37. the one with the scotland trip (part two)

i’ve been deliberately vague when people asked where exactly in scotland i was going. see, i have long-held and elaborate plans for after the zombie apocalypse, and this remote, inaccessible area seemed perfect on paper. i just hadn’t actually been to check it out yet. imagine my delight when we arrived at the cottage and even the weapons had been laid on.

day 3 
do you like this view of eigg and rum? i hope you do because i’ve taken approx. 78464876 pictures of  it. in a variety of weather conditions.

when not taking photos of eigg & rum across the sea, or teasing anemones in rockpools, or collecting tiny shells, or sitting listening to the sound of the sea, i was just happy to watch anakin playing; paddling, digging and tossing seaweed around.

happy collie! :)

day 4
was a bit (only fractionally) nicer weather-wise, so i paddled in that beautiful clear north atlantic water.
don’t let this picture fool you, even just standing on the arctic wet sand was painful.
but once i’d lost all feeling in my feet, it didn’t hurt as much. of course, Husband had to go one better and dive in. show off.

anakin didn’t join in. because border collies are not stupid.

later, we all enjoyed a cosy pub lunch at the cnoc-na-faire inn, just up the hill and overlooking the campsite… i do hope they’re still serving in post-zombie-apocalypse times. but if not, the heather will still be pretty to look at.

after lunch, we drove along the coast to traigh

dad and Husband were hoping to fit in a game of golf here, but as it turned out, the days were just too damn packed (eating / paddling / shells…)

when all the guys disappeared over a hill, i couldn’t really be arsed to follow. they were waving vigorously though, so i plodded on to see if it was a. a view emergency, or b. something importants
answer: A

even though i knew there was clear blue sea and white sands up here, it was still a surprise for my brain every time my eyes actually saw it.

after hot drinks back at the cottage, we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset.

and there is archie’s beard watching the sunset

on day 5 we inched our way a little bit further up the coastal road, to the beach at morar. it was quite a scramble down from car park
but worth it for the soft white sand
(even though mom got a bumble bee inside her jeans. wtf??!

we went to loch morar next, but the winds were picking up and the rain was drizzling down so it was a bit miserable.
on a whim, we drove on to mallaig

where it really started pissing down. cold and drenched, with a wet collie in tow, the super lovely staff at the chlachain inn sorted us out with a booth in a quiet corner where we wolfed down their locally caught, home made seafood stuffs. for true, i cannot rate them highly enough for customer service!

then it was back to our beach for another glorious sunset fail.


9 thoughts on “37. the one with the scotland trip (part two)

  1. OK Fiona, you were just teasing us with the pictures the other day. Now you have done it I want to go visit those places in the near future. I will have to add to it my bucket list for a time in the future. If I will the Lottery it will be sooner. LOL

    • if i win the lottery, i will simply bring you over to visit. i will be living up there permanently after i collect my winnings.

      my bucket list only had 2 things:
      the majestic north *tick* and,
      the northern lights <— i will just have to go further north, and stay longer than a week

  2. Two blogs in one day? I feel spoilt! You look as if you all had a thoroughly splendid time. I applaud you and your family actually coordinating being in the same place at the same time.
    Has the rest mended your effing hands I wonder?

    • there would’ve been FOUR blogs in one day if effing wordpress hadn’t disappeared part effing 2!
      ps my hands were awesome (thankyou) until i spent six hours clutching the door handle (to keep us safely on the road, you see)… but we’ll get to that in the exciting concluding chapter which i will call “part four”

  3. I feel as though I’ve been on holiday with you and I will work out where it is. car transporter is only my number two vehicle to be behind. Number one is chemical tanker due to accidentally watching an episode of casualty once.

  4. I think I may be Ok through zombpocalypse because I have two small expert zombie killers in the house. They MUST be experts the amount of time they spend playing PvZ and Stupid Zombie. It looks like you had an amazing time. We were commenting last week about how we hadn’t been to Scotland for a while. Used to live there… In fact Big Little Bro is a Scotsman.

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