28. the one with my summer holidays (part 2)

part two: the one where i actually finish my sewing room!
for real! :DDDD

remember a few months ago i was working in this multi-purpose room of chaos? with my no electric lights and no storage whatsoever, and my cast-off dining room furniture and JUST THE ONE PLUG SOCKET?

and then we made it a whole lot worse?

well, over the weekend (in my time off from plastering duties), i was working on Actually Finishing Stuff!

yeah, the absolute very last final top coat of paint wasn’t yet dry on the magical storage cupboard doors, before my ocd was organising fabric and wool stash for me, and my brain was *daydreaming* about FutureMe ramming those shelves full of colour co-ordinated FQs…

meanwhile, one of the other painting projects CurrentMe was juggling (i do hate cleaning paintbrushes so i try to do everything all at once), was my new overlocker table.
i needed a small-ish table that’d fit beween radiator and door clearance, and i wanted it to be quite narrow so that it didn’t encroach on my precious floor space. also, it needed to be made from pine so i could paint it, and stain & varnish the top to match everything else.
i don’t imagine i would ever have found the perfect table in a shop… but luckily the guy who made my magical storage cupboard does tables too :)


while i was waiting for other things to dry, i thought i’d do a quick makeover on this crappy old chair that cost me £2.50 in 1996.

(i can’t bear to part with it because when Husband & i bought our first house, and were super poor, this charity shop treasure was the only furniture we owned.)

so today, fiiiiiiiiiiiinally, i have the clean, minimalist sewing room (that’s still also the spare room and the laundry room) that i’ve been dreaming of since… um… october 2007.

of course, i love it so very much exactly as it is right now, that i’ll probably never sew anything ever again :)


16 thoughts on “28. the one with my summer holidays (part 2)

  1. Wellllll… it is truly a “thing of beauty”. But if it is to be a “joy forever”, then you’d better do some sewing… Cos if you don’t you’ll only have to do more DIY Projects anyway. And lots of FionaT Fans will cry. (Fact).
    It is a lovely room and I am just a titchy bit jealous (esp as my studio is only about 1/2 that size and looks like the scene of a nuclear disaster….)

  2. Yay hurrah! It looks great. I shall make myself some glasses with pictures of your sewing room on the inside, to wear when I go in my sewing room ;)

  3. It looks great, so clean and tidy. You would have a heart attack if you came into mine. I like to think that I’m so productive that I just can’t stop to clean up. LOL

  4. Love it! Looks like a lot of sweat and tears (no blood I hope?) went into this… Your own ME space! Cant be beat..

  5. Oh yeah! So very jealous. My studio space (as I grandly call it) is exactly 6 foot wide, the same width as my desk and approx 4 steps long. As in you walk in the door and it takes 4 steps to get to the desk :D I can’t complain as my lovely OH, squeeeeeezed my tiny room in between his office and storage space (he works from home) for my birthday and I do truly treasure it as MY space. I’m allowed to be jealous though – right?

    • ahh *any* space that’s entirely your own feels awesome, no?
      for years, mine was the floor in the corner of the lounge… so thankyou! your jealousy makes me feel all warm inside, like i did a good job :D

  6. Wow I could never have a minimalist room! My room is overcrowded fabric heaven! Although it’s organised it’s still cluttered but I love my organised chaos :) keeps me sane because if it’s crazy in my room I’m sane in my head haha :) well done you :) it looks great xx

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