49. the one about pinterest

i won’t wrath and moan about pinterest too much, because
1. i think i’m all whinged out on the subject
2. my issues are mostly resolved

i didn’t think there was much i could do to stop my work being pinned on there so i’ve been watermarking all photos of my work and mostly *brainskimming* about where they end up.

due to my obsessive nature, however, i couldn’t help peeking from time to time.

most times the initial pins are “fine”, like, used in collections of nice things (flattering), and sometimes i was even credited as the designer (polite). but following the trail of repins… tags get changed and my work ends up in ‘how to’ or ‘diy’ boards amongst patterns and tutorials… and pinned again for other people to copy… *sad*

when i started blogging, i never intended to write about my sewings. but my life only consists of that and house renovations so it was inevitable. i did put a thing, but i guess nobody bothered to read it *sad*

anyway! last weekend i saw horrible, anger-making things. i tried to be polite when i asked the person to remove my work – but was met with ignorance & so rude!
i decided i would simply never blog again.

but then i was like, no. fuck that.
so i’ve been dealing with someone at pinterest throughout the week – to be fair they’ve been quite helpful – getting my stuff taken down.
it’s been time consuming and navigating this stuff was not easy for a simple brain’d person like me… but it’s been educational too, and i won’t be apathetic about pursuing it in future if it happens again.
in summary: PLEASE do not pin my work. seriously, i have a nosebleed from this.

so what i ACTUALLY wanted to blog about was my inspirations. and now that i feel free to use my own images of my own work on my own blog again, i will show you!

this is my cherry tree, against a dark wintry sky
spindly finger tree

it’s featured in a few pieces of my work now – it’s such a lovely shape to draw.
i have bird feeders hanging off the lower branches so robins, tits, finches and squirrel-birds hang out there.

winter robin

but you know what, right? that tree is just too damn big for my narrow little garden.
last summer it shade-canopied across the whole thing, and it’s not like we had loads of sunshine anyway. so in autumn, i butchered it.
but you know what, right? i’m so damn short that even on my handy work platform, i could only butcher the lowest branches.
now it looks like this
spindly finger tree carnage
^ not so picturesque :(

this week i produced another little canvas…
winter cottage

…inspired by my outside views.
there are rolling green frost covered hills behind my house. lots of cute stone cottages, with grey slate roofs, sash windows and wooden doors…

it’s a good job there is such a thing as taking artistic license
winter shire


10 thoughts on “49. the one about pinterest

  1. I’ve not got into Pinterest at all but I would imagine, because your work is just so beautiful, it would be easy for less talented persons to steal your work. And just how jolly cross it would make you. So very well done for pursuing your quest to remove stolen (and they are – its *stealing*) pins. I applaud you not to be beaten. Keep it up. And keep blogging about it? I delight in finding one of your gems in my otherwise spam-filled boring inbox.

    • yes! “jolly” is the word i have been screaming since saturday!
      hopefully, now that i’ve sicked all my Feelings out onto the internet, i can move on. because i have an awesome gem for your delight later! :)

      • Supernatural??!! lol!! We do the same – gorge on a series (The Sopranos, West Wing, House…) – and we’re also doing Supernatural. Freaky. Ain’t life odd?

  2. Oh you know how I feel on this subject, I’ve stopped looking now as my work appears all over the place in ‘things to copy for the next craft fair I do’ style named boards and it also makes my blood boil. The best is when people not only pin the final work, but all the ‘in progress’ photos I also take on my blog, just so they know how to make coping my designs even easier ;) Good for you for getting in there and trying to sort the situation out.

    Love the new designs :) I’m off to pin them now – ha ha ha ha ha. Not really funny, I know.


    • i was thinking of you, beth, as i wrathed my way through saturday, wasting my time by leaving comments for the worst morons (“u shouldn’t pin if u don’t want it shared, that’s wot this site is hun”)
      oh and the *cringe* of old works in progress :///

      i’m going to email you some stuff – just put it on “file” for future times, if(when) you reach RED STATUS of rage

      • Oh please do! (email me the ‘stuff’). I have kind of resigned myself to it all a bit, but it has changed how I blog, I’m unlikely to post too many images that show the process bits, or at least I’m much more careful in what I do show in photographs. It’s such as shame, as respectful pinning isn’t all that hard. Bx

  3. I can understand what you mean. I just came across a lot of my photos of my bags on pinterest and on the great wide web. I always put marbles in front of my bags when I take pictures of them. Some people have asked if I lost my marbles. But my husband suggested it as, people will remove your watermarks or place theirs over top of it. This way it is a pain to try to remove the marbles as they are right up against the bag. If they crop them they lose part of the bag.

    I don’t always like where the pictures end up, but I figure I would be hitting my head against a brick wall. Hopefully you can get it fixed up.

    • i’m mostly angered because all our pittance should belong to us.

      i wasn’t too bothered about some of them, but i thought it’d be hypocritical to pick ‘n choose, so i went for the entire take down, and by tonight, everything had been removed! *happy*
      i don’t yet know where i stand on things pinned from my shop… so i’m leaving that brick wall for another day.

      • Fiona that is great that you were able to get everything removed from pinterest. Yeah a fight won!!

        I think it does more damage to the artist, that have come up with the pattern as you have. It is surprising where we can now find our stuff all over the web. Keep up the good Ass kicking. You deserve credit for your work and don’t deserve people copying it.

  4. I can sympathise with your frustration. It is so wrong to just re-pin images without giving credit. And I hate to see those “Things I’m going to Copy Illegally” boards, with beautiful pictures of Other People’s work…. especially when it’s people I know. I always make a point of adding a comment that gives due credit to the person!!
    I’ve taken the view that I can’t really stop people copying my work. What I make is kind of based on generic designs, that have been made by thousands of others and every bookbinder has their own version etc etc… so it’s only a direct copy of something, made to look exactly like mine, that would be a problem. So far, haven’t seen that…. so I suppose if they want to use my ideas, they’re welcome. Anyway, probably the type that copies stuff couldn’t make the things I make as nicely as I make them…
    But for people like you, Sal and my artist friends, it can be immensely frustrating to have your ideas and designs copied.
    And let’s face it, it is stealing – absolutely – and there is No Excuse for stealing.

    Hope you feel better about it now, after making so much effort to sort it out.

    You have my sympathy -and probably that of every other artist in the world!


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