31. the one where i just moan about my effing hands

now i’m really not one to complain and moan about stuff but my hands are really starting to piss me off >:(

i learnt my RSI lesson back in 2009 when my dodgy (right) wrist finally gave out during a paint stripping task* and i couldn’t use it for SIX MONTHS.
(*renovating the front door which will ultimately end up in a skip because it, and the frame, are so damp, warped and rotten there’s nothing to be done to save it *wrath*)

my good (left) wrist turned out to be quite competent with a chisel or a paintbrush or whatever, so we’d been getting by okay.
(along with a sturdy wrist brace, anti-inflammatories and not knitting when it’s all too hurty.)
but then good wrist developed a bloody great awkward loud clunking ganglion. *gag*

these super sexy murder compression gloves that mum found in the OLD PEOPLE SHOP would probably have done the trick if i’d started wearing them, like, 5 years ago

but meanwhile, finger woes have occurred:

1. weird lumpy thing. it used to disappear when i smooshed it down with my teeny tiny embroidery scissors… but now it ends up so swollen i cannot even stuff my big sausage finger into my teeny tiny scissors any more  <— this is playing havoc with my cutting & sticking career. and my ability to drive a mouse.
2. *something* is in my fingertip from gravel gardening times back in may? maybe?
home surgery did not help. in fact, it may have made things worse. (do not advise) <— this is playing havoc with my cutting & sticking career. and with my ability to drive a mouse or type stuff.

i’ve been soldiering on, because
1. seriously! IT IS JUST A SORE FINGER!
2. i am going completely m************ insane not being able to make stuff or do anything. but look! ^ LOOK how much cumbersome crap is all round my hands!!!

oh yesterday i actual CRIED in total sandwich frustration because i couldn’t even put margarine on my bread.
i told myself off, proper stern like, “FFS! get a grip, fiona!”
but my self pity was all, “i cannot! *sob* i cannot grip anything!”

i finished what i’d been working on though

except i can no longer hold a sewing needle or make french knots, so i will need to see a doctor before i complete the brain matter and blood spatter

***edit: “day of the thread” is now available here


One thought on “31. the one where i just moan about my effing hands

  1. Your poor hands! I am so sorry about this. It is not fair. You are an awesome, ace embroidery/stitching person and you do not deserve this. I feel very sorry and sad for you.
    I wish I could lend you my hands for a couple of days. They’re a bit iffy, since my fall, which damaged the nerves in my left arm/hand (and my r/h is sulking since I drove 120 miles to holiday and 120 miles home again), but so far, no sausage fingers or ganglian or gravelly-prickly patches. Just a tendency to drop/throw stuff with my left hand, with no warning – just when it feels like letting go really. But they will do stuff…. want a borrow? I can timeshare them if you want… After all, you can make zombies, so timesharing paws can’t be so difficult, can it?

    The zombie embroidery in the photos is major awesome. It’s just beyond fabulous.

    Get Better Soon! The world Needs your Zombies!

    Meanwhile, tell me where to post the commiseration chocolates?

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