47. the one with the tv thing

subtitle: the one where i don’t play halo4 all weekend

i think that little asterisk ^ is just for me.

back in august, when Husband present-ed me with a new xbox* for my birthday, i didn’t dare get it out of the box. not until we had a new tv thing that would offer it some protection.
(*i suspect the previous one passed away due to suffocation by soot and building dust)

(how my brain works: “if you want to play, you will first need to construct new furniture”.)
(which is slightly better going than when the last pc passed away from dust. “if you want a new computer, you will first need to construct a room”)

but the perfect design of tv thing – that i’ve had inside my brain – doesn’t exist.
i was going to ask dad to build it… but that requires drawing To Scale plans with exact measurements… and *mathsmaths* …

but now it is november. and i have halo4.
so! time to shit or get off the tv thing pot.

the closest thing to in my brain, was available from a well known swedish furniture store and i’ve been examining it every time we go in there. it was almost what i wanted. but not quite. but almost. but not.
plus i don’t reckon much to the quality of their products these day… but oh i really want to play halo.

so instead of lazing about in my jarm all weekend, awkward DIY occured as i compromised the f*** out of flat pack.
breakfast table painting

and extreme varnishing

and then today, “a brand new console needs a smart new cosy”.

and then tonight, “no dinner until you’ve constructed the thing, Husband”.

ahhhh. i think i’m ready to play now.
but i’ve run out of Jump In time :(

still, i managed to watch 13 hours of fringe season 4, so the weekend was not a complete sloth fail.


2 thoughts on “47. the one with the tv thing

  1. Our original Xbox (which could probably be considered vintage now!!) just died too. Did Mr P buy us a shiny new Xbox 360??? No he did not. He went on eBay and spent £3.52 and bought another vintage original Xbox!! Hope it works :s

    • omg that is just CRUEL! you might as well just play tetris and be done with it!

      although i’ve kept our vintage one hooked up in the sewing room… for reasons of buffy & prince of persia. for those times of too many hours in the day… *daydream*

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