64. the one where i don’t deliver

when i woke up today, it was glorious!


the perfect day for a drive out into the peak district.

i don’t normally sell my work in ‘real life’ shops, but i made an exception for E. who contacted me about her new business venture – she was opening a shop selling handmade items in eyam in the beautiful peak district.
(eyam is known as “the plague village” – how could i resist? :D)

we’ve been email-chattering over the past couple of months while she was setting up – she finally opened last week – and i’ve spent the last few weeks working on a little collection of embroidered stuff to stock with her.


today, Husband and i were going to drive out there, meet E. in person, hand deliver my stuff, enjoy the sunshine and the countryside and…

…and wouldn’t that be a lovely thing to blog about instead of YET MORE FAILS?

but of course, everyone else had noticed it was glorious today too.

a to b should have taken us about an hour…eyam

but everyone else IN THE WHOLE WORLD thought it’d be a great day to drive up the A6. in cars, on motorbikes, with caravans…

so we sat here for a while. a long while.

like, literally no driving at all.

and then!oil

BEEP BEEP!   BEEP BEEP! hello, i am your oil light! i am BEEP BEEPing frantically and flashing RED at you to alert you to potential DANGER!”

***AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER (really! i’m not saying that for dramatic effect!)***
“hello i am your HOT ENGINE and i’m really starting to SMELL!”

“hello i am the jamf***ingpacked A6 and you have nowhere to go”

BEEP BEEP!   BEEP BEEP! hello, i am your oil light! i am BEEP BEEPing frantically and flashing RED at you to alert you to potential DANGER!”

“hello i am your brain and i’m going to make a PANIC ATTACK occur aaaaany minute now”


“can we just u-turn around and go home now, Husband?”
yes we can.


doesn’t the cherry blossom look beautiful today?


3 thoughts on “64. the one where i don’t deliver

  1. Awww… I’m sure that ‘E’ will understand that these problems will crop up. Hope your car has pulled itself together now…
    I s’pose it means you can go another day; at least you got to enjoy the blossom…
    I like Eyam btw – stayed there once, in a cottage on a farm. Went walking over dem dar hills – got v knackered & had to be fed lemonade & cake by The-Boyfriend-Soon-To-Be-the-Fiancé-then-the-Husband. I had been ill the month before (& lost a stone, 1/2 of it in a week)… Suppose I should’ve thought of that before going marching up hill & down… Anyways…
    So you still have a trip to Eyam left to look forward to. Once the rearrangements have been rearranged (and the car suitably chastised).
    The sheep look interesting though – in that photo…

    • yeah – it took her 3 hours to get to work today due to traffic, so she was very understanding!

      i’m going to save everyone (and by that, i mean me) a lot of stress and get it delivered by courier tomorrow!
      future-trip to beautiful eyam will occur some vague time in the future. probably in winter. or after the apocalypse. whichever is quieter on the roads.
      as long as there’s still cake.

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