya, gel!!” ;)

  3. ok you are on a blogging fest aren’t you! Personally I like your wall, it looks authentic and like its been there for the last 100 years which is in keeping with your listed house innit! :D

      • i tried to draw an “artist’s impression” of my wall, but due to the laws of perspective it proved impossible for me.
        as well as the hump (following the curvature of the earth), i’ve also managed to make it lean in 2 directions AND weave towards & away from the hedge.

        actually, that’s quite a remarkable achievement for such a small structure :) *proud*

  4. love this – i used to be responsible for people on an unemployment scheme thing learning how to do hard landscaping but your wall resembles the rustic wall i built in my own garden and why i didnt invite any of my work colleagues to barbecues. it looks great and natural x

    • thanks carol :)
      my dad’s a structural engineer so i might hold off inviting him to any barbeques…
      also, i’m going to write “rustic” on it in red paint!

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