40. the one with the meteor

i was having a crafty ciggie out the back kitchen window late last night, when all of a sudden, reflected in the condensation, was a really bright green moving thing!

when i leaned right out, this is what i saw:

(artistic impression)

at this point of course, i didn’t realise it was a meteor.
naturally, i assumed it was aliens. or my imagination.

shoes! i need shoes! so i can go outside! and see exactly what it is that i am imagining that i am seeing!”
(obviously at 11pm i was only wearing hand knitted socks for best)

by the time i got outside it was gone :(

much later, the news media would report “…people immediately took to twitter and social networking blah blah blah… ”
not me.
i sat very quietly for an hour, wondering if i was officially mental now. or if it was aliens. or the beginning of the apocalypse etc.

eventually curiosity got the better of me and i tentatively asked (in private):

helpful sister.


“im so happy that i got to see such a thing!
now that it’s a thing.
not just me being insane.”



10 thoughts on “40. the one with the meteor

  1. I do love you so much you know! ALso – weirdly – I fell asleep watching a Horizon program about METEORS!!!! what are the chances? It is like we are pischick or something

      • well I would have done but I was asleep – like a normal person – but I am very VERY jealous and I really wish I had have been awake and looking in the right direction at that exact moment!
        Did you realise that we were driving through cumbria at the same time last Sunday? (In the pouring rain)

  2. i’ve added a link to a bbc thingy. the second picture is IDENTICAL to my extremely accurate artists impression, no?

    and WTF with all the people ringing the police? what the fuck are the *police* going to do about 1. a meteor or 2. aliens

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