61. the one where i don’t blog for a month

1. moaning about ailments is becoming tiresome – even the voices inside my head are shouting “this is SO BORING now!”
2. nothing much has occurred in terms of building jobs or diy
3. i’ve done loads of sewing, but i’m reluctant to show ‘works in progress’ pictures here anymore because of them being shared on stupid effing pinterest.

and what else is there to talk about?

1. dust allergy. sinusitis. fever. exploding head. irrational thoughts. exploding ears. general mentalness.

2. we cut the kitchen table in half (“it will make my life better, Husband”)
and made some holes in the bathroom wall (“how will it make my life better, Husband?”)
wall punctuation

3. i made 327846785788768 zombies.
fiona t zombies

which are lovingly stuffed with tiny polyester fibres.
(my sinuses do not know the difference between dust and tiny polyester fibres).

i watched ‘my so called life’ twice.
yes, two (2) times.
my so called packaging

and left the house once (yes, one (1) time) to post the zombies off to their new homes.

i’ve also made a start on stock for a new shop that’s opening < somewhere, sometime >
fiona t works in progress

(i’ve deliberately blurred this photo, so that it doesn’t end up on a ‘how to’ or ‘things to copy’ pinterest board)
(or i might’ve just taken a really shit photo by accident)

also in april:
amongst other things, i watched the killing 3, borgen 2, season 1 of boardwalk empire, game of thrones 1 & 2 (again), freaks & geeks (again), my so called life (as discussed), all of my judd apatow films and all of my patrick swayze films.

i would say that my real achievement for april is in the field of dvd viewings.


11 thoughts on “61. the one where i don’t blog for a month

  1. OK why do you have a spy hole in your bathroom………….never mind it could be to much info.

    Sorry to hear that you are running into problems with Pinterest. I notice my bags from my blog have ended up there now too.

    Of course the crappy weather isn’t helping I bet. It is suppose to snow here tonight again. Give it up weather it is suppose to be spring.

    • well.
      the bathroom light switch was a pullcord one, with a heavy thingy on the end. when we lost the ceiling, the cord hung down directly in the doorway, usually trapped on the outside of the door.
      then there occurred the doorway gauntlet game – timing the swing of the heavy thingy to open the door and get in before it hit you full in the face.
      other times, the cord would get trapped inside, in the plank bits of door, and you’d think you were pushing the door open and walking in like a normal person, but then the cord’d get stuck, the door couldn’t go any further and a heavy oak door wood hit you full in the face.

      the spy hole was to relocate the wires and put a civilized light switch on the wall outside the bathroom.

      tmi? :)

  2. I will be adding that last photo to my pinterest board, entitled…

    “my favourite blurry photos of things to plagiarise from the internet because I have no creativity or brain of my own and really I ought to be stacking shelves in Tesco but even they won’t employ me”

    and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    coz stuff in the internet is free.

    (I didn’t even think of the pinterest board name by myself. I stole that too).

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