44. the one without building work or DIY

i didn’t do ANYTHING this week.
and as a result, i managed to get loads of sewing done.
pyjama hibernation ftw!

they’re all in various stages of unfinished… but i’m hopeful that FutureMe will have them ready for sale on monday. while she’s sorting that out, i’m going to cosy under a blanket with the thornton’s fudge, and watch dvds all weekend.

***please note:  do not use any images without my prior consent.
all artworks are copyright fiona t. and/or Little Black Heart and may not be reproduced in any form.***


8 thoughts on “44. the one without building work or DIY

      • Or here either. I have an injured back and a hurty throat but have had to start my new job :( More time under a blanket is required.

      • no! *horror* how will you eat biscuits and watch your stories in the work place??!! that’s outrageous!
        you have my (back) sympathies – there’s nothing worse (except all of the other things) i hope you feel better soon x

  1. They look great! I am drinking a coffee that it sitting on one of your zombie coasters as I type this. I keep seeing you in the ‘top sellers’ list on Folksy – well done! Bethx

    • thanks beth – it all went a bit crazy there & i couldn’t keep up… at this rate i will be in a full body compression suit just so i can keep sewing.
      still, my dream of buying bionic limbs is one step closer thanks to all those sales

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