66. the one with the bathroom… part whatever

this is a photo of our bathroom from when we first moved into the cottage in 2007.

in january 2008, we made it nice but it soon became ruined by various problems that we only identified after living here a while. none of it was a priority, though.
not even when the roof leaked and the ceiling collapsed.

but suffering through arctic times, and spending a small fortune on antibiotics this winter has now made it a priority.

goodbye, rest of ceiling!
bath shit

goodbye, mouse shit!
mouse shit

*not shown*  goodbye tiny, mummified mouse corpse

goodbye, dust allergy & chronic sinusitis!
bath soot

hello, 3 days of washing & cleaning & hoovering & steamer-ing the f*** out of everything
bathroom after

^ this is like the “after” photo to compare with the 2007 “before” picture :)

while i was rearranging the kitchen cupboards today *cleaning-procrastination* i found some out of date uht milk that i bought for one of the apocalypses a few years ago.
out of date
i almost threw it away, thinking how Mom would be so proud if i did.

but then i thought about how, after an apocalypse, i will probably be grateful for any milk in my tea. even out of date morrisons value uht milk.
so i dusted it off and put it back.


16 thoughts on “66. the one with the bathroom… part whatever

  1. Well, beggars can’t be choosers (as my lovely Mum says) when it comes to milk for tea…I’m with you on that one. But if you’re keeping the milk, I might have been tempted to keep the mummified mouse corpse too.
    Well, come the apocalypse, beggars can’t be choosers, right?!

    • oh yes, i’ve popped the mouse into a tupperware. along with some bones we found under the sitting room floor
      we’ll be glad of them later! :D

      • Oooo – almost forgot to congratulate you on your splendidly regular blogging (as well as doing such filthy bathroom diy) recently? Its been awesome seeing a new one pop into my inbox. (quite frankly, I’ve given up on Sal & Weeze – they’ve clearly given up the ghost….)

      • thankyou! my life is *very* full up with exciting “content” at the moment, as you have witnessed :)

        sometimes i wonder if sal, wheeze & i are the same person. it’s very hard to be certain in this internet age

  2. Yeah, really classy bathroom… Hmmm… Been there, got the tshirt etc… Still I hope you soon have it more livable (my auto spell thingy decided that should say “lovable” – so I hope your bathroom is soon that too!).
    Meanwhile, until the bathroom has become the sort of place where you would like to spend a number of hours, staring at the wall while hugging the loo, I recommend you don’t open/drink the Apocalypse Milk…

    • hahaha!

      and as punishment for Husband making me go through this bathroom hell FOUR TIMES (so far) i am going to make that room super lovable!
      next time, it will be all white with pink doilies and hearts everywhere.

  3. Er – UHT has a shelf life of about 3646873186 years. How OLD must that carton be to be out of date? It’s practically a museum piece, it must be worth a fortune. You are quite right to keep such a valuable artefact.

    • it’s always possible we brought it with us when we moved house.
      i still have that tin on milo that expired in july 2006. but like mrsmotheroftwo’s mum says, “apocalypse survivors can’t be choosers”

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