48. the one where i’m trying to make my glass half full

it’s been a very busy and shitty (literally) past couple of weeks, but true to my naturally sunshiney nature (haha) i’m only going to focus on the good stuff that has been occurring…

fiiiiiinally got to play halo4 even though i couldn’t go at it for 16 hours straight due to my trigger finger also being my mouse finger, and i needed to save that for sewing & photo editing. also because i am old.

my awesome new custom made handbag arrived
handbags by helen messenger bag
(messenger bag by Handbags by Helen)

i then wasted spent an entire morning harvesting zips from my old denim sack, and arranging my panic kit(TM) into the very many brilliant internal pockets of my new bag.

dear menfolk, if you were ever curious about what it is that proper grown up ladies keep in their handbags, i will show-tell you:
panic kit
armed with new handbag, i was ready to venture Outside. dosed up with rescue remedy, i was ready to face Husband’s work’s christmas party. tanked up on brandy & coke, i was sociable.
so f***ing sociable. YEAH!
christmas party

at 8am all i could think about was the last time i gave up drinking forever. but luckily, right before i passed out, i’d written myself a To Do List with all of the important tasks.  i’m very organised like that.
to do list

“make floor” was of particular importance due to the arrival of NEW CARPETS on monday morning.
new carpet
actually, i don’t mean “new carpets”, just  A CARPETS!!!
our first carpet. in 6 years. to mark the celebration-completion of Upstairs in the buildering scheme of things.

elderly collie has arthritis, and has been struggling with the steep twisty stairs for a while now, so she was happy too.
arthritis collie

it was also  ironic good timing, as she’s been quite poorly this week so we were able to get down 3 flights of stairs and out into the garden for toilet emergencies relatively quickly.
frequently. throughout the night. every night.

and *reminding myself my glass is half full* being too tired to do any work meant i could lie on the couch all day knitting socks…
hand knit socks

whilst snuggled up with my precious daughter (who is now feeling much better :D ) 
poorly border collie



15 thoughts on “48. the one where i’m trying to make my glass half full

  1. Love this ~ didn’t realise you blogged (I’m a facebook liker of yours – not a creepy stalker, I promise) ~ but am glad I found out, because your writing rocks :)

    • oh but i love my creepy stalkers!
      just let me know before you skulk around outside with your face pressed up against the window, so i can do my hair nice and dress a bit fancy!

      • I am preparing a short blog post about some of my favourite online places and would love to link to you … would you mind if I shared a pic of your work with a link and credit?

      • ooh yes please, do! *thumbs*
        (and thanks for asking! :) )(did you telepathically know i had a pinterest tantrum and subsequent meltdown yesterday?!!)

      • Haha! No I didn’t ~ but if this helps your recovery then i am glad to be of assistance … am planning the blog post for next Friday. thank you :)

  2. I’m glad that your glass is half full of nice things. A glass half full of yucky things would be worse than a half empty one…. I think (confused myself now…. It’s not difficult!).

  3. Ahhhh, Star Wars poster – Anakin – i geddit now! A bit slow on the uptake (oo, now i fell like i’ve been caught sneaking around someone’s house). Do you find yourself just ‘sitting’ on your stairs now you’ve got carpets, just ‘cos you can (or maybe I should keep my sad weekend activities to myself!). See, more sneaking…..

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