32. the one where i take it easy for a week

^ haha

after a(nother) unproductive visit with the doctor, i made this (so sad) decision – to give myself a proper rest and see if things improved handularly.

“normally” an entirely justified whole week off would mean i could get back to ‘fall out: new vegas’ – which i abandoned in november 2010 due to sewing commitments – but xbox is poorly too :(

i’m gripped with olympic fever, so i hoped i’d have no problem lying on the couch all week eating thorntons praline melts… but i am CRAP at being idle.
also, when i stop doing things, the crazy starts to creep back inside my head.
(like, late one night, lying in bed, i talked myself into near panic-attack because i was thirsty. normal people would probably drink some water and think “oh well it *is* summer and it’s awfully warm”.
but my brain screams: “you have clearly contracted diabetes!” and my heart starts pounding as i run through a mental checklist of other symptoms i’ve previously googled.
as one example.)

so no sitting around then.

i assigned myself one room per day and attacked each with obsessive, vigorous housewifery – deep cleaning and sorting and organising and washing EVERYTHING.
doggy tumblefur is the worst. especially when it’s caught in sturdy spider webs that’ve fused furniture to walls :/

after i’d done most of the things, it was anakin’s turn to become gleaming, shiny clean,

which is always followed by extreme bathroom cleaning, involving much precarious balancing – in socks – while i wash down the walls.
< no picture for health & safety reasons >

today was last day of my crazy cleaning schedule; just the kitchen to go.
i bet normal people wouldn’t even bother to pull the fridge out to clean?
but insane people might do this:

if you think about it, a fresh coat of paint is far quicker & simpler than cleaning up mosquito corpses or tea splatter.

tea station complete *tick*

due to those aforementioned hand woes, i completed most of this cleaning frenzy left handed.
which left *just* enough power in my right hand to finally finish my embroidery.

it’s good that i did all of the things this week, because next week i’ll be 40 so i don’t imagine i will have this kind of energy again.


16 thoughts on “32. the one where i take it easy for a week

  1. Well it sounds like you have avoided “beyond miserable” quite well so far. I gave myself a very sore elbow through too much crochet blanket making during the winter. I almost totally gave up for a few months (apart from tiny bits that weren’t too repetitive) and my elbow is soooooo much better now. Maybe the warm weather is helping too. Here’s hoping your hand improves too and keep up the avoidance tactics ;)

  2. Now don’t get too carried away with cleaning – that hand needs to heal and I didn’t see cleaning anywhere on the Dr’s list of remedies!!! X

  3. I’m sorry to read that your hand is still a problem, I get the same but on a much smaller scale. Don’t be cleaning! That’s not resting! I’m sure I’d be the same, I can’t really do ‘sitting around’ but you need to rest and get better and watch olympics and eat praline melts. Bx

  4. it’s okay – now that i’m DONE i can switch off entirely, guilt-free. i’m now in sloth-mode and intend to stay in my pyjamas until september :)
    once i’ve been to thorntons.

  5. Fiona I hope with the rest your hands will be good as new soon. I’m sure Thorntons will be happy to see you. Hopefully the weather holds and you can go outside and enjoy your gardens, as you spent so much time on them before. Maybe a few Thorntons and a book will help. But don’t forget the sun screen. :)

    • thanks natalie! the weather over here has stayed glorious, so for the first time in for aaaages, i am doing EXACTLY as you instructed! right down to the chocolate smothered fudge! :D

      • I’m sorry! I thought you said the 12th – oops – I must be in holiday mode. Please accept my most sincere apologies for assuming you might be OLDER than you actually are… (it’s ok y’know, I’m 45 on Thursday….!!) and how did you know it was me anyway??!! Are you psychic or just clever at working out who is who?! (Happy birthday for whenever it is btw)

      • ahh you cannot outstalk a superstalker! :)
        i can now confirm that my age forty has occurred… luckily i was slightly delirious due to fever so it seems okay so far!
        happy birthday for yours tomorrow!

  6. I have a funny feeling that your birthday is the same as my son’s birthday ( he is definitely NOT 40!!!!) so a very happy birthday to you, I hope you drank yourself through it! As for cleaning behind a fridge????? Crazy person, I would not ever ever dare move any kitchen appliances, I think the walls would fall down

  7. Totally missed this. And your birthday. But I *did* spot the new zombie rabbitses, so I clearly have very finely-tuned zombie-radar but crap update-location. BUT now that I have seen it I have to say that painting instead of cleaning is GENIUS and I am totally going to do that now and explain to Husband that it is not mad, it is resourceful.

    • “GENIUS, not mad”
      oh i DO like that! i hadn’t thought of it that way before! :D
      (top tip: works best on skirting boards – they’re so pesky-awkward to clean)

  8. I approve of the colour choice for the Tea Station. Good plan to paint it… I must try that one – I hate cleaning. Dont think I could pull out the fridge though… everything might fall off the top onto my head. Hmmm..

    LOVE the Zombie embroidery. Wanting it… (well it could keep my Geisha Zombie company ;-)

    Hope your hands are soon well and happy again. Not great to have hurty hands. Mine get stiff when I make too many books, but I try to vary what I do, so there is less repetitive movement. Sometimes it helps…

    Like Mrs LemurLady, I haven’t been around the internetz much – not blogs anyway – so I am catching up on your posts, several days late. :-(

    • i can confirm that tea station grey is a gorgeous colour – it’s the palest blue-grey and changes depending on the light. i’m glad i bothered :)

      oh i need to catch up on my blog reading… i keep so busy i always forget to look up!

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