33. the one with my 40th birthday

in my last post? where i said i had olympic fever?
i only meant it figuratively!
but it was like some tragic prophesy, because on sunday night i watched the olympics closing ceremony with a raging temperature and some kind of ebola virus of the ear :(

monday marked the beginning of birthday week, but i spent it waiting for a doctors appointment / feeling sorry for myself.
tuesday, actual birthday, was full of wonderful gifts and unexpected snacks. witness:

since i had no proper plans it did mean i could spend tuesday in bed*

my super awesome family and friends had sent much treasure by mail, so i had a stack (like, an actual tower) of oh so special cards and presents. none of which i can share with internetworld because
1. i would seem really really spoilt
2. it would be unfair to the things i don’t share and i wouldn’t like to hurt those thingses feelings.

ok well i’ll just show you half of one thing

knitted by my clever friend <3

*by “spend tuesday in bed* what i actually meant was; i went to the pub and then lay on the couch for 2 days watching dvds.
if you have to suffer through the entire tedious & forumlaic final season of ’24’ (just for CLOSURE, you understand) it is best viewed whilst delirious.
i also recommend tv bingo(tm).

my sister & i inventioned this game some years back, and there are several versions. this is the ‘omfg check how many times they say situation or nuclear or dirty bomb‘ version.
(after 16 hours) answer: this many

if you are ever unlucky enough to watch-play, you might like to add the words assassin, fuel rods and radiological?

my wild and crazy birthday did not end there! oh no.
yesterday, i met up with my internet crazies ladies for our second “picnic” in as many weeks *airpunch* x2
observe the tea, cake & lolz occurring! :D

l to r: Husband, Odd Sox, Little Black Heart, Caroline Rose Art, Siansburys & Archie’s Beard

before we set off for home last night, there was another birthday surprise waiting in archie’s car – my mum has gifted me her 1960’s laptop (which i’ve coveted for yeeeeeeeears!)

all i need now is working fingers.
and to figure out where the usb from my camera goes.


14 thoughts on “33. the one with my 40th birthday

    • thankyou!x
      i may’ve actually passed your house on the drive back last night, but i’d left my Stalkers Notebook at home so i wasn’t able to come and press my face up against your windows

  1. Highly amused at the unexpected birthday snacks!! And lovely skull fingerless gloves are much cooler than the granny murder gloves. Hope you are feeling better now… Just need those fingers to work.

    • i think skull gloves will be more conducive to good work? i worry, that if i wear the granny gloves, i will start embroidering notebooks with those things on… the old lady shoppers-on-wheels things…
      or something

  2. You look as if you had a good birthday girlie (apart from nasty tablets and jippy hands – loving the new gloves btw) – well done for completing 24 – may I suggest House next? There are currently 7 series on DVD and he kind of might remind me of you, if I actually knew you of course, like in the actual real world…. Do hurty hands allow you to play Xbox? Suppose it could be classed as physiotherapy?!!

  3. ahh great suggestion! i had to quit ‘house’ way back when the writers strike occurred (and because i suspected i had lupus and/or rabies all the time) – i definitely need to start over with that :)
    i think xbox-physio should be fine? of course… i haven’t tried playing since i was in my 30’s so i might not understand how it all works now

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