43. the one with the bathroom roof joy*


because i’m so awesome at actoring, i bet no one even suspected i was in a foul mood last week. but actually i was!
the weekend passed in a pleasant blur of bathroom-woe *brainskimming* & homeland season 1, but then i contracted Husband’s consumption-plague-flu.
the builders were due first thing monday morning so instead of being able to sleep all day i had to get up IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT practically. 7am is inhuman.

fortunately i was delirious with fever and too shivery to clean up that night, so Husband did it all. he also mopped up after an inch of indoor rain occurred overnight. if only he’d thought to photo it!
if you look closely, there is still evidence of the electric light water feature…

i couldn’t mope about in my pyjamas PROPERLY, so i got to work instead and finished off these embroidery hoops

and tried to avoid-ignore the autumnal carnage that was happening right outside the back door

no. of gilmore girls episodes watched – 11
boxes of tissues used- 4.5
cups of tea made – 6532654365355

“if you just keep sewing, fiona, you can pretend everything is fine.”

“but if i stay in here any longer i will have to hoover & tidy up”
 “facebook time, then!”

*somethingsomething* … more days … *something*
now the builders are finished and gone, i have a smart new roof, and i have cleaned all of the things. joy is occurring!

but tcho! that they’ve left dirty pointing-poop on my new velux.


3 thoughts on “43. the one with the bathroom roof joy*

  1. Look at that wonderful roof. New roof and some sewing done… Bit of a win/win in the end. Pointing-poop… Ah, know it well, glass porch is all covered in it, and most of front windows. Perhaps I should clean them? Maybe after 5yr old birthday party tomorrow, gig on Sunday and job interview on Monday….

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