29. the one with my summer holidays (part three)

part three: holidays is too much! :/

i meant to blog the other day but i couldn’t type due to all of the shaking from my friday morning panic attack. really, i’m such a t***.
let’s back up…

wednesday was a scheduled Day Off – it was Husband’s birthday, the sun was out at last, and it was all lazy morning with lovely gifts and cards, such as this one from his super talented sister-in-law Little Black Heart,

and even i’d been awesome enough to make his favourite mocha cupcakes AND they were edible

(^ manly presentation haha)

we did some going out stuff and had a pub lunch… and i must’ve had some kind of relaxation-delirium schizophrenia mentalness thing, because i accepted an invitation to take a stall at a craft fair next saturday.

now listen, seriously, right,
1a. (as discussed previously) i am some kind of reclusive, anti-social, agoraphobic person. also, 1b. don’t like new things or new experiences.
2. craft fair. first ever craft fair. outside. with people.
3. next saturday. not some vague FutureSaturday in 2013 or something. NEXT saturday.
4. due to continuing DIY commitments i have no stock.

so, in summary, i have suddenly volunteered to do a thing i don’t like to do, haven’t done before, and am woefully unprepared for, NEXT SATURDAY.

oh yes, and 5. i am sporting all manner of sewing-hand injuries, ailments and/or swellings, due to
6. the DIY tasks i am IN THE MIDDLE OF.

*i am almost getting hysterical thinking about it all again*

luckily my extremely amazing and very organised friend, caroline rose art, quickly agreed to share the stall with me (ie 98% of it i hope), and hold my hand and do the maths and… somethingsomething… < whatever else might be involved with these craft fair things >

dosed up on rescue remedy, i stopped trembling, and was able to continue painting the new ceiling,

(Reassuring Raven screenprint by Champignons)

and since time wasn’t, like, of the essence or anything, i painting the landing and stairwell too. (wtf??!)

by yesterday everything had become finished. once i’d cleaned & tidied & organised stuff – including my brain – i was able to start sewing.
and now that i’ve made something, my panic attackular symptoms have subsided


i wish my swollen fingers would also subside, because it’s really difficult using teeny tiny embroidery scissors when your index finger is like a sausage >:(


20 thoughts on “29. the one with my summer holidays (part three)

  1. Loving the “Help will come” picture in the first photo, nice touch. Lovely, pretty stock… I don’t like new things either and doing a craft fair fills me with dread but you will be fine with your beautiful goods and your trusty friend by your side.

  2. Will you have time for a nap this week? You might need one, your better head back to the chocolate shop for more supplies to keep up your strength. Have fun at the fair.

  3. Do you know what? It’s nice to read that someone else has, how did you put it? Reclusive, anti-social, agoraphobic tendencies and who don’t like new things or new experiences. You just basically described me to a tee. I don’t feel quite so freakish now :D

    I bet you’ll both do amazingly well at the show – you’re braver than me!

    Ooh and I too love that ‘Help Will Come’ picture! Where’d you get it or is it one of yours?

  4. I can empathise with the panic, I’m an awful panicker but you will be fine because your things are awesome and you will have your friend there whose things are equally as awesome! I don’t like new things either (I point blank refuse to resit my driving test, i even went into labour 3 weeks early to avoid it first time ha!). A chocolate packed lunch at the fair is a must!

  5. I know exactly how you feel……I always agree to a craft fair and then REALLY think about it and have panic attacks at being “out there” in front of REAL people……..glad you’ve got someone to share the stall with you and the good thing is its happening soon, so you only have a few days to panic over over it rather than months and months……lots of luck, will be thinking of you, I’m sure you’ll be a great success :) :)

    • omg you’re SO right, jules! i hadn’t even thought of that!
      if it’d been months from now, i could’ve been blogging about stress & ulcers for weeks! x

  6. I read your thing about the craft fair (you know 1a, 1b etc), to my husband. He says it sounds like me… hum…
    But anyways, I can sympathise as I am not good at Going Out, – also & especially with the no stock/ making stock in a hurry stuff…
    I did a craft fair. It was okay, though there were not many people there (it was a small local thing and was billed as an exhibition of crafts, so the people who came didn’t bring their pocket moneys….). And I made some stock. It was ok and I was still alive at the end. It was great to see everyone else’s work too.
    I think you’ll do brilliant. After all, it is your first one, so really it’s a “finding out what a craft fair is like when you have a stall” scenario, isn’t it? So if you don’t have loads of stock, and if you don’t sell everything… well, it’s not so bad because really you are there to find out. Oh, and to eat nice cakes, drink cups of tea, keep Caroline Rose company and hopefully catch a few rays (should the rain decide not to rain on you, which of course it hasn’t been doing all the summer….).
    If it’s any help, the “stock” in the photo above is awesome and I want to buy all of it!
    I wish I was nearby enough to come and buy all of it for real… (well, whatever was left after all the customers came and bought all of it before me – iyswim… hmmm…)

    I’m sorry your hands are giving you trouble. Have you tried “Tiger Balm”, to relax the muscles and soothe your fingers (use it when you are asleep, as it hurts like crazy if you rub it in your eyes!). There’s “red” – warming/ninja stuff, a bit like deep heat – and “white” – kind of cool-but-warm feeling, very nice on stiff kneck-with-headache type stuff. Probably you would want the Red (it’s like choosing wine, isn’t it?). Anyway, it’s fab stuff, which my Grandma used and my cousin bought for me when I had a bad headache and stiff kneck. Now I use it a lot. I hope it helps you too…

    I hope you enjoy your craft fair. No point being all worried about it – just go and have a nice day with Caroline Rose, admire all her lovely work too, maybe get brave and go see some other stalls (would MR. go with you for moral support?). You can always take a large scarf/pashmina, to hide inside of/underneath/behind, if you feel uncomfortable. The world always looks better when it’s confined to the inside of a scarf…


    (Happy Birthday to Mr. btw! And I would have liked to try one of those cakes… looks yummy)

  7. you will be fine – fear not – it will be awesome and sunny and loads of lovely people are going to come and say Hi and ooooh over your awesomeness and you can just smile vacantly at them and take their money!!! BUT the BEST BIT by far is having a whole day together!!!!!!! yaaaaay!!!!! must remember a flask of tea and a spoon

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