68. the one where i air my dirty laundry in public

well, not my dirty laundry. anakin’s.
and it is clean(ish) laundry.

we’ve had three (3) sunny days in a row (!!!!!!!!!!!) so i’ve been washing all of the things – today was the turn of anakin’s stuff.

as anyone with a border collie will know, they have quite an impressive vocabulary, so it’s quite easy to set them tasks and ask for specific stuff (as long as you have a pocket full of biscuits).
after she’d brought me all of her bedding (hey, 2 flight of stairs with a duvet in your mouth is no mean feat for an eldery, arthritic collie!) i requested some of her soft toys by name, which she grudgingly dumped in the washing basket..


here she is guarding the washing line until they become Ready.

i always wonder what the neighbours / helicopters / hot air balloonists / spy satellites think when they see what’s on my washing line :/
i hope they aren’t judging me for being a bad mom.

dog toys
l to r: dude the chick, woofy the dog, quacky the duck, dragon, vladimeerkat

anakin & direwolf

“but direwolf you cannot haz”


4 thoughts on “68. the one where i air my dirty laundry in public

  1. There always has to be one to play with while the others are washed. Anakins toys are much cleaner than my so called human children’s toys. Eeeewww. Might have to put the washing machine on.

  2. I knew Border Collies are clever – but I didn’t realise how amazingly clever, until now… Anakin would do well if you sent her to school (cept for the language barrier – they don’t learn to speak Dog at teaching college).
    Love the photos of Anakin guarding her belongings. Also love the names of the toys – esp Vladimeerkat.
    Cool stuff!

    • she’s super clever – i’m a very proud mom.
      i always *daydream* about youtubing her putting all of her 2634732647236 toys In The Box, one at a time.
      but i don’t want the internet to hear me shouting names like “ticky the tick! scrappy the scrap! butt plug! sucky puppy!”

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