41. the one where the bathroom ceiling bursts its banks

*occurs during drizzlepocalypse of late september 2012*

d’you know what’s a really bad, non-waterproof construction method for a roof?
answer: moss and cobwebs.

i’ve been ignoring the exclamation mark shaped tidemark on the ceiling for some years time now, but late on sunday night whilst cleaning my teeth, actual WET occurred…

seriously. i thought only cartoons collected roof-leak drips in buckets and pans.
(i used an old bath towel and a washing up bowl which worked equally well, fyi.)


in a pretend home makeover show, ^ those would be the before pictures.
here is the after:

see? with a shiny new bucket, a piece of string (to direct the water down off the beams), and all of the saturated & stinking plaster neatly bagged up (along with my sense of humour) ready for the dump, it’s really quite tidy now.

all we need to do now, is save up for a new roof before we can fix the ceiling.

you know those things? off the telly? fund raising thermometers?
i made one for my fund using the rotten ceiling beams as markers

and i have coloured in all of the money we have raised so far.
awesome! :D


6 thoughts on “41. the one where the bathroom ceiling bursts its banks

  1. I have a similar problem with the downstairs shower. We have known about dampness in the surrounding walls since we moved in (one of which is shared with our neighbour) Then one of the boys left the tap running and the plug in overnight. Our neighbour came a couple of weeks later to tell us it had got worse. Then we discovered it was very wet under the Lino. So we have pulled the Lino up. It’s all dry now except for the bit under the shower. Think we are going to have to rip the shower out to investigate!!

    Perhaps I’ll make a fundraising thermometer too. Currently having the front repointed so temperature should read sub zero!!

    • aren’t we lucky to live in our so-special listed properties? with all our free WET (i like to think of it like the supermarket offers? with the yellow band at the top and “25% EXTRA FREE” written in red)

      you should have much less sneaky wet after re-pointing though, no? and it’ll look great. i think the roof quote will come in at the same as our re-pointing quote.
      i’m going to need a lot more thermometers :(

      • Now have a big hole where the shower was and definitely got 25% EXTRA FREE there as we found a cavity behind the shower about a foot deep. We are thinking of replacing our square shower tray with a rectangular one instead. Possibly found another 25% EXTRA FREE of possible remedial jobs to do though ie. a beam with signs of woodworm that may not have been treated…. eek!

      • ohh! :D 25% EXTRA SHOWER – brilliant!
        (i mean, i hope it’s a good find (ish), not like… an ancient catacomb or anything)

        i’ve started *brainskimming* any “new” beams we uncover with woodworm evidence (“if it’s been standing 200 years, chances are it’ll outlast me”)
        failing that, colron do a good product for that. happy to help :)

  2. *sigh* you are not allowed any house related luck… but you have made me giggle! (PS. I have switched to wordpress for my bloggings now so this means at least 30% more stalkings/cheerleadings!)

    • i *almost* feel bad that you already missed most of the lol-disasters at both this house and the previous house (due to no-blog back then). i might whip out some archive fails if i’m ever fortunate enough to run out of bad luck.

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