42. the one with all of the woes

on wednesday, with torrential rain predicted for the end of the week, work finally began on my bathroom roof.

that was fine. the mess and dust was fine. the cold – fine. making endless rounds of tea for builders – fine. crawling out of the backdoor under ladders & trestles – fine. cleaning up soot every night so we could use the bathroom – fine.

it happens to have coincided with a freakishly busy sewing week where i can hardly keep up…
but i’m a trooper, so that was fine too. i simply divided the day into more portions… admin, work, maid, tv/admin, work, admin, bed.
6 hours sleep is fine.

but not today. today all of these things are not effing fine >:(

torrential rain when the roof is made of paper: not fine.

painful (cripple hands, remember) cleaning efforts WASTED when the paper roof turns out not to be watertight: not fine AT MIDNIGHT.

builders not turning up today due to non-delivery of velux window: not fine.

variety of dust allergy symptoms induced by continuing damp and soot and filth: not fine.

snapping all of the overlocker needles due to lack of concentration from extreme tired & sinus woes: not fine.

screwing up the one piece of work i *did* manage to do today: not fine.

and not being able to moan about everything on facebook: not fine. >:(



25 thoughts on “42. the one with all of the woes

  1. I can see what is wrong with that penguin. Someone has drawn a great big red arrow all over it. No wonder you are cross, that stuff will STAIN.

    Hope things are betterer soon. Or at least, more wine-y, since it’s Friday.

  2. Hope your roof is soon all better!! I’m sure you’re wonky penguin will be adored by many!! Don’t screw him up please!! Hope it stays dry over the weekend for you.

  3. hope the woes have eased up a bit, and i think the penguin is cute, his squiffy eye make him look forlorn (if that is even how you spell it!)

  4. What a cool penguin. He is quite perfect (except, as Lemur Lady has already remarked, for the rather odd red marks all over him…). I love his eyes – esp. the little crazy bit that makes him look ever so slightly worried.

    I sympathise with your builder problem woes. I remember pouring rain and high wind, when we had no kitchen roof, due to a new room being partially completed on top. There was a tin roof, with plastic sheeting, but the wind was sooooo strong I was in constant terror of it all crashing through into the kitchen. Not my happiest day ever… So I can sympathise. And no fun using the loo at 11pm, with raindrops dripping onto your pj’s (etc!), cold breezes whistling round your tootsies (etc!!) and dust everywhere.

    I wish you a much better day tomorrow – and a new shiny Velux on Monday! XX

    • thanks liz :)
      the “elements” are just so damn LOUD without a roof, no??! and so… intrusive. especially when you’re paddling through it!
      *hanging on ’til monday*

  5. You know when you go to the supermarket… and it’s buy one get one free…. But you only want one…. Well, that. This is not 25% extra free. This is too flipping much! Get the wine out.

    • exactly! you take on the “TOO MUCH!” because you feel you should, but it really is more than you can handle.
      i wish i could put this week in the freezer and only come back to it when i’m desperate for woe!

  6. Um, I am back…
    I have just caught up with all of the posts since the start of the summer (since the Zombie Rabbits anyway). I am sorry I missed them (no, really, I am because they are cool and interesting and stuff…). Now I know what a fab holiday you had (even with rain, rain, stiff Scotch Breezes and soggy Scotch Mist). I looked at the photos and kept saying “I went there… I’ve been there…. I remember that….” I went to Eigg once, y’know… for a whole week. From Mallaig (it should have been from Arisaig… long story!). Now I want, even more, to take my Boys to the Highlands for a holiday and show them how wonderful and fab it is there (even in the rain).
    I laughted (it’s a new word), at the Meteor-no-shoes-only-socks story. It was a cool story and so well illustrated. I was well impressed.
    I did not laughted at the ceiling. I was sorry to see the photos of all of the drips and sploshes and puddles. I really hope it is fixed very soon.

    And I think that Anakin is the coolest dog in the whole world. She has the best dog-smile I ever saw. She is ace.

  7. I’ll say it! Get out the chocolate forget the liquor you will only get a headache from it.

    And tell the builders that they can make their own damn tea from now on for leaving you in such a mess. If you lived closer I’d tell them to stop at the Tim Horton’s drive through on their way to work and get their tea there. Better yet tell them to bring you a big box of Chocolate on Monday when they come back. With the windows of course.

    The penguin still looks great. I didn’t notice the eye at first, good thing you used the red marker. I really think I need one of those red markers it looks like you have been having so much fun with it lately.

    I hope things clear up soon for you, and you get a chance to rest this weekend.

    • thanks natalie, i needed some kind of take-charge-cheerleadering like that!
      i’ll be on tea & resting for the weekend (i think i’ve contracted the plague or some other ancient nasty that’s been incubating in the roof space for 200 years) and by monday i’ll be pwning all of the things again.

      if not, there is always the shouty red marker. shouty red arrows make everything better :)

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