58. the one with the mouse

i went to lincolnshire last week, to stay with my parents.

it was all very lovely – we did all the things (shopping, sewing machine fixing, eating, staying up ’til 2am, sleeping til lunchtime…), we watched all of the things (game of thrones season 1 (again) and 3463875637486 sandra bullock films), and laughed a lot.
especially on the day sal came to visit and we did potato prints on mom’s newly painted dining room table (fyi, red paint will STAIN, even when it’s watered down enough to create blood spatters).

but let’s skip to saturday night, when we all got together for a very civilised evening.
a very boring technical discussion about computers was occurring, when suddenly archie shouted, “MOUSE!”

<a seconds silent pause for confusion – was this part of the computering chat?>

“no!” *pointing frantically* “A MOUSE!” 


“quick! someone fetch a jam jar!”  <— this was a stupid idea. and it wasn’t even mine.

general chaos ensued as the poor, terrified little guy zigzagged around the room leaping magestically at walls and doors trying to escape, while dad, archie, sal & Husband pulled the room apart to flush him out of awkward loose covers ‘n corners (too slow, guys!).
mum & i stayed in the kitchen – to make sure anakin was safe – and watched the hilarious farce unfold.

one of my personal highlights was when, halfway through the exercise, Husband turned the lights on and everyone *gasped* at WHAT A GOOD IDEA!

he was an athletic little mouse, a skilled climber, several times he climbed the tv aerial much like this:
(**to reconstruct this scene, i have had to photoshop a mouse off of google because i didn’t think to get my camera out soon enough)

i thought i might get a better picture from outside, from through the window, but i wasted valuable minutes arguing with mom about whether i was allowed to put pictures of her dining room on the internet before she’s finished decorating in there.

by the time i took this, the search was over because…
catching a mouse

sal: “the mouse has leapt at my face and become entangled in my scarf!”

let’s look again, like a slow motion replay:
mouse trap
^ my sister’s neck: humane mouse trap.
(from there, he was carefully released and safely escorted from the premises)


16 thoughts on “58. the one with the mouse

  1. good job i came visiting fully equipped eh? imagine if i had decided not to wear a scarf. imagine if that liitle furry ninja had landed IN MY FACE

  2. Sounds very familiar…. Except its usually the cat that’s brought them in in the first place. Considering he caught them originally, he appears extremely rubbish at catching them again when they are running around the living room but perhaps he only brought it in so he could be amused by the useless mouse-hunting humans. He’s probably laughing all over his furry feline face.

    • aww, i’d forgotten how much fun it was having a cat!
      and there’s just nothing like waking up to mangled body parts & tiny organs when they share their precious things with their humans :)

  3. I just nearly wet myself at that!!!! not only the awesomeness of a large party of adults freaking out over a mouse, your AMAZING image of said athletic mouse then for it to surrender in that GENIUS manner to create maximum freaking outness!!!!! Viva le MOUSE!

  4. Yay for the Ninja Mouse! How clever of Sal to make a mouse-trap with her scarf. Bet you wish you thought of that…
    And yay for potato prints – though I wondered if it was the nice new paint on the dining table, that got stained… Hope the prints were good though.
    Your family seems to have a lot of adventures and laughs – I may apply for membership – do I need to fill in many forms and answer hard questions?

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