56. the one where i sew my finger

subtitle: the one where i learn the difference between


and down

i’ve been (saying i’m) going to take a little break from sewing for ages – just to give my fingers, wrists, hands, shoulders, neck & eyes a good rest. the first 3 months of the year are usually pretty quiet selling-wise, so i’d planned on it being then.

but then january
fiona t jan 2013

and february
fiona t feb 2013

yesterday afternoon, i was LITERALLY working on the VERY LAST THING!!! when *suddenly*

fb first aid 01

fb first aid 02

luckily,fb first aid 03facebook is great in a first aid emergencyfb first aid 04

fb first aid 05


fb first aid 06

readers of a sensitive disposition should look away now

gruesome sewing injury


14 thoughts on “56. the one where i sew my finger

  1. Good to see you still have it elevated – how was the brandy did you numb your head with it?
    P.S. My poor stomach muscles have completely given up due to you and them

  2. ……”I like it when the red water comes….”

    Eww – honestly, sewing fingers is just wrong.

    Lie down with feet higher than heart, drinking tea and snaffling high quality, sugary treats whilst being waited on – with a big pile of DVD-age to watch.

    That is all.

  3. Momma never told us about the dangers of sewing……………sewing our fingers in the machine. Running over it with the rotary cutters over the fingers, or the worse finding that sewing needle you dropped a month before. Momma should have warned us about the dangers:)

    I hope your finger is better soon. It’s a good thing you have lots of other fingers so you can still type and lets us know how you are doing.

    • oeff that reminded me of another painful / clumsy injury i gave myself once…
      a long, thin beading needle carefully placed in a cushion “to keep it safe”
      i then sat on the cushion and wondered what the pricking sensation was in my bum! :/

  4. Hmmmm… Surely sewing zombies counts as sewing rotten meat!?? Uh oh. Better watch out for the lockjaw then! Seriously though…. Much alcohol to numb the pain and much DVDs to take your mind off it. I sliced my finger with sharp knife twice in last two days. I shall be doing much alcohol and DVDs.

    • that’s probably part of the problem! i was too busy daydreaming about the evening’s winchester brothers dvd viewering, and not concentrating enough on the job at hand.
      or the job IN hand. or something.

      one thing at a time from now on. and that will be season 7.

  5. This is what happens when you don’t take a break when you say you are going to take a break. What you need to do now is REALLY take a break. But not a bone break, a holiday break. And whatever you do, don’t start picking the scab… Hope it feels not so puffy soon <– card
    p.s how do you cut potatoes if you have a poorly finger?

    • i think i’m going to pull through!

      i’m going to take a good long break now anyway, to do some other things – like, some drawing! in my lovely new sketchbook from you :)
      thanks lizzie x

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