38. the one with the scotland trip (part three)

when we booked a holiday right up the very top, in september, we didn’t reeeeeally expect glorious weather to occur.
we secretly hoped, and i might’ve had some misty-dreamsequence scene in my head whilst packing my suitcase… but day 6 actually REALLY looked like this
although the wind was a little arctic still.

perhaps it’d be all sheltered in the cove by the golf course?
perhaps i could even SWIM!!?  <— misty-dreamsequence of a crazy person who took a bikini on holiday “in case”

but no.
still arctic, and getting blacker & rainer by the minute.

^ wearing a bikini under a thermal vest & winter coat, yet still turning a peculiar colour.

anakin didn’t join in. because border collies are not stupid.

on day 7, as predicted, the hurricanes arrived.
you know those tragic idiots you see on the news? and you *tut*, “but really, who would actually be stupid enough to go out in THAT??!”
answer: us.
we are those stupid idiots.

it was wild and anakin LOVED it!

it was also really, really wet. and cold, like icy needles in the face whichever way you turned. awesome!

i would’ve stayed out for longer, but my jeans were so heavy with wet they were pulling my knickers down with every step. invigorating!

day 8
in mallaig again, we’d planned to take a boat trip out to knoydart, to see some real remote. i wanted to go here:

and if i had done, i would’ve gone on this very boat:

but i was being lame from all the cold and wet and hurricane-y, so we went to the pub instead.

the actual steam train to hogwarts was in mallaig station as we walked by, and i did my best to take a decent picture, but harry potter tourists kept getting my way…
… no matter where i went >:(

on the drive home, we stopped off at another beautiful beach. in the film ‘local hero’, this is the beach where they want to build an oil refinery. lol – imagine!

and then it was back to the cottage for the so-sad task of packing up all our shit to leave the next day  :(



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