27. the one with my summer holidays (part one)

part one: the one with the precipitation woes.

it’s Husband birthday this week so he’s taken time off work, and since we’re not going away this year, i guess this counts as our summer holidays?
we have a load of DIY jobs to plough through which is almost the same as lying on a beach somewhere, so i don’t feel, like, cheated or anything.

hey, speaking of summer, do you remember the snowpocalypse of november 2010?
when we had way much snow and crazy minus degrees celsius for days on end?

see that little window up there ^
this one:

well, when everything eventually began to thaw, the sneaky water caused a teeny tiny ceiling collapse, and we’ve been *brainskim*(ignoring) it ever since.

so this weekend, while i got on with my tasks on the middle floor – tidying up, finishing off, final coats of white paint jobs (wtf was i thinking??!! —>) – Husband’s project was chipping out ruined plaster and uncovering ancient soot.

^ these are my worst kind of jobs, so i’m glad i was hardly involved.

one of my other least favourite jobs is mixing plaster.
but it’s just what us women have to do, right? luckily, actually applying the plaster is Man Work.
here is Husband, relaxing on his summer holidays:

oh, i hate plastering, but i do love the smell of shiny fresh plaster as it dries.

outside, the torrential showerpocalypse of summer 2012 continued…
too much for the old cast iron to cope with, the downpipe decided to separate from the guttering. (it’s 3 floors up, we’ll be *brainskimming* this one for ages yet)

which resulted in Much Wet cascading directly down the face of our building, between the stonework, behind the mortar, and in behind the doorframe…

…before running down the internal wall and pooling inside the front door.

oh i do hate the smell of old damp plaster as it dries.


3 thoughts on “27. the one with my summer holidays (part one)

  1. Well, there’s sympathy for you… nothing like a sister for a sympathetic response, eh (and that was nothing in the least like a sympathetic response)!

    Like the shiny new plaster as it dries… definitely a good one. Not liking the wet running down the walls stuff – you know they show that stuff on those “sort out your house” type programmes… then they say things like “It won’t cost much to fix it”… “It will stop you having a damp problem in the house”… “You won’t have mildew any more”…. bleaaaahh… Sorry your guttering is misbehaving.

    So, of course I can see how thrilled you must be, that you didn’t go away and waste your time on some beach or other….

    Blah…. Happy Holidays! XX

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