35. the one with the zombie rabbits (& a giveaway)(& winner)

the other week, when i was “resting my hands”, i made a start on a new zombies project.

in my mind, this doesn’t count as “working” because i wasn’t supposed to be making specific things for my shop or completing custom orders.
i wasn’t supposed to be doing anything at all – which is the very best time to play with something new :)

(ps, i don’t want to sound pretentious about it? but i think of them as 3d textile sketches rather than some kind of doll).

i had a stack of gorgeous new fabrics, in more muted colours than the summery brights i’ve been using recently. my brain: “they’d be PERFECT for pretty straightjackets!”

i made every one completely unique with different fabric choices, and played around with some of their mouths a bit (because zombies can be scary or happy or cross or sad, right?)

(when there’s no pressure or deadlines) i enjoy anything that’s REALLY fiddly and completely absorbing because i’m a bit special that way. so next i started on zombie rabbits in straightjackets (because that could happen).

and it doesn’t get much more fiddly than 42 tiny rabbit ears <3

the worst thing though, is the moment of truth at the end, when i’m wrestling the little dudes the right way out:

usually i get it right (because getting it wrong is so very very time consuming and tantrum-y), but sometimes…

sometimes i get it so wrong.

oh little guy. WHAT THE F*** HAPPENED TO YOUR EARS??!!

do you think you could offer this super cute fail zombie rabbit in a fancy appliqued straightjacket a kind and loving home space on a shelf or mantlepiece?

if Y, just leave a comment telling me what YOU like to do to relax when you have nothing more important you should be getting on with.

the winner will be chosen at random.
competition closes on wednesday the 5th of september at 12 noon.
i’ll post the winners name here, and be in touch shortly afterwards.

good luck!

***edit (wed. 050912)
WINNER: congratulations ewa evans!

thanks everyone for your brilliant & inspiring comments! :)


75 thoughts on “35. the one with the zombie rabbits (& a giveaway)(& winner)

  1. I love to chill with my other half and watch a good dvd – then i normally fall asleep 10mins into the film :)

  2. I love cutting paper into pretty designs when I need to relax. Chopping paper into small bits is really soothing for the soul. I love your little bunny and would be more than happy to not only give him a loving home but to also use him as a prop in some of my work. x x

  3. OMG our house’s favourite thing to do is watching zombie and horror films! Which is why I love your zombie bunnies so much! At the moment we are working our way through some really old hammer horror films and I’ve usually got some kind of felt brooch project in hand whilst sat on the sofa :)

  4. Read a werewolf book propped up (with all four pillows like a den) on my bed with a big red fluffy blanket up to my ears, and absorb myself totally until realising I have read for two hours non stop and now have a achy head as had switched off so completely from the outside world….bliss!

  5. Lobbing paint at canvas, wood, paper… any inanimate object really ;) Doesn’t get any more relaxing than that :D

    I would, love, love, love to give zombie rabbit a home. My eldest just lost her real bunny to the horrible bunny disease and I’d give him to her. That sounds really sick and twisted… but we’re that kinda family and she’d love him x

    Thanks for the chance.

  6. When I am free of any order or just want to rest I still crocheting in this time, just completing my projects from my mind and it is best way to relax for me :)

  7. I like to open the living room windows, rain or shine. They overlook a river. I like to hear the busy sounds. Then lounge with a seriously strong coffee and some seriously amped up 85-90% chocolate, and enjoy as the World rushes past. Sometimes, a pre purchased Extra Large Hazelnut Latte with extra shot from Costa maybe required ;-)

  8. On the odd ocassion that I get to relax, I enjoy nothing more than sticking my onsie on with a big pair of fluffy slippers, sinking into my beanbag with my dog & stuffing myself full of Thornton chocolates whilst watching Dirty Dancing…Lush!! :) xxx

  9. I love to sit cuddled up on the settee with a large mug of mint green tea and a large bag of Mistrels and watch classic (well I consider them to be) films like Grease, Dirty Dancing or Hairspray. Would love to win your Zombie bunny and give him a loving home, because I’m quite special (in the strange way) too ;/ x

  10. I like to “Craft” in my spare time which, usually involves an idea in my head that looks fab, reborn into some strange real life fabrication (Rabbit, I feel ya brother). Thereafter this point my hobby is wine. Red, White, im not proud.

  11. WHEN I am able to relax I like nothing more than a good meal, accompanied by nice wine, and a roaring fire in my PJ’s afterwards!

  12. If I need to escape from the rest of the family… Then I hide in the bath… With candles… And wine… Yes lots of wine! Otherwise it’s crochet or sewing.

  13. When I have spare time I wonder why I have spare time as I usually don’t…..so I panic thinking i’m forgetting to do something….then when I do finally realise I can sit still for five minutes I like to delve into a good book (and not that silly Fifty Shades crap either!!)

  14. I am an ‘active’ relaxer so I am always doing somwthing. I am usually knitting or hand-sewing whilst watching a movie or tv but have just learned to crochet – and swear A LOT ( the 2 new things are related).

  15. My favourite thing to do is online window shopping. Etsy,Folksy & the Dr Martens website mainly. Then when I get so annoyed that I can\’t afford anything I knit stuff in the hope I can sell it & buy All The Things!

    By the way this is Gregor. He was a member of the KGB but betrayed a secret (how to make blinis properly) to the Americans & was sentenced to a life in an asylum (it was going to be prison but he went mad at the trial & threw cream cheese at the judge). Poor Gregor. He was only trying to get enough money together to undertake a lifelong dream of tracking yetis in Siberia. :(

  16. If I ever got any spare time…
    Well, scratch that – it’s not going to happen…. But when I am Pretending I have nothing better to do… (that’s better), I like to play with paper and design more books. Sometimes I even make the books… (but that’s when I am pretending very hard, that there’s nothing else I should be doing instead).
    That Zombie Rabbidts looks pretty perfic to me. I love his eaaarrz – they rock! He could keep my OddSox Grumps and LizzieMade Zombie Monkey company. I bet he’d like that – they’re quite friendly really.

  17. I go to my mental roll call of stuff I’d like to have a go at. Then probably start organising my work space (lining pens up, colour coding my thread box, putting books in height order – that kind of essential stuff) and then lose the plot and brew a strong coffee, sit in the tidy space and admire my handiwork. Go me.

  18. I hate to sound all teenagey (is that even a word?!) but I love to chill out to music. It relaxes my mind and soothes my soul. Nothing too emotive – just some happy, folksy tunes to give me bubbles of happiness deep inside my tummy :)

      • I thought teenagery music was all “oh why me, why am I here, everyone hates me” kind of stuff… I thought it was mummy music that was happy and bubbles and things?
        Confused of Bedfordshire…

  19. Hi Fiona, Thanks for the chance at the zombie bunny. I have the perfect place for him. I Love to sit and sew purses and bags. So when I get the chance to just sit down and sew with no pattern just playing around with the fabric to see what I come up with that is the most relaxing thing.

  20. A real life zombie wabbit?! Wow!! Spare time doesnt happen at the mo (due to moving house in a week – putting random things in boxes or *packing* takes precident) but when we’ve moved and I get my own room to do my stuff in, I will just sit and think about all the lovely things I can make. On my own. In my room.

  21. your ‘fail zombie’ looks great. spare time – hmmm – as a beginning crafter I usually start by tidying my ‘craft room table’ , seeing what half made ideas are lying about and if inspiration strikes do something with them. if no inspiration looking through old craft books/magazines for inspiration – with coffee and biscuits – and trying to work out how to get the ideas in my head look reasonable in real life – and usually ending up adding to the list of materials or equipment I really really ‘need’. I probably should be cleaning/doing housework/food shopping/ reading up for work and if anyone asks I am……lol. hope your hand recovering well. :)

  22. well in my spare time im looking at fabulous crafty fb pages as theres just soo many talented peeps out there that make me smile inside with their creations! my sis in law would appreciate your zombie as she most probably would like to swap places with the bunny at the present time..its the most apt pressie i could ever give her to make her day!! x

  23. Aww, the zombie bunny is sooo cute. And sweet little ears :)
    Well, at home to try and relax I like to have a nice wee (big) glass of malt whisky and a bag of maltesers. (in fact polished off a big bag myself within 10 mins last night instead of my tea!) but I would say that never totally relaxes me as I still think of all the things I should be doing in the house. It sounds bizarre but the most peaceful and chilled out I ever feel is during an easy multi pitch mountain climb, when i’m sitting on a ledge belaying my partner, and I have nothing else to do but take in or pay out the rope, and look at the fantastic scenery around me. Its pure bliss :) x

  24. I like to surround myself with arty crafty books and plan my next venture….taking over the world one piece at a time muhahahahaha!!!!

  25. I love crafting, especially wire wrapped jewellery, until I realize it’s been 4 hours or so and my eyes cannot ficus further than 20 cm

  26. Hmmm at the moment my favourite time wasting activities are colouring in and watching reruns of Dr Who. I used to enjoy whole-days-lost-to-reading-good-books but I don’t get whole days off anymore (bloody kids) so my time wasting is confined to the 3 hours between them going to bed and me going to bed. Ps I would give a good home to the bunny cos I’m actually terrified of bunnies but he makes me laugh so it must be fate!

  27. so many things! i am so good at procrastinating, but my most favourite thing is probably getting all snuggly with the hubby to watch a film. under a blanket with lots of snacks within arms reach! that is more of a bad weather/evening one. I also love reading outside when the sun is out. so not very often then!

  28. Ahh i love the zombie bunny, he reminds me of my real bunny (his ears are always one up and one down, he not a zombie hehe). I’m not sitting still type so rearranging my craft area is resting for me, esp my fabric stash whilst listening to cheesy singalong sundtrack type music on my mp3.

  29. spre times? what is this? when I am not crafty-ing away, I am either tidying the crafty-area, cooking, cleaning, cheerleading on the facebook, watching terrible television, or playing video games. It’s a hard life. :P

  30. I’d love to give this guy a home because I love rescuing the under dog. Both my dogs were treated badly because they were different and had certain issues but nothing makes me happier than making sure they are looked after and loved. Obviously that is the most important issue but on top of that, I think this guys little ears are really really cute!

  31. I like to spend my spare time knitting and reading a good book (yes, at the same time). I’m very much into futuristic fiction at the moment, and especially enjoyed The Hunger Games :)

  32. Oooo, so many people here like similar things to me! I love to make monsters or embroider while watching a movie. If it’s too nice out for that I will wander around my garden taking pictures. Also love to look at Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter and things when I’m not supposed to be doing something else…

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