34. the one with the four day hangover

subtitle: the one where i give up drinking FOREVER.

first, right, can i just say that
1. i’m really not much of a drinker
2. i don’t think getting drunk is cool
but 3. accidents do happen

here is one that happened on saturday:


in my defence, C., one of my oldest and bestest friends was in town, having travelled 3267846283747 hours and 326478623586476 miles JUST TO SEE ME.
in my defence, we hadn’t seen each other for 2 years and would have less than 48 hours together before she flew home.
in my defence, i think we just tried to fit too much of everything into the first THREE HOURS of our time together.

top detective like, i checked facebook the next day to see if i’d said anything stupid.
and yes, stupidity had occurred.

lessons learned:
1. plastic cups are safer than glass
2. when you’ve had too much, it wouldn’t be considered “wasteful” to just pour it away
3. adding a slice of lemon at midnight is not the cure for drunk

and seriously,

^ yes, 8.15am

i’ve been sitting quietly in a darkened room ever since.


… so this is what 40 feels like, eh?



12 thoughts on “34. the one with the four day hangover

  1. I have only had one hangover… It was caused by Cypriot White Wine, at the BBQ given by the holiday flats where I stayed in Cyprus. It was a nice BBQ and I had One glass of wine. It made the room go round and round and up and down…. and I felt not very well…. so I went to sleep. And in the morning I had a Hangover! No Fair (one glass)!
    Otherwise, I just fall asleep after about half a teaspoon of alchohol, so I can’t get a hangover.
    So maybe you should consider yourself quite lucky… maybe….
    Though, having actually had that one hangover, I’m not sure about that…
    Perhaps you should drink San Pellegrino next time – at least it sounds posh and has a nice sparkly appearance…

    • i’ve been drinking watered down wine for years (i think i’m allergic) because of similar terrible (& unfair) effects. but i’ve always been immune to whisky… until this unfortunate incident.

      i’ll be sticking with tea from now on!

  2. I laughed so much reading your tweets I nearly wet myself!! I sypathise after feeling similar morning after a wedding last weekend – 3am and I was still dancing in 4 inch heels ‘mum’ style. 10.55 next day I was crawling (as couldn’t walk due to heel dancing) to the most expensive hotel breakfast we’ve pre-paid for for, for years knowing it was unlikely I’d be able to eat any and only having 5mins to do so. Yep, it’s all downhill after 40. Bethx Oh and happy belated b-day, sorry to hear about your bad ear.

    • oh thankyou beth! :D
      for the wedding story. and for the birthday wishes… but mostly for the wedding story!
      after tracking down the lost luggage and staggering home, i managed to eat half a strawberry before passing out again. good times!

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