65. the one where belper explodes


i was just taking some photos of my work at the upstairs window – wondering about the irritating “popping” sounds i could hear – and when i looked up (to see why it’d suddenly gone so dark) the sky was BLACK!
i was hearing EXPLOSIONS!

belper explosion fb

belper explosion 01belper explosion 02

here follows some very lazy blogging of what unfolded (kinda)

belper explosion fb 2

belper explosion fb 3

at this point, everywhere just stank of smoke. like burning tyres. the explosions had stopped, and all i could hear was fire engines.. and the police helicopter overhead SHOUTING AT US to STAY INDOORS!

belper explosion fb 4

it was not the apocalypse :(
it was the old thorntons factory exploding and burning, covering the town in asbestos-y soot (“soot the size of tennis balls” says Husband <– i sent him out to find out what was going on)

belper explosion fb 5

i sent my pictures in (sans watermark)

derby telegraph

there was a lovely afternoon occurring behind all that smoke
belper explosion 03

and then

belper explosion fb 6

while all this was going on, i was editing the other photos i’d taken, listing items in my shop, and keeping up with the chat on my other facebook page.
summer is coming

you’d never have guessed all this was going on – i’m, like, such a professional.

(the for true facts are here on the derby telegraph website,
and here on the itv website)


10 thoughts on “65. the one where belper explodes

  1. Wow, drama. Never knew Belper was so exciting lol! We had a similar experience when Mr P lived on a narrowboat in the centre of Manchester at the time of the bomb in the Arndale centre. It is REALLY difficult to tell what they are saying from the helicopter.

    • i grew up in south africa in the 70s & ’80s – there were always bombs going off at weekends – but i think i was more startled by this explosion because… IT’S BELPER! there’s usually no sounds here except for birds & sheep!

      yeah – the helicopter was rubbish – thanks goodness for twitter! ;)

  2. There was a hettyclopter flying around here earlier and when I read this I thought “oh my god maybe that’s what the helicopter was doing here.” I live in London. *facepalm*. I blame my hangover.

  3. Wow, now you’re even more super famous… Be careful or NBC News will be arriving to interview you and get your thoughts on the latest Hollywood Celebrity Scandals…

    So, they actually – like really actually – used your photo & quoted you in their articles and stuff?
    Gosh I know somebody famous!

    Could I have your autograph, please?

    • haha! i sent my pictures in anonymously & i didn’t actually bother giving them my quote slash opportunistic business promotion.

      i also didn’t bother getting dressed.
      thank goodness for internet!

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