30. the one with the internet woes

this is not the post i had planned on writing today.
but then, i am not doing the things i had planned on doing today.

on facebook this morning:

but then later, after i got home from posting stuff, ready to be HELPFUL:

then i lost email as well :(

and see, the thing is, i’m not one of those people who has other means of being online.
for eg, this is my “mobile” phone (circa 2004? possibly?) working the only way it is able.

seriously, i don’t even have the knowledge of the available gadgets that make that other stuff occur.
it’s all *brainskim* for me because everything was better in the 80’s

except, now that internets is my sole means of EVERYTHING i was suddenly isolated, helpless, unable to complete the simplest of tasks such as putting my shop into emergency holiday mode or google-stalking jon snow off of game of thrones.
and entirely clueless about what might be going on OUT THERE

in sheer desperation, and utter lol-loneliness, i texted my sister:

in spite of her own gadgetophobe credentials, she replied:

i don’t like this :(
maybe the 80s wasn’t so good after all :(


12 thoughts on “30. the one with the internet woes

  1. Lol! I would very much be in the same predicament. Mr P is the technical one… He makes it all work. I often wonder what I would do if he was not around?? Maybe cry…. Then learn.

    • i’m not even joking, right; i have a bubble of panic building inside me for the day when i am FORCED to own something like an iphone.
      like, if they take away the proper things entirely (like they did vinyl and vhs).
      i already cannot ring the bank on my rotary dial telephone!!!!!! :O

      • I know you aren’t joking but it will be easier than you expect. I haven’t been there yet but I know I will be thinking “why did I worry?”. Sometimes it just needs to be spelled out to us in idiots term ;)

      • my main beef with gadgetry… is that it makes the unnecessary necessary, and then it becomes an essential. and then you have PAY PAY PAY for add-on bits and upgrades.
        i’m more about the basics and needs (not wants)… or i was. until wednesday. when i realised i was also a slave to the (whatever century this is) *sadface*

  2. That is really grim :-(
    If you didn’t already have a manky hand, I expect it would be rather like having it cut off.
    Please do let me know if I can be *helpful* in any way whatsoever. Honestly.

      • I’m not stalking you – but how can a complete virtual stranger make me laugh every time you post something? How does that work then?!! You should be on stage.
        Or can you write a book please? The odd blog here and there, together with fb just isn’t enough :-(

  3. you know like when you smoke, right, and then say you are on a long train journey or something, and you can’t smoke for like 5 hours or something. and you manage, but then when you *can* smoke again, you have like eleventy bamillion cigarettes in a row to make up for the period of time where you went without? well, i have discovered: same thing happens with the internet. seriously, haven’t been off it since i came back online!

  4. I was on holiday and I missed all the *fun*. But I have had to laugh at all this – in retrospect it is funny, but I know it wasn’t for you at the time. Glad you are back!
    If you want a less-scary-than-an-i-phone “new” phone, I’m about to get an “upgrade” as Mr LizzieMade is about to have a (real) new posh android phone (don’t ask what android phone is, I’m not sure, but he’s going to get one delivered tomorrow). He will give me his “old” phone as my “new” one… (keep up now!)… Anyway, I have a less-basic-but-not-too-scary phone just now. You could have it if you want… it has a camera (useful for sending “do you think “n” will like this for her/his birthday?” type photo text messages, or if something fun happens and you forgot your camera)… it has a slidey front, with a shiny screen…. it can do text messages… it can also do internets, though I haven’t used that bit (being a bit like you and stuck in the ’90s – you’d never believe I used to work as an Analyst Programmer in IT, would you?). So.. you can have my “old” phone as your “new” one if you want…

    I like twinkly internet routers too :-))

    • lol, well…
      i don’t wish to seem ungrateful but “noooOOOOOOOooo!” (thankyou)
      if i had a mobile phone that was actually mobile, people would be able to contact me whenever they wanted!
      the horror!

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